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Ms. Marvel v4 #11

Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 10:36 pm
by DonCampbell
semi-recent past
Bruno Carrelli
Muneeba Khan

present day
Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel)
Vittorio “Vick” Carrelli
Bruno Carrelli – BTS (in surgery)

later that morning
Hijinx (leader of the Canadian Ninja Syndicate)
Lockdown (Rebecca “Becky” St. Jude) – a Carol Cadet who will be court-martialed
Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)
five other members of the Canadian Ninja Syndicate (none named)
Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)
Iron Man (Tony Stark)
Jersey City police officers (none named)
Heather (Carol Cadet)
Jonah (Carol Cadet)

several hours later
Kamala Khan
Bruno Carrelli

Note: The events of this story take place between Captain Marvel v10 #8 and 9.