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Spider-Man/Deadpool v1 #13

Posted: Sat Jan 21, 2017 8:55 pm
by Jason Doty
Main Story, on Weirdworld

what appears to be heroes merged by an accident and controlled by some sort of slugs on Weirdworld
Deadpool (Wilson)
Spider-Man (Parker)
Morgan Le Fay and her dragon
Glarkomen who are freed from slavery


Kingslayers of Bathsalthia
Boggswagglers of Bathsalthia
Deadpool (Wilson)
Spider-Man (Parker)
Morgan Le Fay's dragon
Sl'ur;Boroth Moloids
Sl'ur;Boroth the Forgotten

Shortly, back on Earth

Deadpool (Wilson)
Spider-Man (Parker)
victims of Itsy Bitsy