Spirits of Vengeance v1 #3

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Jason Doty
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Spirits of Vengeance v1 #3

Post by Jason Doty » Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:12 pm

Jesus Christ in FB
Apostle Peter in FB
Apostle Andrew in FB
Apostle James in FB
Apostle John in FB
Apostle Phillip in FB
Apostle Thaddeus in FB
Apostle Bartholomew in FB
Apostle Thomas in FB
Apostle James the Less in FB
Apostle Simon in FB
Apostle Judas Iscariot in FB
Apostle Mathew in FB
Mary Magdalene in FB
future Apostle Mathias in FB
Unnamed emissaries of the Infernal Armies of Hell
Necrodamus in main story and FB's
people who found Judas' silver and passed it down for generations in FB's
a dwarf
Ghost Rider (Blaze)
Razan the Night Jackal
citizens of New York
demons and vampires at Port Brimstone including Perry

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