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Venom v3 #2

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2017 1:08 am
by DonCampbell
Lee Price – also in flashback to "the night before"
Venom (Klyntar symbiote) – also in flashback to "the night before"
Black Cat (crime boss Felicia Hardy)
Black Cat’s men (none named)
Mac Gargan (formerly the Scorpion)
Wambaugh (FBI agent)
Wambaugh’s partner (FBI agent, not named in this issue)
Firebug (name unrevealed, not the original) – working for Tombstone
Tombstone – BTS on phone
Venom (Lee Price + Klyntar symbiote)

Note: Character watches for issues #3-6 and 150-153 have already been done by Jason Doty.