Deadpool v5 #25

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Jason Doty
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Deadpool v5 #25

Post by Jason Doty » Sun Feb 05, 2017 5:16 pm

*note this story takes place in an alternate 2099

FB #1

Iron Man (Stark)
a Skrull disguised as Captain America (Rogers)
Scarlet Witch
Thor (Odinson)

Sometime later

Avengers aboard a space vessel that destroys the Skrull homeworld


Iron Man (Stark)
Thor (Odinson)

Sometime later

Skrulls searching for a new home.

Main Story

Deadpool (Warda Wilson)
members of the Bobs
Iron Fist (Rand, the Master)
a White Tiger
a Thunderer
two other servants of the "Master"
A Holo Emily Preston
Deadpool (Wilson)
Deadpool (Ellie Camacho)
the remains of Doc Samson
a cemetery robot
members of the Iron Fists
people attending a show at Madison Star Garden
Warda's flying mechanical dragon
a small monster that turns giant
citizens of New York
staff and patrons at Keen's Steakhouse
Shiklah, shrunk in her coffin with Pym Particles and sewed inside Deadpool's (Wilson) chest

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