X-Men Legacy v2 #5

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Jason Doty
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X-Men Legacy v2 #5

Post by Jason Doty » Fri Feb 08, 2013 2:28 pm

Gabrielle Haller
Legion (multiple personalities including Honeybadger from Hell, Findle the Finder, Wormhole Wodo, Tyrannix the Abominoid, and unknown entity)
Dire Wraiths including a telepathic female
Marvel Girl (Rachel)
Kid Omega
Stepford Cuckcoos
Dr. Kavita Rao
Blindfold, her mother, her father, and a nurse after she is born-fb
Blindfold, her mother, and brother Luca, watches her father leave-fb
Blindfold's brotherLuca staring at her-fb
people staring at Blindfold, her mother, and Luca-fb
Luca being cruel over the years-montage-fb
a judge sending Luca to rehab-fb
a bigoted priest conducting a correctional program including Luca-fb
Luca drinking and insulting Blindfold-fb
Luca and his friends beating a mutant-fb
Luca does drugs-fb
The police are called out to Blindfolds house-fb
Luca gets a chainsaw to kill Blindfold, but kills his mother while protecting her-fb
Blindfold is sent to live with her Aunt-fb
Blindfold goes to prison to witness her brothers execution-fb
During Luca's execution his spirit becomes disembodied and rips out part of Blindfold's psyche-fb
a funeral director suggests a closed casket for Luca-fb
Blindfold's aunt receiving a call inviting Blindfold to Xavier's School-fb
Blindfold is greeted by Beast-fb
Sojobo Tengu possessed by Luca
Karasu Tengu
montage flashbacks of the recent events by Luca setting up Legion-fb

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Re: X-Men Legacy v2 #5

Post by lkseitz » Wed Feb 27, 2013 11:13 pm

Jason Doty wrote:Direwraiths including a telepathic female
They didn't say the female Wraith was psychic; Iceman requested all telepaths to come out because there was a female Wraith. Females are traditionally magic-users -- as opposed to the males preferring science/technology -- so I guess Iceman thought the telepaths could counter her somehow. Of course, I've never seen a Wraith that looked like that one, either, but her appearance could have something to do with whatever planet they came from. (That last bit's my reasoning for the artistic license, anyway.)
Lee K. Seitz
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Re: X-Men Legacy v2 #5

Post by Leoparis » Thu Feb 28, 2013 6:00 am

Dire Wraiths are shapeshifters anyway