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Scarlet Witch v2 #11

Posted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 8:32 pm
by DonCampbell
Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)
Father Drobnjak (priest in Novi Pazar, Serbia) – also in flashback to meeting with the High Evolutionary 25 years earlier
The High Evolutionary (Herbert Edgar Wyndham) – only in flashbacks to 25 years ago
various Knights of Wundagore (none named) – only in flashbacks to 25 years ago

Dasha Kolarov – also in one-panel flashback of how she looked 25 years ago when she was Natalya Maximoff’s sidekick
Scarlet Witch (Natalya Maximoff) – only in a symbolic flashback of fighting various supernatural horrors and in actual flashback of going after her kidnapped children

Django Maximoff (Wanda’s uncle) – only in flashback to receiving the twins from the High Evolutionary
Marya Maximoff (Wanda’s aunt) – also in flashback to receiving the twins from the High Evolutionary

Note #1: Father Drobnjak revealed that Natalya Maximoff had given her newborn twins to a female Roma relative to raise as her own. Wanda assumed that that relative was Marya but the priest never knew her name. However, Dasha Kolarov later stated that, after he was done with the twins, the High Evolutionary had sought out some of Natalya’s blood relatives to raise the babies. The fact that how Django and Marya Maximoff received the twins is described in that way suggests that the High Evolutionary did not simply return the twins to the people from whom they had been taken. In other words, the relative who had initially been raising the twins was probably someone other than Django or Marya.

Note #2: The images of Natalya attacking the Knights at Wundagore Mountain are not true flashbacks since they are not memories from someone who was there but only how Dasha imagines things happened. Plus, Dasha’s belief that the High Evolutionary killed Natalya was later proven wrong – she was actually killed by her children’s father.

Note #3: Are we now meant to believe that Wanda and Pietro are only 25 years old?