Ultimates 2 v2 #100 - final issue

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Ultimates 2 v2 #100 - final issue

Post by DonCampbell » Tue Oct 24, 2017 11:55 am

THE ONE ABOVE ALL – heard but not seen (omnipresent)

Galactus the Lifebringer
Ego-Prime (Ego the Living Planet with a humanoid body attached)
The Infinaut

The First Firmament (the first iteration of reality and the original universe)
Eternity (the eighth iteration of reality and the seventh multiverse)
Dark Celestials (the Aspirants of the First Firmament) – later destroyed by the true Celestials

Iron Man (Tony Stark A.I.) fighting HYDRA Supreme Cap (Steve Rogers) – during Secret Empire #6
Mistress Death

The Maker (Ultimate Reed Richards from Earth-1610) – this aspect of him killed by the High Evolutionary
High Evolutionary (Dr. Herbert Wyndham)
several New Men (none named) on Counter-Earth
Ms. America (America Chavez)
Captain Marvel (Colonel Carol Danvers)
Spectrum (Monica Rambeau)
Blue Marvel (Dr. Adam Brashear)
Hulk (recreation of the Ultimate Hulk [Bruce Banner] who died on Earth-1610)
Giant-Man (recreation of the Ultimate Giant-Man [Henry “Hank” Pym] who died on Earth-1610) – also in one-panel flashback to his previous self’s death
Iron Man (recreation of the Ultimate Iron Man [Tony Stark] who died on Earth-1610)
Captain America (recreation of the Ultimate Captain America [Steve Rogers] who died on Earth-1610) – killed by the Maker
Wasp (recreation of the Ultimate Wasp [Janet van Dyne] who died on Earth-1610)

Logos (later destroyed when he was forcibly separated back into his three components)
Tiger God (merged with and controlled by T’Challa)
Black Panther (King T’Challa of Wakanda)
Queen of Nevers
the Last Celestial (the One Above All from the Fourth Host)
the Fifth Host (Celestials resurrected from the seed of the last survivor – none named)
Lord Chaos – freed by the destruction of Logos
Master Order – freed by the destruction of Logos
the In-Betweener – freed by the destruction of Logos
the Shaper’s Ghost
The Second (second iteration of reality and the first multiverse)
The Third (the third iteration of reality and the second multiverse)
The Fifth (the fifth iteration of reality and the fourth multiverse)
The Sixth (the sixth iteration of reality and the fifth multiverse)
Infinity (the seventh iteration of reality and the sixth multiverse) – formerly linked to Eternity but now a separate entity
the Living Tribunal (resurrected)

Captain Marvel smashing HYDRA tank
King T’Challa holding the Tiger God in a small globe in his hand
Dr. Adam Brashear and Monica Rambeau having drinks at an outdoor café
Ms. America battling aliens
Galactus the Lifebringer holding the Shaper’s Ghost in his hand

Codename: Spitfire (1st Lt. Kathy Ling)
Lt. Col. Jim Tensen
Indigo (Lt. Col. Dionne McQuaid)

Note #1: In this series writer Al Ewing often used the terms “universe” and “multiverse” and “omniverse” as though they were interchangeable but they REALLY are not. This has been the source of some confusion, at least for me. For example, in Ultimates 2 #6, the First Firmament carefully specifies that the Second Cosmos was the first of the multiverses and it later refers to Eternity’s death and resurrection as being his change from the seventh multiverse to the eighth. This indicates that there should be NINE Cosmoses: one universe and eight multiverses. However, this final issue makes it clear that there are only EIGHT different iterations of reality: the original First Firmament and the seven Multiverses. So why did the First Firmament previously refer to Eternity as being the eighth multiverse? Little glitches like this really bug me, especially when one would think they could be so easily avoided.

Note #2: Character watches for issues #3-9 have already been done by Jason Doty.

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