Nighthawk v2 #6 - final issue

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Nighthawk v2 #6 - final issue

Post by DonCampbell » Mon Sep 04, 2017 2:18 am

doctors and staff at Sisters of Mercy Hospital (none named)
Detective Sherman Burrell – also in “47 Minutes Ago” flashback and in flashback to being stabbed by Dixon
Detective Nina Fuerte – also in “47 Minutes Ago” flashback
Nighthawk (Kyle Richmond) –also in “47 Minutes Ago” flashback and in flashback to snapping Dixon’s neck
Detective Tom Dixon (as a corpse in “47 Minutes Ago” flashback) – also in flashback to stabbing Burrell and having his neck snapped by Nighthawk
Tilda Johnson (formerly Deadly Nightshade) – also in flashback
gun-wielding people (none named) – only in flashback

Dan Hanrahan – dies
The Revelator (serial killer/terrorist) – dies

Lieutenant Andrews

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