Rise of the Black Panther v1 #1

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Jason Doty
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Rise of the Black Panther v1 #1

Post by Jason Doty » Wed Jan 17, 2018 3:22 pm

someone reading the journal of Wakandan Queen N'Yami wife of T'Chaka and Queen Ramonda-BTS
Black Panther (Azzuri) in FB's
Captain America (Rogers) in FB's
US Soldiers during WWII in FB's
Wakandan Soldiers during WWII in FB's
Warrior Woman (Koenig) in FB
Baron Strucker in FB's
Nazi Soldiers during WWII in FB
Black Panther (T'Chaka) in FB's
Wakandan Soldiers in FB
Cangza in FB
S-Yan in FB
Dora Milaje in FB
citizens of Wakanda in FB's
N'Yami in FB's
Takami in FB's
Tanso in FB
Changamire in FB
M'Demwe in FB
Hydra Agents in FB's
members of the Beshenga Unit in FB
Howard Stark in FB
Gabe Jones in FB
Andebah in FB
T'Challa in FB's
Ramonda in FB
White Wolf in FB
Ulysses S. Klaw in FB

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