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Amazing Spider-Man v4 #23

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 6:24 pm
by Jason Doty
Main Story

Spider-Man (Parker)
Gwen Stacy (re-animated)
George Stacy (re-animated)
Martha Conners (re-animated)
Billy Conners (re-animated)
J. Jonah Jameson
Marla Jameson (re-animated)
Jackal (Ben Reilly, re-animated)
Jack 'O Lantern (re-animated)
Tarantula (Rodriguez, re-animated)
Big Man (re-animated)
Oksana Sytsevich (re-animated)
Nick Katzenberg (re-animated)
Sally Avril (re-animated)
Nathan Kubensky-BTS
Hobgoblin (Leeds (re-animated)
Stilt-Man (re-animated)
Hit-Man (re-animated)
The Rose (re-animated)
Mirage (Charne, re-animated)
Spider-Slayer (re-animated)
Kangeroo (re-animated)
Montana (re-animated)
Mysterio (re-animated)
Massacre (Lyman, re-animated)
Green Goblin (Hamilton)
Prowler (re-animated)
nurses at New U Industries
Eduardo Lobo (re-animated)