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Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #11

Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 10:32 pm
by DonCampbell
Lunella Lafayette
Devil Dinosaur
Kid Kree (Mel-Varr)

Moon Girl (Lunella) – her mind is soon switched with that of Devil Dinosaur
Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)
Devil Dinosaur – his mind is soon switched with that of Lunella Lafayette
Kid Kree

deep space
General Pad-Varr
other Kree – BTS on starship heading to Earth

Lunella (with Devil Dinosaur’s mind)
Ms. Marvel
male doctor (not named) at Bellevue Hospital in Kips Bay, NYC

next morning
Lunella (with her own mind)
Lunella’s doctor
Lunella’s parents (Mr. and Mrs. Lafayette)

home (where Lunella has been “out sick from school for several days")
Mrs. Lafayette
Marvin Ellis (Mel-Varr)

Devil Dinosaur
Marvin Ellis (reveals he is Kid Kree/Mel-Varr)