X-Men: Blue v1 #17

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Jason Doty
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X-Men: Blue v1 #17

Post by Jason Doty » Tue Jan 09, 2018 9:08 pm

citizens of Nuevo York of 2099 (altered)
Skullfire (altered 2099)
Bloodhawk (altered 2099)
Meanstreak (altered 2099)
Cerebra (altered 2099)
La Lunatica (altered 2099)
Krystalin (altered 2099)
Metalhead (altered 2099)
Marvel Girl (past, alternate universe)
Cyclops (past, alternate universe)
Angel (past, alternate universe)
Beast (past, alternate universe)
Iceman (past, alternate universe)
Jimmy Hudson (Earth 1610)
Bloodstorm (alternate universe)
members of AlchemaX Public Eye of 2099 (altered)
people suffering from the Legacy Virus in 2099 (altered)
priests of the Theater of Pain of 2099 (altered)
a sort of Sentinel of 2099 (altered)
Chamber (altered 1990's)
Jubilee (altered 1990's)
M (altered 1990's)
Mondo (altered 1990's)
Skin (altered 1990's)
Synch (altered 1990's)
Husk (altered 1990's)
Penance (altered 1990's)

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