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Marvel Media Watch

Posted: Thu Nov 24, 2005 10:32 am
by Russ Chappell
We're introducing a special new watch. The Marvel Media Watch is intended to alert everyone to appearances by Marvel and its characters in other media. If you run across a mention, major or minor, of Marvel the company, its employees, or its characters in a movie, tv show, or mainstream magazine, we'd like to hear about it. Here are some acceptable examples:

Dateline interviews Stan Lee;

the little girl in Adventures of Babysitting who idolizes Marvel's Thor;

Xander says "Avengers Assemble!" in the Buffy episode "The Freshman" (in fact, I'd love to see an exhaustive list of Marvel references in Buffy...sometimes it seems there's one in every episode);

a sidebar article on the new Avengers in Entertainment Weekly.

Here are some examples of things that don't qualify:

web sites;

generic references to characters who don't strictly belong to Marvel (such as Xena mentioning Hercules, or most of the thousands of references to Dracula);

an article on Wolverine in Wizard (or any other comics-oriented publication).