Star-Lord v2 #1

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Star-Lord v2 #1

Post by DonCampbell » Wed Oct 11, 2017 1:01 am

Star-Lord (Peter Quill)
Lt. Commander Abigail Brand from Alpha Flight
Howard the Duck
art gallery visitor (unnamed woman)
Kitty Pryde
six or seven students from the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning (all using holographic image-inducers to disguise themselves, only Transonic is named)
Old Man Logan

Brondah – owner of Tiny Brondah’s Ship Stop ‘N’ More
Princess Victoria of Spartax
a Chilarian (not named)
obnoxious alien customer (name and species unrevealed)

Peter Quill
panhandler (male, not named)
Old Man Logan
customers and staff of a dingy bar
criminals working for "the Cat" (none named)
criminals that the other criminals were trying to ambush (none named)
NYPD officers (none named)

Note #1: The events of this story begin "a rough few weeks" after Civil War II ended.

Note #2: This series ended with issue #6 and character watches for issues #2-6 and Annual #1 have already been done by Jason Doty.

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