X-Men: Grand Design v1 #1

Mini-issue Analyses

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Jason Doty
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X-Men: Grand Design v1 #1

Post by Jason Doty » Sun Jan 14, 2018 2:00 pm

Uatu the Watcher
Recorder #211
a mutant 2 headed court jester and his audience in FB
a mutant female being burned by the Inquisition inFB
a boy, his mother, and a mutant boy named Jimmy in FB
a mutant named Jeremiah and people he aides in FB
a large mutant who gets a cat out of a tree in FB
Human Torch (Hammond) in FB's
Sub-Mariner in Fb
citizens of New York in FB's
a mutant being chased by a mob in FB
Fin in FB
a merman in FB
Blonde Phantom in FB
Angel (Halloway) in FB
Blazing Skull in FB
Destroyer (Marlow) in FB
Witness in FB
Vision (Aakus) in FB
Brian Xavier in FB's
Sharon Xavier-Marko in FB's
US Military Personnel in FB's
Howard Stark-BTS in FB
Professor X in FB's
Wolverine (Howlett) in FB
Captain America (Rogers) in FB
Magneto in FB's
Nazi Soldiers in FB's
Kurt Marko in FB's
Juggernaut (Marko) in FB's
concentration camp victims in FB
Magda in FB's
Cain Marko's hoodlum friends in FB's
first responders in FB
citizens of other countries in FB's
Storm in FB
Shadow King in FB
Anna Lehnsher in FB
a mob that's actions lead to the death of Anna in FB
Moira MacTaggert in FB's
Daniel Shomron in FB
Gabrielle Haller in FB in FB's
Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) in FB's
Annie Richardson in FB
The Phoenix Force in FB
Skrulls in FB
The Stranger in FB
Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) in FB
Mutant Master in FB
Lilandra in FB
Shi'ar in FB
Corsair in FB
Katherine Summers in FB
Cyclops in FB's
Havok in FB
Ch'od in FB
parents who adopted Alex Summers in FB
John Grey in FB
Elaine Grey in FB
school children in FB
Trevor Donovan in FB
Mr. Sinister in FB
Jack O'Diamonds in FB's
Master Man in FB
Iceman in FB
Rocky Beasley in FB's
Sheriff Beasley in FB
William Drake in FB
Madeline Drake in FB
police detectives in FB
Scarlet Witch in FB's
Quicksilver in FB's
a mob of villagers in FB
Angel (Worthington in FB's
Cameron Hodge in FB's
Larry Trask in FB
Stephen Lang in FB
Bolivar Trask in FB
Robert Kelly in FB
Donald Pierce in FB
Beast in FB's
Conquistador in FB
Toad in FB
Calisto in FB
Morlocks in FB
Legion in FB
Multiple Man in FB
Blob in FB
Unus in FB

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