Amazing Spider-Man v4 #29

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Jason Doty
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Amazing Spider-Man v4 #29

Post by Jason Doty » Fri Jul 28, 2017 4:53 pm

FB #1

Spider-Man (Otto Octavious inhabiting Parker's body)
employees of Parker Industries

FB #2

Living Brain housing the consciousness of Otto Octavius

Main Story

citizens of London, England
a interviewer and crew for a British television station
Spider-Man (Parker)
Anna Maria Marconi
Silver Sable
citizens of Symkaria
Aunt May Parker-Jameson
aid workers from the Uncle Ben Foundation
Captain Marvel (Danvers)
Star-Lord (Quill)
Quasar (Kincaid)
Spectrum (Rambeau)
Chitauri invaders
citizens of New York
NYPD Officers
Jack O' Lantern
Aiden Blain-BTS


Spider-Man (Parker)
Hydra Agents posing as employees of Parker Industries London Branch
Superior Octopus
citizens of New York trapped under the Dark Force Dome
a news anchor reporting on the current events
Tony Stark AI
citizens of London
Anna Maria Marconi
patrons at a restaurant

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