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Ghost Rider v7 #2

Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2017 8:48 pm
by Jason Doty
FB #1, Last Night

Ghost Rider (Reyes/The spirit of Eli Morrow)
gang members

FB #2

Perro Rabioso (Ramon "Mad Dog" Cordova)
the bodies of the Hillrock Trece Crew

Main Story

sentient goop that takes the form of a mouse and becomes Hulk-Sized and takes on aspects of Wolverine
Wolverine (Kinney)
Gabby a young clone of Kinney created by Alchemax
Hulk (Cho)
citizens of Los Angeles
Robbie Reyes
Gabe Reyes
employees of Canelo's Auto Shop including Alejo
Canelo, shop owner
a new employee at Canelo's named Ramon "Mad Dog" Cordova
The spirit of Eli Morrow

2:35 AM

Ramon "Mad Dog" Cordova
gang members including Spider
Hulk (Cho)
Wolverine (Kinney)
Ghost Rider (Reyes/The spirit of Eli Morrow)