Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #1

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Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #1

Post by DonCampbell » Mon Sep 04, 2017 2:04 am

Merlin – in two flashbacks to Time's Forgotten Hollow in England in 507 A.D.
King Arthur – in those two flashbacks with Merlin
prisoner (enemy XII) - in those two flashbacks with Merlin (BTS in the second one)
Bohra (Merlin’s apprentice) - revealed to be enemy VIII - in those two flashbacks with Merlin (BTS in the second)
two guards (neither named) - only in the first flashback

Doctor Stephen Strange (present-day New York City)
residents of New York City (none named)
Q’uvin the Malevolent (a Bloviate from another dimension)

Merlin (travelling along the Backroads of Time)
Doctor Strange (travelling along the Backroads of Time)

Merlin – both his contemporary self and his slightly older self who gets killed
Doctor Strange
Wiccan (Billy Kaplan) from an alternate future
young man who will become the Ancient One (not named in this story)
Nina (The Conjuror)
Sir Isaac Newton
Mindful One (Newton’s creation/servant)
Kushala (Demon Rider)
creatures serving The Forgotten
The Forgotten

Note: I’m a bit uncertain about how to deal with a story which involves so much time travel. I’ve decided to list every character who appears in each time period even if, in their own chronology, they have already appeared in the story. In this story, Doctor Strange goes from present-day New York City to the Backroads of Time to wherever the other Supremes are. Merlin appears in two flashbacks set in England in 507 A.D., is fighting alongside the Supremes when he time travels to get reinforcements, meets Doctor Strange in NYC and kidnaps him, travels along the Backroads of Time, returns to where the Supremes are fighting just before his younger self leaves, and is soon killed by the Forgotten.

Correction: After taking another look at this issue, I've come to realize that the scenes that bookend this issue's story, the two scenes that are set in Time's Forgotten Hollow in 507 A.D., are both flashbacks. I've adjusted this character watch accordingly.

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