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Tombstone and Gambit in SMTU 5

Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2015 7:55 pm
by lettsmonster
Hello. I have a concern about the placement of this issue in the chronologies of two characters, Tombstone and Gambit

First, Ben Reilly/Spiderman II fought Tombstone twice towards the end of 1996. Once at the Fortunato mansion in S-M 73 and 74 and once at a Manhattan club in SMTU 5. My concern is that the Manhattan fight takes place before the Fortunato mansion fight in Tombstone's chronology yet the exact opposite is the case in the chronology of Spiderman II, the Fortunato fight occurs before the Manhattan fight.

Second, in regards to Gambit, this team-up with Spiderman II is placed much earlier in his chronology for that calendar year. According to Gambit's chronology, this is a story that takes place well before the Onslaught crisis. For Spiderman II, this is a post-Onslaught team-up that occurs directly before the events in the Revelations storyline which spells the end of Ben Reilly.

For the purpose of this argument, I am using the Spiderman II timeline as the correct order of events yet there is little topical references in SMTU 5 either way. Thanks