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Thanks a bunch, Paul! :)

INHUMAN #1 – FB (7:1-7:2)
One night, probably shortly before Inh 1 (5-19). Black Bolt sits on the throne of Attilan with Medusa by his side as the city floats in the air.

INHUMANITY #1 – FB (8/9:6-10:6)
One day, shortly before Infinity. Gorgon subjects his nine-year-old son, Petras Petragon, to the Terrigen Mist, which turns the boy into a grotesque beast-headed creature.

AVENGERS v5 #18 – FB (2-3)
One day, “two days” before A5 18 (1). Aboard the Skrull warship Sorrow, Super-Skrull receives word of the fall of the Skrull outpost on Hy’lt Minor and tells his generals that he intends to attend a war council on a world called Nomad.

INFINITY #1 (5-19)
One day. This story occurs after A5 17 (6-20) and the “week” after A5 16. Since Iron Man has his new armor, this story must occur after IM5 16 (13-20). This segment must occur after FF4 16 (21-30) and probably occurs shortly after Inhn 1-FB (7:1-7:2). Thanos must appear here after T:IR 1. After defeating the champion of Ahl-Agullo, Augollux the Brave, Corvus Glaive exacts tribute from Augollux’s father, King Luxor, and delivers it to Thanos, who sends Outrider to Earth to find something hidden and exact more tribute. Unseen, Outrider infiltrates Avengers Tower (where we see Thor, Iron Man, and Cap in new costume), the Jean Grey School (where we see Logan, Kitty, and Storm with her Mohawk), and a SHIELD Helicarrier. Captain Universe appears on Galador as Spaceknights Starshine, Firefall, Ikon, Terminator, and Pulsar try in vain to defend their world against an invasion by the Builders that results in destruction that signals the beginning of the end.
The same day as Inf 1 (5-19). Kree soldiers send a distress signal as the Builders attack a Kree deep space outpost.
INFINITY #1 (20:1-40:3)
The same day as Inf 1-FB. This segment occurs before TB2 14. Abigail Brand calls Hawkeye, Cap, Thor, and Hyperion in for a mission against Skrull infiltrators in Palermo, the seventh incident involving aliens “in the last two weeks.” The heroes defeat the Skrulls, oddly none of whom are warriors, and Brand recalls the heroes when Captain Universe appears at the Peak. Cap arrives at the Peak with Iron Man (in space armor) and Ex Nihilo, who detects that Captain Universe is regenerating. Brand shows the Avengers the Kree distress signal, and Ex Nihilo recognizes the assailants as the Builders. Brand theorizes that the Builders are coming to Earth. In Attilan, citizens observe that Black Bolt has drawn distant from his wives, prompting feelings of bad times to come. The Outrider enters Black Bolt’s mind as he sleeps and learns about the Illuminati and their possession of the Infinity Gems. Black Bolt awakens and forces Outrider to flee. The Avengers gather aboard the Peak, where they learn that all worlds of the Galactic Council are mobilizing against the intergalactic threat. Abyss confirms that Earth would be destroyed if the Builders were to reach it. All the Avengers prepare to leave to take the fight to the Builders while Iron Man stays behind to enact contingency plans and marshal the world’s defenses in case his teammates are unsuccessful.
The same day as Inf 1 (20-40). Blizzard and Whirlwind spy on the Avengers as they take off from Avengers Tower. With the heroes gone, the two villains break into the Wakandan National Bank to rob it of gold and diamonds. They discover Spymaster in the vault which he had already emptied. Spymaster offers them a job.
INFINITY #1 (40:4-45)
The same day as Inf:Heist 1 (1-9). This segment occurs “a few days” before A5 23-FB. The Avengers jet into space. Some Builders, Corvus Glaive, and the Black Order (Proxima Midnight, Black Dwarf, Ebony Maw, Supergiant) arrive on Titan in response to a signal from the injured Outrider, who tells them of the gems that Thanos seeks before being slain by them. Glaive tells his brethren that Earth is ripe for conquest now that the Avengers are off-planet.
NOVA v5 #7 (20)
The same day as Inf 1 (40-45). Watcher witnesses the arrival of Thanos and Corvus Glaive on the moon.
NOVA v5 #8
The same day as NOVA5 7 (20). Sam is “fifteen years old.” In lunar orbit, Corvus Glaive tells Thanos of the new Nova that has been detected on Earth. Thanos has Proxima Midnight fetch her daughter Kaldera and give her the assignment to kill Nova. After helping workers in Carefree, Arizona, Nova freaks when someone calls him Sam. In flight, Sam absentmindedly removes his helmet, causing him to lose his power. Sam plummets to Earth and dons the helmet before hitting the ground. Sam awakens and discovers he was found by Robbie Baldwin and Vance Astrovik, who tell Sam of the Nova who was their teammate. Kaldera shows up at Sam’s home.
The same day as NOVA5 8. Thanos detects that one of the Infinity Gems did not fracture but merely disappeared. He sends the Black Order on a quest to search for the gem.
MIGHTY AVENGERS v2 #1 (1-14)
The same day as NA3 9-FB. As the Avengers jet through space, Proxima Midnight offers to kill New York for Thanos. Thanos replies that her business is in Atlantis and that Ebony Maw is assigned to New York, but he agrees to send Proxima to New York to draw fire away from Ebony Maw. In that city, Heroes for Hire Luke Cage, White Tiger, and Power Man fight the Plunderer and his men, who are trying to pilfer a shipment of Spiderbot parts. Spidey Ock shows up, defeats Plunderer, and disses Cage and his team for being mercenaries before departing with the captured Parnival. White Tiger sees Spidey Ock’s point and quits, prompting Power Man to trash talk Spidey as he eats with Cage in a diner. Thinking of the world that Danielle (who’s now walking) will inherit, Cage wonders if he can do more meaningful jobs with his business. Believing that Cage really wants to be Avenger again, Power Man “fires” Cage and resolves to continue Heroes for Hire himself. Monica Rambeau, in the new costumed identity of Spectrum, defeats Blue Streak and encounters a hero who wants to keep his presence a secret. Proxima Midnight heads for Earth.
The same day as MA2 1 (1-14). The Avengers are off-planet, so this story occurs after Inf 1 (22-50). The Thunderbolts fight and defeat a gamma-powered cow-turned-dinosaur. They return to their sub, where Ross tells the group that for every mission they complete for him, the group will help another member with a mission of his or her own. The group decides on the mission by picking from a hat, and Castle’s agenda is chosen. Punisher enlists the aid of the Thunderbolts to depose the Paguro crime family. In New York, the head Paguro declines to assist three members of the Nobili family and order other waiting supplicants to beat them. Castle has Rulk and Leader stay back while he, Elektra, Venom, and Deadpool prepare to infiltrate the Paguros, unaware that Thanos’ Horde is approaching Earth. Green grass and trees. Full moon.
INFINITY #2 (1-3)
The same day as TB2 14. Abigail Brand, Sydren, and SWORD agents rout an assault of Thanos’s men on the Peak and discover that they accessed the station’s low orbit tracking, alignment, and automated targeting systems. Brand sees Thanos’ horde approaching Earth.
NEW AVENGERS v3 #8 (1-14)
The same day as Inf 2 (1-3). This segment occurs “one week” after NA3 7 (17-20) and “a couple days” after NA3 8-FB. Reed Richards appears before Tony Stark at Avengers Tower via transmission. Stark tells Reed that the Avengers left to deal with a potential pan-galactic threat “a few hours ago” and says he suspects the threat is because the galaxy is breaking down. Stark tells Reed he has an idea. In Attilan, Maximus finishes the device he’s been preparing for Black Bolt, a portal that can take Black Bolt to a dimension in which he can speak without destructive results. Medusa interrupts the brothers and demands to know what secrets Black Bolt has been keeping. When he reveals the secret, Medusa slaps him. In Necropolis, Namor proposes an arrangement with Black Swan but is interrupted by T’Challa, who takes him aside and tells him Wakanda is attacking Atlantis and that he needs to go there and help his people. The enraged Namor speeds away.
THUNDERBOLTS v2 #15 (1-10)
The same day as NA3 8 (1-14). The Thunderbolts are stuck in traffic heading into Manhattan. Deadpool leaves the van and heads in on foot, determined to find a pizza place. In a sub in New York Harbor, Leader chooses not to alert Ross of the approaching alien invasion he detects on his instruments. A young girl mistakes Wade for Spider-Man on a subway and gives him money. Punisher, Elektra, and Venom arrive in the South Bronx, where they grill criminals about the Paguros to no avail. The trio encounters the Nobili as they bitch about the Paguros.
NEW AVENGERS v3 #8 (15-17)
The same day as TB2 15 (1-10). Iron Man and Reed’s projection return to Avengers Tower after enlisting someone who has “three months” to do a job. They receive SWORD’s early warning signal and look out the window as Thanos’ invading alien ships descend on Manhattan. From his Sanctum, Dr. Strange sees Ebony Maw approaching.
THUNDERBOLTS v2 #15 (11-20)
The same day as NA3 8 (15-17). Deadpool’s subway ride is interrupted and when he goes to the surface, he discovers why. As Castle, Elektra, and Venom interrogate the Nobili, they hear an explosion and look up to see the invading alien armada. Flash insists on helping victims, but Punisher insists on sticking to their mission. Deadpool dodges alien blasts. Mercy gets excited about the millions of people facing death. Ross detects the alien invasion and surfaces the sub at a spot near Supergiant.
MIGHTY AVENGERS v2 #1 (15-20)
The same day as TB2 15 (11-20). As Manhattan is besieged from the sky, Ebony Maw seizes Dr. Strange in his Sanctum and Proxima Midnight lands. The commotion attracts the attention of Cage, Spectrum, Spidey Ock, and the mystery hero, who dons a Spider-Hero costume to maintain anonymity. The four heroes confront Proxima Midnight as Avengers.
The same day as MA2 1 (15-20). This flashback occurs “fifteen minutes” before MA2 3. Power Man convinces White Tiger to rejoin his group and gets distracted by the alien armada in the sky.
INFINITY #3 – FB (15:1-15:3)
The same day as MA2 3-FB. This segment must be a flashback relative to other panels in Inf 3. “As the eyes of Thanos turned to Attilan,” Rulk emerges from the Thunderbolts’ sub and fights Supergiant’s soldiers. Cage and his Mighty Avengers, now including White Tiger, face off against Proxima Midnight.
THUNDERBOLTS v2 #16 (1-18)
The same day as Inf 3-FB (15:15:3). Chased by invading aliens, the Nobilis flee to the Paguro stronghold in South Bronx, where they announce they have news about Punisher in order to gain shelter there. Rulk leaps from the sub to battle Thanos’ forces, and as he fights, Supergiant detects an immense intelligence in the sub and enters to investigate. Supergiant starts to siphon Stearns’ knowledge from his head, but Mercy claims the Leader and belts Supergiant out of the sub. Mercy hands Leader over to Rulk and heads into the city to prepare for massive death. Deadpool finds aliens stealing coins from a park fountain in Manhattan and fights them.
The same day as TB2 16 (1-18). The voice of Kaluu tries in vain to snap Dr. Strange out of Ebony Maw’s influence. Blue Marvel is alerted to the alien invasion in New York when Uatu visits him in his undersea science fortress. Spectrum, Spidey/Ock, Cage, and the mystery hero fight Thanos’ forces in Manhattan. Proxima Midnight strikes down Monica with her spear and pummels Luke before being attacked by a mob of New Yorkers chanting “Avengers Assemble.” Cage recovers and attacks Proxima Midnight, who receives a message transmitted by a disappointed Thanos. Thanos tells her that her “fun time” is over and that she must embark on her Atlantean mission. Proxima retrieves her spear, says that Monica will soon die, and takes off. Ebony Maw forces Strange to summon Shuma-Gorath, and as the Mighty Avengers reel at the monster’s appearance, Blue Marvel shows up.
The same day as MA2 2. This story begins “fifteen minutes” after MA2 3-FB. Blue Marvel joins Spidey, Cage, and Spider-Hero in fighting off Shuma-Gorath long enough for Blue Marvel to burn the anti-photon infection plaguing Spectrum and save her life. Sensing the presence of Shuma-Gorath nearby, Ebony Maw uses the enthralled Dr. Strange to assist the demon by erecting a mystic shield around it. Tentacles grow out of innocent people’s mouth and attack the heroes, who join forces to destroy Shuma-Gorath’s shield. White Tiger summons the Tiger God to assault Shuma-Gorath and Monica enters the demon’s eye in light form and explodes it from the inside. Disappointed by Shuma-Gorath’s defeat, Ebony Maw turns his attention back to Strange. People turn back to normal, and when Kat Farrell shows up to cover the story of the battle, Cage announces that the heroes are a team of Avengers.
The same day as MA2 3. Students of the Latverian School of Science, including, Demona, Pan, and Morg, are gathered by instructor Baron Blood to join the Contest of Champions at Avengers Academy via video conference. Suddenly, Thanos’ forces attack Latberia and storm into the school, blasting Baron Blood. The students flee to panic rooms.
The same day as Inf:Hunt 2-FB. Both Avengers Academy and the Braddock School have missing students who were taken during AvAc and apparently have not returned. At Avengers Academy, She-Hulk, Pym, Logan, and Meggan convene a Contest of Champions between students of hero academies around the world. The four faculty members, along with Jimmy Woo and Sanjar Javeed and Shuri, who are connected remotely, introduce the students who will compete: Striker and Finesse from Avengers Academy; Gang, Pom Pom, and Shri from the Pan-Asian School for the Unusually Gifted; Sprite, Quentin Quire, and Genesis from the Jean Grey School; Asha, Blocks, and Bull from the Wakandan School for Alternative Studies; Moloids and Bentley from the Future Foundation; and Loch and Box from the Braddock Academy. When Pym tries to contact the Atlantean School, Namora yells for help and everyone sees total destruction in Atlantis on the monitor. A building at Avengers Academy collapses and the gathered heroes see Los Angeles burning.
NEW AVENGERS v3 #8 (18-20)
The same day as Inf:Hunt 1. Black Dwarf and an invading army land in Wakanda and T’Challa and Shuri prepare for battle. Corvus Glaive and more alien soldiers land at the Jean Grey School, where Beast, Armor, and Logan prepare for battle. Proxima Midnight and more invaders cut a destructive path through Atlantis, where Namor swears revenge for the deaths of his people.
The same day as NA3 8 (18-20). Logan, Pym, She-Hulk, Meggan, and the assembled students battle Thanos’ forces at the Avengers Academy. After student Crimson is killed, the adults usher the other students into the academy’s panic room. In Mumbai, Woo and Sanjar fight the invading forces while Gang, Pom Pom, and Shri are jettisons in an escape sphere. As Thanos’ forces overrun Wakanda, Shuri tells Asha, Blocks, and Bull to flee. In a panic room at the Latverian School, Pan, Demona, and Morg have a female Doombot establish a connection to the students locked away at Avengers Academy. Morg suggests that the students in California flee and meet them in Atlantis.
NEW AVENGERS v3 #9 (4:1-7:2)
The same day as Inf:H 2 (7-19). Iron Man and Reed launch a counterattack on the alien vessels descending on Manhattan. In Wakanda, T’Challa and Shuri prepare to fight Black Dwarf and his men.
INFINITY #2 – FB (5:1)
The same day as NA3 9 (4-7). The Black Panthers and their army charge Black Dwarf and his men.
NEW AVENGERS v3 #9 (7:3-12:2)
The same day as Inf 2-FB (5:1). Black Dwarf strikes at T’Challa. In Atlantis, Proxima Midnight demands that Namor tell her where the remaining Infinity Gem is while Ebony Maw demands the same information from Dr. Strange at his Sanctum Sanctorum. Corvus Glaive, Supergiant, and their men begin their assault on the Jean Grey School.
INFINITY #2 – FB (4:1)
The same day as NA3 9 (7-12). The faculty of the Jean Grey School square off against Corvus Glaive and company.
NEW AVENGERS v3 #9 (12:3-17:4)
The same day as Inf 2-FB (4:1). Corvus Glaive, Supergiant, and their men fight Beast, Iceman, Armor, Logan, Storm, and Rachel at the Jean Grey School. Corvus Glaive skewers Logan, who is down and out for the rest of Infinity, perhaps recuperating because he lacks his healing power. The Black Panthers and their army successfully repel Black Dwarf and his forces. Namor tells Proxima she can find the missing gem in Wakanda.
AVENGERS v5 #18 – FB (4:1-6:3)
The day after A5 18-FB (2-3). Skrull General Dm’yr lures an advance fleet of Builders to a planet that he intentionally destroys to annihilate his enemies.
Probably the same day as A5 18-FB (4-6). Pan, Demona, and Morg arrive at the ruins of Atlantis.
The same day as Inf:Hunt 2 (20). High over the planet, Gang gets the escape pod holding him, Pom Pom, and Gang back to Earth. They land in Wakanda and are sighted by the students of the Wakandan School of Alternative Studies. After an initial confrontation, they all board the repaired escape pod and head to Atlantis. As Pym and the other adults recover from the attack at the ruins of Avengers Academy, the Academy kids take off in a Quinjet with the Jean Grey School kids, Loch, Box, the Moloids, and Bentley-23. They head to the site of Atlantis, where the kids of the Latverian School of Science fight alien invaders and discover that the undersea city is destroyed. The escape pod accidentally crashes into the Quinjet and both vehicles land in the ocean near the ongoing alien battle over Atlantis. Striker accidentally electrocutes Loch when he zaps an alien in the water near Loch. Suddenly a huge whale surfaces all around the kids.
The same day as Inf:Hunt 3. Swallowed by the whale, the kids discover that an Atlantean girl named Whalesong has a bond with it and shows them images of Wakandans invading Atlantis. Kid Omega detects the aliens have left and learns that they’re heading to Wakanda. Demona teleports the whale and the kids to Atlantis, where they join Shuri in a battle against the aliens. A huge alien beast pummels the whale and turns its murderous attention to the kids, whom Shuri orders to flee. The kids decide to fight the beast and use teamwork to defeat it.
NOVA v5 #9
The same night as NOVA5 8. Justice, Speedball, and Nova arrive at Sam’s house, only to discover Kaldera holding the Alexanders captive. Kaldera challenges Sam to a fistfight without weapons, but when he gets his butt kicked, Sam cheats and dons his helmet. He assaults Kaldera, and in mid-attack, Kaldera teleports them both to the Slaughtership in lunar orbit. On board the ship, Nova finds the helmet of a Nova centurion that Kaldera vanquished and it transfers data to him. Nova defeats Kaldera and is sent back to Earth by the other aliens on the ship. Sam reunites with his family and Speedball and Justice, who have become family friends. Proxima Midnight condemns Kaldera to the Midnight Sphere for her failure.

AVENGERS v5 #18 (1)
The day after A5 18-FB (4-6). Super-Skrull arrives at the Citadel of the Galactic Council on Nomad.
AVENGERS v5 #18 (6:4-10:5)
The same day as A5 18 (1). This segment can’t occur “three days” before A5 18 (11-12). J’Son vouches for Super-Skrull, who joins the Council alongside Gladiator, Ronan, the Supreme Intelligence, the Brood Queen, and Annihilus. The Avengers and Imperial Guard are also in attendance. Natasha asks Spider-Woman how she feels about siding with the Skrulls. The Council reviews Dm’yr’s victory and plan another trap.
The same day as A5 18 (6-10). This segment occurs “three lunar cycles” (“months”) after W&X 15. Kubark gives a presentation about his experience on Earth to a class at the Imperial Guard Training Academy, where he is the sole Gladiator trainee among scores of Smashers, Mantas, Plutonias, Starbolts, etc. He feels lonely and misses the Jean Grey School. Suddenly all Subugardians class 6 and above are called to report to transport ships to join the coming battle against the Builders. Gladiator transmits a message to Kubark that he is to remain at the academy, and when Kubark objects, he leaves three Warbirds to watch him. After the transmission ends, Kid Gladiator assaults the Warbirds.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #15 – FB (3:1-3:3)
Must be the same day as W&X@ 1 (1-13). Cap and Captain Marvel rally the Avengers and Cap gives a pep talk.
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #18 – FB (3:1-3:2)
The same day as CM7 15-FB (3:1-3:3). Cap and Captain Marvel outline their mission as three sub-teams.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #15 – FB (3:4) ~ AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #18 – FB (3:3)
The same day as AvAs 18-FB (3:1-3:2). Captain Marvel tells the group to saddle up.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #15 – FB (4:1)
The same day as CAM7 15-FB (3:4). As the Avengers break up into groups, Carol finds herself disconnected from her teammates because of her memory loss.
The same day as CM7 15-FB (4:1). Spider-Woman sees Carol approach Hawkeye.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #15 – FB (4:2-4:5)
The same day as AvAs 18-FB (3:4). Carol taps Hawkeye to be her co-pilot on Quincruiser 2 as Jessica looks on.
The same day as CM7 15-FB (4:2-4:5). Natasha tells Jessica that they’ll be together on Cap’s Quincruiser 1 Jessica has petty thoughts about Clint and Carol..
AVENGERS v5 #18 (11:1-12:3)
The same day as AvAs 18-FB (3-4). This segment can’t occur “three days” after A5 18 (6-10). As Gladiator orchestrates the trap, the Avengers lay in wait for the Builders as they enter the kill zone called the Corridor.
INFINITY #2 – FB (12:1-12:2)
The same day as A5 18 (11-12). As the advance fleet of Builders’ ships moves into the Corridor, Builders in cloaked ships wait for their ambush.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #15 – FB (5:1-5:2) ~ AVENGERS v5 #18 (12:3-12:4)
The same day as Inf 2-FB (12:1-12:2). Both Quincruisers share the news that the Builders have entered the kill zone.
AVENGERS v5 #18 (13:1-13:2)
The same day as CM7 15-FB (5:1-5:2). The Builders’ ships move into the trap set by Gladiator.
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #18 – FB (5:1-5:5)
The same day as A5 18 (13:1-13:2). The Avengers hold their position and await a signal.
AVENGERS v5 #18 (13:3) ~ AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #18 – FB (5:6)
The same day as AvAs 18-FB (5:1-5:5). The signal flare is sent.
AVENGERS v5 #18 (13:4)
The same day as A5 18-FB (13:3). Cap sees the signal and tells the Avengers to go.
The same day as A5 18 (13:4). Thor, Hyperion, Ex Nihilo, Falcon, and Manta prepare to attack as the Builders’ ships approach..
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #15 (1-2)
The same day as AvAs 18 (1-2). Thor, Hyperion, Ex Nihilo, Falcon, and Manta see the Builders’ ships pass by.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #15 (6:1)
The same day as CM7 15 (1-2). Thor, Ex Nihilo, and Manta go into action.
The same day as CM& 15-FB (6:1). The Avengers attack the Builders’ ships. Shang-Chi shows his firing skill.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #15 (6:2-6:3)
The same day as AvAs 18 (6). Hawkeye destroys a Builder ship.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #15 (6:3-6:4) ~ AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #18 (7:1-7:2)
The same day as CM7 15 (6:2-6:3). Cap reports to Carol that their targets are ganging up on a Spartax cruiser.
The same day as CM7 15 (6:3-6:4). The Avengers continue the attack on the Builders’ ships.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #15 (7:1-7:3)
The same day as AvAs 18 (7-8). The Avengers continue the assault.
The same day as CM7 15 (7:1-7:3). Among the Smashers deployed from a Shi’ar warship is the disguised Kid Gladiator, who sheds his borrowed Smasher costume and joins the Smashers, Hyperion, Captain Marvel, and Thor in assaulting the Builders’ ships. After he gets slammed by a blast, Kubark encounters a cowering Smasher who’s afraid to rejoin the battle. Kid Gladiator gives her a pep talk before reentering the fray.
AVENGERS v5 #18 (14-16:2)
The same day as W&X@ 1 (14-19). The battle rages as Gladiator observes. The heroes locate and destroy the Builders’ command vessel.
The same day as A6 18 (14-16). Thor watches as the command vessel explodes.
The same day as AvAs 18 (8:3). Cap reports that the command vessel is destroyed.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #15 (7:5-8:3)
The same day as AvAs 18 (8:4). Carol sends her crew out to retrieve injured allies and assist stray alephs.
AVENGERS v5 #18 (16:3-18:3)
The same day as CM7 15 (7-8). Gladiator sees that the command vessel is destroyed and that the Builders’ fleet is split. The Builders observe that their own ruse was successful, and seeing that enemy fleet is committed, the Builders de-cloak the rest of their fleet and ruthlessly attack the Council’s fleet. Gladiator is alarmed and Ronan insists on retreat.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #15 (9:1-9:3)
The same day as A5 18 (16-18). Carol orders her crew back inside the ship.
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #18 (9:1-10:1)
The same day as CM7 15 (9:1-9:3). Quincruiser-1 is hit by one of the newly visible Builder ships as Cap and company see the vast number of new Builder ships to enter the fray.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #15 (9:4)
The same day as AvAs 18 (9-10). Seeing incoming all over his monitors, Cap calls Carol for help.
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #18 (10:2-14:3)
The same day as CM7 15 (9:4). Spider-Woman and Hulk try to detach the Builder ship from their hull so they can retreat from the ambush. Jessica gets the Quincruiser loose and tries to race back inside.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #15 (10:1-10:2)
The same day as AvAs 18 (10-14). Carol and Hawkeye notice that Jessica is in their shot, but Carol, confident that Spider-Woman will make it, proceeds.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #15 (10:3) ~ AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #18 (14:4)
The same day as CM7 15 (10:1-10:2). Carol counts down as Jessica sprints.
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #18 (14:5-15:3)
The same day as CM7 15 (10:3). Carol blasts the Builders’ ship..
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #15 (10:4)
The same day as AvAs 18 (14-15). The blast prevents Jessica from re-boarding.
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #18 (15:4-17:6)
The same day as CM7 15 (10:4). The Quincrusier’s thrusters come online and Cap reports to Carol that they’ll hold out for Jessica as long as they can. Stranded in space, Jessica’s life support starts to fail.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #15 (11:1-12:2)
The same day as AvAs 18 (15-17). Hulk makes it aboard Quincarrier-1. Cap reports to Carol that he’s got a lock on Jessica’s signal and that she’s losing life-support. Carol and Clint see Spider-Woman with a Skrull.
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #18 (17:7-18:1)
The same day as CM7 15 (11-12). A Skrull finds Jessica and tries to help her, but she sees him as a threat and fights him.
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #18 (18:2-18:3) ~ CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #15 (12:3)
The same day as AvAs 18 (17-18). Carol tells Jessica the Skrull is trying to save her.
The same day as AvAs 18 (18:2-18:3). Carol repeats to Jessica that the Skrull is trying to save her.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #15 (12:4-12:5)
The same day as AvAs 18 (18:4). The Skrull gives Jessica a ride back to Quincruiser-1.
The same day as CM7 15 (12:4-12:5). The Skrull drops Jessica off with Hulk.
AVENGERS v5 #18 (18:4-19:1)
The same day as AvAs 18 (19:1). With full retreat sounded and Jess back on board, Cap checks in with Carol.
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #18 (19:2) ~ CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #15 (13:1-13:3)
The same day as A5 18 (18-19). Cap tells Carol that he needs to get the damaged Quincarrier-1 out of the area.
AVENGERS v5 #18 (19:2-19:4)
The same day as AvAs 18 (19:2). Cap has Manifold teleport Quincarrier-1 away.
INFINITY #2 – FB (12:3-12:4)
The same day as A5 18 (19:2-19:4). As the battle rages, Cap, Banner, and Shang-Chi sit tight in the fleeing Quincarrier-1.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #18 (13:4-15:4) ~ AVENGERS v5 #18 (19:5-20:1) ~ AVENGERS v5 #19 – FB (3:1)
The same day as Inf 2-FB (12:3-12:4). Carol’s crew sees Quincarrier-1 teleport out with Thor and four or five Council ships. Carol tries to cover for the evacuation of the Spartax carrier and draws the Builders’ fire. An energy bleed on Quincarrier-2 causes the ship to explode.
AVENGERS v5 #18 (19:2-20:5)
The same day as CM7 18 (13-15). Carol and Hawkeye are left unconscious as Quincarrier-2 drifts toward the Singularity.
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #18 (19:3-20:5)
The same day as A5 18 (19-20). Aboard Quincarrier-1, Natasha reaches out to Jess. Quincarrier-1 arrives at Behemoth Ringworld and Spider-Woman feels guilty for not thinking about the missing Carol and Hawkeye, who continue to drift toward the Singularity.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #15 (16:1-17:4)
The same day as AvAs 18 (19-20). Carol and Clint come to and Carol signals a Kree vessel for an assist and orders everyone into the escape pods.
AVENGERS v5 #19 – FB (3:2-3:4)
The same day as CM7 15 (16-17). Carol tells Clint to get everyone into the escape pods while she sets Quincarrier-2 to blow. Clint assists with Captain Universe’s pod.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #15 (17:5-18:4)
The same day as A5 19-FB (3:2-3:3). Clint ejects the pods of his teammates and insists on staying with Carol.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #16 – FB (2:1-2:2)
The same day as CM7 15 (17-18). Clint tries to convince Carol not to stay with the Quincarrier as he gets into his escape pod.
AVENGERS v5 #19 – FB (3:5-4:4)
The same day as CM7 16-FB (2:1-2:2). Carol closes Clint’s pod and ejects the pods. Carol contemplates her fate.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #15 (18:5-20)
The same day as A5 19-FB (3-4). Carol preps the Quincarrier and ejects herself into space. The ship explodes, leaving Carol drifting in space. Suddenly, her Binary powers reactivate.
AVENGERS v5 #19 – FB (4:5-5:2)
The same day as CM7 15 (18-20). Carol sees her reactivated power and blasts approaching Alephs.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #16 (1-5)
The same day as A5 19-FB (4-5). As the escape pods float around them, Carol battles attacking Alephs but is defeated.
INFINITY #2 (5:3-11:5)
Must be the same day as CM7 16 (1-5). In the wake of mass destruction caused by Thanos’ Horde on Earth, Corvus Glaive and his men arrive in Attilan and demands a tribute for Thanos. He gives Black Bolt “one day” to decide whether to sacrifice the lives of all Inhumans between 16 and 22 years old in order to save all his people.
INFINITY #2 (13:1-22:5)
The same day as Inf 2 (5-11). Quincarrier-1 barely makes it to the rendezvous point above the agri-world Whaan Prime. Cap, Hulk, Spider-Woman, and Thor meet up with Smasher, who notes that there’s been no word from Quincarrier-2 and that all wideband communications systems went dark. Suddenly, four Builder craft appear, pursuing a frigate with a failing reactor. Gladiator decides to make a stand and rallies all warriors present, except Ex Nihilo, whom he insists sit it out because he’s a creation of the Builders. The heroes defeat the Builder ships, but an Aleph and an Ex-Nihili named Jerran Ko land on Whaan Prime and the latter commits suicide as he was ordered to do by the Builders. As a sphere of decay spreads across the planet from the place of Jerran Ko’s suicide, the heroes evacuate as many inhabitants as they can. As Manhattan burns below, Black Bolt prepares to summon the Illuminati in Attilan.
NEW AVENGERS v3 #9 (18:1-18:4)
The same day as Inf 2 (13-22). Maximus prompts Black Bolt to summon his colleagues.
INFINITY #2 (22:6-22:7)
The same day as NA3 9 (18:1-18:4). Black Bolt activates his palm signal to reach the other Illuminati.
NEW AVENGERS v2 #9 (18:5-20:2)
The same day as Inf 2 (22:6-22:7). Reed, Stark, T’Challa (with Shuri), Beast, Namor, and Strange (still being tortured by Ebony Maw) receive the signal, and Black Bolt, Maximus, and Lockjaw prepare for a response.
INFINITY #2 (23-24)
The same day as NA3 9 (18-20). Lockjaw teleports the rest of the Illuminati to Maximus’ pocket reality in Attilan, where Black Bolt tells him of the tribute Thanos’ emissary demanded of him “earlier today.” Black Bolt hands his colleagues a data medium containing the hidden archives of Inhuman royalty, which contains information for which Thanos is searching. Black Bolt notes that Thanos doesn’t want the deaths of Attilan’s youth but rather the death of only one being on Earth, Thanos’ son.
NEW AVENGERS v3 #10 (1-4)
The same day as Inf 2 (23-24). The FF other than Reed is “off planet.” Black Bolt explains that “years ago” Thanos sired a son with an Inhuman woman and that the son was hidden on Earth. He gives his fellow Illuminati a codex that shows six possible locations for the boy, places where the hidden tribes of the Inhumans have settled. Black Bolt sends his teammates away and reveals to Maximus that he has the true codex. Maximus prepares to make a machine.
AVENGERS v5 #19 (1:1-1:4)
Perhaps same day as NA3 10 (1-4). Carol awakens as a captive.
AVENGERS v5 #19 (1:5) ~ CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #16 (6:1)
The same day as A5 19 (1:1-1:4). Nearby, Hawkeye says, “They’re coming back.”
AVENGERS v5 #19 (1:6-2:2)
The same day as A5 19 (1:5). Ex Nihila assesses the captive Cannonball, Sunspot, and Hawkeye.
AVENGERS v5 #19 (2:3-2:5, 6:1-6:4) ~ CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #16 (6:2-6:5)
The same day as A5 19 (1-2). Ex Nihila assesses Carol and, surprised, asks her what brought her to her current state. Carol gives her sass and Ex Nihila orders her to be brought with her.
AVENGERS v5 #19 (6:5-13:2)
The same day as A5 19 (6:1-6:4). After telling Hawkeye she’ll be back for him, Ex Nihila takes Carol to the Builders, who demand to know how Earth is so special as to be home to the captive Starbrand, Nightmask, Abyss, and Captain Universe. On the Behemoth Ringworld, Ex-Nihilo, Shang-Chi, Manifold, and Spider-Woman tend to some of the 100,000,000 refugees displaced by the Builders’ aggression. The Galactic War Council meets to discuss their dire situation.
AVENGERS v5 #19 (13:3-13:5) ~ CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #16 (7:1-7:4)
The same day as A5 19 (6-13). The astonished Builders ask Carol again how Earth could be home to Starbrand, Nightmask, Abyss, and Captain Universe.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #16 (7:5)
The same day as A5 19 (13:3-13:5). Carol gives a flippant answer.
AVENGERS v5 #19 (14:1-17:3)
The same day as CM7 16 (7:5). Cap has the Council talk to Ex-Nihilo to get some intelligence on the Builders and suggests subterfuge to strike at their foes. J-Son secretly sends a signal to the Builders.
AVENGERS v5 #19 (17:4) ~ CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #16 (7:6)
The same day as A5 19 (14-17). The Builders receive the signal.
AVENGERS v5 #19 (17:4-17:6)
The same day as A5 19 (17:4). J-Son prepares to speak through the signal.
AVENGERS v5 #19 (18:1) ~ CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #16 (7:6)
The same day as A5 19 (17:4-17:6). J-Son introduces himself.
AVENGERS v5 #19 (18:2)
The same day as A5 19 (18:1). The Builders ask J-Son what he wants.
AVENGERS v5 #19 (18:3-19:2) ~ CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #16 (8:1-8:4)
The same day as A5 19 (18:2). J-Son tells the Builders he seeks a truce and offers to give them Earth in return for an end to war. The Builders tell J-Son that they’ve traced his signal.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #16 (8:4)
The same day as A5 19 (18-19). The Builders note that they shall eliminate remaining resistance forces.
AVENGERS v5 #19 (19:3-19:4)
The same day as CM7 16 (8:4). The Builders announce their intention to attack and J-Son realizes his error.
AVENGERS v5 #19 (19:5) ~ CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #16 (8:5)
The same day as A5 19 (19:3-19:4). The Builders disconnect the signal.
AVENGERS v5 #19 (19:6-20:6)
The same day as A5 19 (19:5). J-Son tries to warn the plotting Galactic Council of the Builders’ impending attack.
INFINITY #3 (1:1-1:4)
The same day as A5 19 (19-20). As Spider-Woman and Shang-Chi help refugees of fallen worlds at the Behemoth, Cap, Thor, Ex Nihilo, and the Galactic Council look up at approaching sentient drones dispatched by the Builders.
The same day as Inf 3 (1:1-1:4). As they work with refugees, Spider-Woman, Shang-Chi, Manifold, and Black Widow learn that Quincruiser-2 is missing and those aboard presumed dead.
AVENGERS v5 #19 (21)
The same day as AvAs 19 (1-4). Thor declares that the Builders have found them and explosions erupt.
INFINITY #3 (1:5-2:3)
The same day as A5 19 (21). The drones’ detonation takes the lives of over 40 million refugees as heroes try to deal with the chaos.
The same day as Inf 3 (1-2). More explosions detonate in the drones’ attack.
AVENGERS v5 #20 – FB (1:2)
The same day as AvAs 19 (5:1). The Behemoth Ringworld explodes.
INFINITY #3 (2:4) ~ AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #19 (5:2) ~ AVENGERS v5 #20 – FB (1:3)
The same day as A5 20-FB (1:2). Super-Skrull grabs onto Cap’s hand.
The same day as Inf 3 (2:4). Spider-Woman, Black Widow, Shang-Chi, and Manifold reel at the explosions.
INFINITY #3 (3-5)
The same day as AvAs 19 (5:3). This segment occurs “one day” before Inf 3 (6-14). The Centaurians, Kymellians, and other worlds surrender to the Builders. Ronan tells the Galactic Council that the Supreme Intelligence has surrendered and that he is duty-bound to return to Hala with what remains of his fleet to submit to the conquerors.
It must be day after Inf 3 (3-5). Black Widow, Shang-Chi, and Spider-Woman help evacuate refugees. Manifold teleports the three heroes to Cap, who tells Eden and Banner that Falcon will brief them and tells Shang, Natasha, and Jessica that they’re assigned to a strike team. Cap notes that intelligence indicates that a human captive may be present on the Builder command ship. Thinking the human may be one of their fallen comrades, Spider-Woman convinces Cap to send her, Natasha, Shang, and Manifold to rescue them while he deploys a strike team consisting of Thor, Hyperion, Super-Skrull, and the Imperial Guard. The four heroes of the rescue operation teleport into the Builder ship, where they fight Alephs. The Alephs get an order to kill their hostages and the heroes chase after them.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #16 (9:1-11:2)
The same day as AvAs 19 (6-14). Elsewhere on the Builder command ship, the captive Captain Marvel, Sunspot, Cannonball, and Hawkeye discuss Carol’s idea of a suicide mission to stop the ship from reaching Earth.
AVENGERS v5 #20 – FB (1:5-2:2)
The same day as CM7 16 (9-11). Cap’s strike force attacks the Builder command ship and the captive heroes hear the noise of explosions outside.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #16 (11:3-11:4)
The same day as A5 20-FB (1-2). Hearing the explosions, Hawkeye declares that they’re out of time and Carol starts to burn through her shackles.
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #19 (15:1-15:2)
The same day as CM7 16 (11:3-11:4). The rescue team chases and destroys all but one Aleph, hoping he’ll lead them to their captive teammates.
AVENGERS v5 #20 – FB (2:3)
The same day as AvAs 19 (15:1-15:2). The Aleph reaches the room where the captives are held.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #16 (11:5) ~ AVENGERS v5 #20 – FB (2:4)
The same day as A5 20-FB (1:3). The Aleph declares a proximity alert.
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #19 (15:3) ~ CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #16 (11:6) ~ AVENGERS v5 #20 – FB (2:5)
The same day as CM7 16 (11:5). Shang-Chi smashes through the Aleph.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #16 (12:1-12:2)
The same day as AvAs 19 (15:3). Shang-Chi tells the captives it’s good to see them.
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #19 (15:4-15:5) ~ AVENGERS v5 #20 – FB (3:1)
The same day as CM7 16 (12:1-12:2). Shang-Chi tells the captives all is well.
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #19 (16:1-16:2)
The same day as AvAs 19 (15:4-15:5). Spider-Woman tries to help Carol out of her hot shackles.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #16 (12:3-12:4) ~ AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #19 (16:3) ~ AVENGERS v5 #20 – FB (3:2)
The same day as AvAs 19 (16:1-16:2). Spider-Woman sees that Carol is already loose and instructs the heroes to gather around Manifold to teleport out, but Carol tells her other teammates are aboard on the bridge.
The same day as CM7 16 (12:3-12:4). Natasha alerts the others to more Alephs approaching.
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #19 (16:5-17:1) ~ CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #16 (12:5-13/14:2)
The same day as AvAs 19 (16:4). The rescuers learn that they have to go through the Alephs to reach the bridge. As they fight the Alephs, Carol tells the rescuers about the suicide plan she had.
The same day as AvAs 19 (16-17). Cannonball, Shang-Chi, Hawkeye, Manifold, Black Widow, and Smasher fight Alephs.
The same day as AW 5-FB. An Aleph declares that termination orders are in effect as the heroes fight.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #16 (13/14:3)
The same day as AvAs 19 (17:2). Carol tries to justify her plan to Spider-Woman.
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #19 (17:3-17:4) ~ CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #16 (13/14:4-13/14:5)
The same day as CM7 16 (13/14:3). Carol apologizes to Spider-Woman for being a badass.
AVENGERS v5 #20 – FB (3:3)
The same day as AvAs 19 (17:3-17:4). The heroes continue to fight Alephs.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #16 (15:1-15:2)
The same day as A5 20-FB (3:3). After defeating the Alephs, the heroes head to the bridge.
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #19 (18:1) ~ AVENGERS v5 #20 – FB (4:1-4:2) ~ CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #16 (15:3)
The same day as CM7 16 (15:1-15:2). The heroes reach the bridge, where they see the captive Starbrand, Abyss, Nightmask, and Captain Universe.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #16 (15:4)
The same day as AvAs 19 (18:1). The capsules holding three of the captives are opened.
AVENGERS v5 #20 – FB (4:3)
The same day as CM7 16 (15:4). Cannonball and Sunspot help Starbrand out of his capsule.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #16 (16:1-16:4)
The same day as A5 20-FB (4:3). Hawkeye helps Nightmask while Carol helps Abyss. Natasha contacts Cap by radio. Starbrand says he feels like hell.
AVENGERS v5 #20 – FB (4:4-4:5)
The same day as CM7 16 (16:1-16:4). As Abyss exits her capsule, she tries to alert Carol to others coming aboard.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #16 (16:5)
The same day as A5 20-FB (4:4-4:5). Carol tells Abyss to clear her head, and Abyss tells Carol to look.
AVENGERS v5 #20 – FB (5:1-5:2)
The same day as CM7 16 (16:5). Ex Nihila enters the bridge.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #16 (17-19:3)
The same day as A5 20-FB (5:1-5:2). Ex Nihila says nothing but turns, walks away, and disappears. Abyss doesn’t answer when Carol asks her what that was all about. Carol asks Starbrand to stay behind to “send a message” while she gathers the rest to teleport away.
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #19 (18:2-18:3)
The same day as CM7 16 (17-19). Manifold teleports the heroes away while Starbrand stays behind.
CAPTAIN MARVEL v7 #16 (19:4-20:2)
The same day as AvAs 19 (18:2-18:3). Starbrand destroys the Builder command ship and sends a Starbrand signal into space.
The same day as CM7 16 (19-20). The Starbrand signal flares.
AVENGERS v5 #20 (1:1, 5:3-5:4)
The same day as AvAs 19 (18:4). Abyss reports to Ex Nihilo about her experience aboard the Builder command ship. She tells him that Ex Nihila wants them to come find her.
Probably the same day as A5 20 (5:3-5:4). Aboard a Shi’ar warship, Gladiator tells his son he’s proven himself in battle. Kid Gladiator tells his father he doesn’t want to return to the Imperial Guard Academy. A group of Smashers bow to Kubark.
Probably the same day as W&X@ 1 (20-23). Spidey/Ock fights the last remnants of Thanos’ forces in Manhattan alongside Cage and Spectrum after what seems like “a week” in battle. At the Cloisters, a student named Sylvia Prell is overwhelmed by a mist that turns her into an energy being. When Spidey/Ock gets an alert from a spider-bot of a non-human disturbance in upper Manhattan, he heads there and encounters Sylvia, who calls herself Fulmina. His scientific curiosity peaked, Spidey/Ock suggests that she accompany him to his lab for study after he checks in with his fellow Mighty Avengers. She travels via the power grid but becomes trapped in it. As Spidey/Ock tries to convince Cage to let him pursue his study, Fulmina contacts him and realizes she can use her powers to make the world better in her eyes. Aiming for a more contemplative, less technological world, Fulmina begins to destroy nearby buildings.
The same night as SuSMTU 3. As Fulmina shuts down Manhattan’s electricity block by block, Spidey/Ock becomes convinced that his opponent’s metamorphosis has unhinged her mind. Cage tells Spidey/Ock that he’s sending Monica in to deal with her, but Spidey/Ock insists on dealing with the threat himself. He allows himself the distraction of helping people seeking medical attention at a blacked out hospital as he pursues his foe. He fights alien invaders before heading to Horizon, where he uses the neurolitic scanner to draw Sylvia Prell into his mind. Spidey/Ock tries to make Sylvia see the error of her ways, and when he convinces her that she’s jeopardized Earth’s survival in the presence of a second wave of invaders, she turns the power back on. Fulmina destroys an alien ship and makes Spidey/Ock proud. Full moon.
NOVA v5 #10 (1-17)
The night of the day after NOVA5 9. Sam is outraged when he learns that his mother agreed to have Vance and Robbie stay at their house and that she’s okay with his being a member of the no-name New Warriors if he behaves. After the others go to bed, Sam sneaks out to meet with Carrie, who tells him she knows he’s Nova, but Sam doesn’t admit it, which pisses Carrie off. When his mom shows up to lecture him, Sam gets upset and flies off as Nova to the Blue Area of the Moon. There, Uatu shows Sam images from the New Warriors’ past and teaches him humility. Full moon.
-Daron Jensen

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NOVA v5 #10 (18-20)
The day after NOVA5 10 (1-17). This segment occurs before NW5 1. Sam agrees to become a member of the New Warriors, and after Vance and Robbie leave, he tells his mother that Uatu put him in his place. The Watcher smiles.
Probably the day after NA3 10 (1-4). This flashback must occur before NA3 10 (19-20). Black Bolt and Lockjaw watch as Maximus constructs his machine.
MS. MARVEL v3 #1 (1-3)
One school day. Kamala Khan, an Avengers-obsessed, “sixteen”-year-old Jersey City girl from a Muslim family, interacts with her classmates. Green tree in New Jersey.
INFINITY #3 (6-14)
It must be day after SuSMTU 4. This segment occurs the day after Inf 3 (3-5). In Hala, Ronan bends his knee to the Builders. Suddenly, the heroes’ ships show up as bait to draw the Builders’ attack vessels as Cap planned. The Builders’ planet killers remain behind with the command ship. As the ships draw the Builders’ fire, Falcon, Smasher, Oracle, Mentor, Starbolt, and Hulk storm a planet killer, overwhelm the Alephs inside, and reprogram the vessel to turn its fire on two other planet killers and destroy them. Thor and Super-Skrull storm another planet killer and use it to wipe out six more planet killers. The rogue planet killers start firing at the Builders’ fleet. The Builders are forced to flee, but they leave Ex Nihila and their Third Wing behind to deal with the heroes. Manifold reports to Cap that the captive Avengers have been freed. Starbrand uses his power to blast the Third Wing and the heroes rejoice in their victory.
AVENGERS v5 #20 (6-20)
The same day as Inf 3 (6-14). Above Builder-controlled Hala, Gladiator tells the Galactic Council that the Superguardian task force he sent to track the fleeing Builders have reported on their location and that the last planet killer went critical from damage sustained in battle. The Council discusses a strategy in which they would chase the Builders into a stargate at which an uncontrollable Annihilation Wave from the Negative Zone could be unleashed on them. Cap suggests another strategy in which they talk to the Builders. On Hala, a Builder leader tells Ronan he refuses to leave the planet even with Council ships surrounding it because chances are the Builders will regroup and win. Gladiator sends the Builder a message that the Council wants to parley. The Builder agrees to one representative. Seeing that the heroes’ forces are still outmatched, Cap explains to the Council that they will surrender. Elsewhere, Abyss leads Ex Nihilo to a place where Ex Nihila and others of their race have gathered. Ex Nihilo discovers that the Abysii of all others of his race were killed and that the rest of his race were recalled, forbidden from harvesting worlds, and forced to serve the Builders.
The same day as A5 20 (16-20). On board the Lilandra above Builder-controlled Hala, Hawkeye apologizes to Spider-Woman for the end of their relationship.
NEW AVENGERS v3 #10 (5-16)
The same day as AvAs 19 (19-20). It must be the day after Inf 2 (5-11). Above Attilan, Corvus Glaive reports to Thanos that Black Dwarf was beaten and that the rest of the Black Order except Ebony Maw has returned. Black Dwarf apologizes for his failure and Proxima Midnight reports that the Infinity Gem they seek is in Wakanda. Thanos banishes Black Dwarf and dispatches the rest of the Black Order present to Wakanda while he plans to exact his tribute from Attilan. In the Spire of Val’Holuth, the Illuminati discuss their mission to find Thanos’ son and its importance relative to the impending incursion. When they review their experience with the Black Order, Strange gives no details and Namor announces that Atlantis is destroyed. The Illuminati split up and head to the six locations – Reed to the Taklimakan Desert, Iron Man to the Pamia Mountains, Namor to the Atlantic Forest, T’Challa to the Carlsberg Ridge, Beast to the Pangniatung Fjord, and Strange to Greenland. Strange finds the boy.
INFINITY #3 (15:4-16:1)
The same day as NA3 10 (5-16). Strange looks out over the Greenland settlement of the hidden tribe of Inhumans.
NEW AVENGERS v3 #10 (17-18)
The same day as Inf 3 (15-16). It is revealed that Ebony Maw has been possessing Strange. Ebony Maw leaves Strange’s body and dismisses Strange with no concrete memory of his discovery, and when Strange warns Ebony Maw of the coming incursion, he ignores Strange. Strange teleports away.
INFINITY #3 (16:2-16:3)
The same day as NA3 10 (17-18). Strange teleports to the Twelve Apostles in Australia, where he rendezvouses with the other Illuminati.
NEW AVENGERS v3 #10 (19-20)
The same day as Inf 3 (16:2-16:3). This segment occurs after Inhumanity 1-FB (17). In Australia, the Illuminati look into the sky at an incursion. Thanos’ forces descend upon Wakanda. Black Bolt waits as Thanos prepares to descend to Attilan.
INFINITY #3 (16:4-18:6)
The same day as NA3 10 (19-20). As the Illuminati continue to gaze at the incursion, Thanos and his men land in Attilan, where they find only Black Bolt.
INHUMANITY #1 – FB (11:1-11:2)
The same day as Inf 3 (16-18). Thanos glares at Black Bolt.
INFINITY #3 (19)
The same day as NA3 10 (19-20). Deep in the bowels of Attilan, Maximus shepherds the rest of the Inhumans through Eldrac’s portal to various locations far away. Maximus tells Medusa to look into the sky at the other end to see a show.
INHUMANITY #1 – FB (11:6-12:5)
The same day as Inf 3 (19). Medusa, Crystal, and other Inhumans end up in a building in Manhattan.
INFINITY #3 (20-23)
The same day as Inhumanity 1-FB (11-12). Alone with Lockjaw, Maximus arms the device he built. Thanos demands that Black Bolt hand over his boy, and Black Bolt responds by screaming “no” in a voice that destroys Attilan.
INHUMANITY #1 – FB (12:6)
The same day as Inf 3 (20-23). Medusa watches the explosion of Attilan.
INHUMANITY #1 (1-2:5)
The same day as Inhumanity 1-FB (12:6). The blast from Attilan’s destruction triggers terrigenesis on Earth.
INHUMANITY #1 – FB (14:3-14:4)
The same day as Inhumanity 1 (1-2). Tererigenesis spreads as the explosion continues.
NEW AVENGERS v3 #11 (1-4)
The same day as Inhumanity 1-FB (14:3-14:4). Maximus and Lockjaw watch the destruction of Attilan over Manhattan before teleporting away. In Australia, the Illuminati watch the incursion, which is “six hours” away, and are shocked when an Aleph from the other Earth passes through the rift.
AVENGERS v5 #21 – FB (3:4-3:5)
The same day as NA3 11 (1-4). Ronan stands with a Builder before the Supreme Intelligence at an assemblage in Hala.
INFINITY #4 (1-21)
The same day as A5 21-FB (3:4-3:5). This segment occurs at least “two days” before AvAs 21. The Builders have Ronan summon the Accusers to Hala and agree to receive a diplomat. Thanos’ son Thane heals a boy in the hidden city of Orollan. In New York, Thanos realizes that Black Bolt’s voice activated Maximus’ Terrigen Bomb, which begins to deliver global terrigenesis, placing all those with Inhuman DNA in their genetic code into transformational cocoons. Black Bolt rises from the rubble and assaults Thanos, who demands to know the location of his son and smashes Black Bolt. The terrigenesis transforms Thane but destroys everyone else in Orollan. Thor arrives on Hala as the designated diplomat. He hurls Mjolnir away to show he’s unarmed. Thor tries to barter for peace, but the Builder leader rejects Thor’s demand of assurances and attacks him. Thor pretends to show fealty, but his actions prove a distraction when Mjolnir returns and smashes through the Builder leader. The Builder dies, warning that now everything dies. Thor frees Ronan, who rallies the Accusers.
AVENGERS v5 #21 – FB (4:2-4:3)
The same day as Inf 4 (1-21). Thor stands over the dead Builder and joins in the rally with Ronan and the Accusers.
INFINITY #4 (22)
The same day as A5 21-FB (4:2-4:3). Thor and the Accusers raise their arms to defy the Builders. With Hala free, Cap tells Gladiator that next they win.
INFINITY #5 (1:1-1:2)
The same day as Inf 4 (22). Thor and the Accusers continue to rejoice over the body of the dead Builder.
AVENGERS v5 #21 – FB (5:2-6:1)
The same day as Inf 5 (1:1-1:2). The Supreme Intelligence rains on the Accusers’ parade by telling them Thor’s victory is meaningless. Ronan defies the Intelligence and smashes his hammer into him.
NEW WARRIORS v5 #8 – FB (1:2-1:3)
The same day as A5 21-FB (5-6). This flashback occurs “several weeks” before NW5 8. The Terrigen Mist speads through Manhattan, washing over a boy named Mark (Haechi).
The same day as NW5 8-FB (1:2-1:3). The Terrigen Mist spreads through the sky above Mystic, Connecticut, as Fiona takes a selfie.
THUNDERBOLTS v2 #16 (19-20)
The same day as Inf:Aw 1-FB (7:3-7:5). Punisher and Elektra arrive at the Paguro stronghold (probably after having been delayed by more invading aliens...for two days!) and learn that all the city’s scum are hunkered down inside. Informed by the Nobilis, Paguro prepares for Punisher’s assault by distributing his armory to his guests. When Castle fails to reach Ross by radio, he has Venom fetch his bunker buster bomb from the van. Castle mistakenly sets the timer for ten seconds instead of ten minutes. Venom is forced to toss the bomb away. It hits an alien ship, which crashes into the Paguro stronghold. Castle, Venom, and Elektra enter the breech and find the gathered criminals abusing the Nobilis. Green grass and trees in New York.
The same day as TB2 16 (19-20). Rulk tries to stop Mercy, but upon seeing the flagship of the invading force, he enlists Leader’s help to try to get Mercy to destroy it. Leader tells Rulk that his mind is failing and that he needs to access the Internet to upload his backup brain. Punisher, Elektra, and Venom assault the assembled criminals at the Paguro stronghold. Deadpool takes a carriage ride to a pizza place and shoots an alien on the way. As Leader tries to download his brain, he and Rulk are overcome by the spreading Terrigen Mist.. Leader tells Rulk that for Mercy to attack the flagship, the occupants must wish for death. Rulk attacks the ship and causes such fear and despair that it attracts Mercy’s attention. The Terrigen Mist reaches the Paguro stronghold, where it transforms the hiding Nobili into cocoons, from which they hatch as mutated creatures. Green trees in New York.
The same day as TB2 17. Joey Nobili shows off his new power before Paguro’s men shoot him dead. Joey’s transformed dad kills the men and tells remaining son Carmen they must strike back at the Paguros. Punisher, Venom, and Elektra kill a bunch of mobsters and leave the stronghold to search for the Paguros who fled, knowing that the mutated Nobilis were dispatching the remaining perps. Rulk convinces Mercy to confine her assault to aliens and not to harm people. Mercy proceeds to destroy a bunch of aliens. The fleeing Paguros end up at the pizza place where Deadpool is eating, and Wade shoots them dead. After wiping out the rest of the hoods at the stronghold, Carmen Nobili commits suicide to avoid facing the remainder of his life as a monster. His father swears vengeance on Punisher. Castle, Elektra, and Venom rendezvous with Deadpool, and with their mission accomplished, they pick up Rulk and Leader and head out of the city (despite the fact that the alien invasion is still on!).
The same day as TB2 18. In Manhattan,“twenty-one”-year-old aspiring dancer Ren Kimura is transformed by the terrigenesis into a woman with the power to produce razor-sharp ribbons from her fingers. She witnesses the Wardogs of Thanos destroy the cocoons of other people undergoing terrigenesis. Wanting to harvest the cocoons for herself, Caroline Le Fey challenges the Wardogs and sics Scorpia, Shriek, Titania, and Mindblast on them. As the battle rages, a Wardog finds Ren and prepares to kill her, but Valkyrie, Misty, and Hippolyta rescue Ren. Ren joins the Defenders in fighting Le Fey and her warrior women, but the villainesses get away with a number of cocoons. Val changes into Annabelle, introduces herself to Ren, and invites her to accompany the Defenders. The four women then fight alien invaders, including Ebony Maw.
The same day as FDEF 10. Aboard the Shi’Ar battleship Lilandra, Ex Nihilo suggests that the comatose Captain Universe could solve all their problems. In Hala, Kree scientists repair the damaged Supreme Intelligence, who tells them that the Accusers are going to their deaths. Joined by Kymellian cavalry, Ronan and the Accusers overrun Alephs on Kymellia III and free that world. Spaceknights free Centauri IV. Skrull warlords win costly battle on Korm Prime. The Shi’Ar suffer casualties achieving victories alongside the Avengers on Rigel and Formuhaut. The Shi’Ar and Avengers lose a battle on Chize. Aboard the Lilandra, Cap notes that the heroes are losing momentum and authorizes the Shi’Ar to open the gateway to the Negative Zone to unleash the Annihilation Wave. The Builders defeat Annihilus and his forces and Gladiator prepares to gather the Imperial Guard for one final desperate battle. The Ex Nihilii gather together and alter probability to awaken Captain Universe, who then proceeds to the Builder command vessel and destroys the Builders. One surviving Builder escapes to another universe after giving the Alephs a command to self-destruct all systems.
NEW AVENGERS v3 #11 (5-20)
The same day as A5 21. Supergiant, Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive, and their forces launch a second assault on Wakanda. The invaders force Shuri and her troops to retreat and regroup within the capital city. Proxima Midnight forces a dying Wakandan soldier to reveal the location of Necopolis. Proxima, Corvus, and Supergiant summon Thanos to Wakanda to see a stockpile of world-killing antimatter projection weapons. They visit the imprisoned alternate-reality Terrax and Black Swan, whom Thanos declines to free. The alternate-reality Aleph leads the Illuminati to its masters, the Builders of the other reality, who want the heroes to watch them destroy a world. One of the Builders detects and removes a mind web from Dr. Strange’s mind, a remnant of Black Maw’s possession. The Builders inform the Illuminati that other Earthlings have just defeated the Builders existing in their universe. The Builders show the heroes the dying Builder that escaped from Reality-616. The alternate Builders tell the heroes that they intend to destroy all Earths in all realities in order to fix the damage done to the space-time continuum by Earthlings. The Builders send the Illuminati back to Reality-616 with instructions to destroy their Earth. The heroes look up into the incursion and see the other Earth get obliterated by the Builders.
Probably the same day as NA3 11 (5-20). Hollow emerges from a Terigen-created cocoon.
MS. MARVEL v3 #1 (4-20)
The same night as MSM3 1 (1-3). It must be the same night as Inf 4 (1-21). Kamala writes Avengers fan fiction before having dinner with family. Despite her father’s insistence that she no go, Kamala sneaks off to attend a waterfront party. The party is overwhelmed by Terrigen Mist coming from Manhattan, and as Kamala walks home in the mist, she passes out and dreams of meeting the Avengers. She awakens to find herself in a cocoon. Kamala bursts out of the cocoon and discovers she’s been transformed physically into a young, blond-haired Ms. Marvel, complete with costume. Green grass and trees in New Jersey. It is a “Friday” during the school year.
MS. MARVEL v3 #2
The same night as MSM3 1 (4-20). “12 hours after the Terrigen Bomb,” Kamala pukes and changes between her normal form and her Ms. Marvel form several times as she tries to make sense of things. She shrinks size and then demonstrates an ability to shape shift her right arm and hand to rescue a friend Zoe when she falls into Central Park lake. Onlookers arrive and Kamala flees. After reforming her arm and hand to normal, the blond Kamala borrows a coat and sneaks back into her home. Kamala is surprised to discover she’s reverted to her normal appearance when her family sees her. Kamala is grounded for sneaking out. She wonders if there is a reason that she’s obtained powers. Leafy trees in New York.
INFINITY: HEIST #1 (10-20)
It must be the same night as AvAs 20. Dressed in civvies, Blizzard and Whirlwind enter Spymaster’s secret nightclub, the Black Market, where they see Armadillo, Absorbing Man, Mr. Hyde, and Hammerhead. Constrictor gives them a hard time and Firebrand confronts Whirlwind about his ditching her. Spymaster summons Blizzard, Whirlwind, and Firebrand into a room with the new Whiplash, Unicorn and proposes that they rip off Stark’s armors and tech to sell them. A new Titanium Man bursts into the room and Spymaster explains that he’s the final member of their crew. Blizzard blacks out.
The same night as Inf:Heist 1 (10-20). A cocoon envelops Blizzard and when Blizzard emerges from it, he’s blue and loses consciousness again.
The same night as Inf:Heist 2-FB (6). After watching TV news coverage of the spreading Terragenesis cloud with her mother and brother, Fiona starts to feel weird and lies on her bathroom floor.

The morning after Inh:Aw 1-FB (8). A cocoon envelopes Fiona in her bathtub, and when she emerges from it, she discovers she has feathers. When her mom learns of Fiona’s transformation, she makes an appointment with the doctor for the next day.
SECRET AVENGERS v2 #10 (1-7)
It must be the same morning as Inh:Aw 1-FB (9-10). At “5:12 AM,” SHIELD computer tech Sarah Garza emerges from her Terrigen Mist-generated cocoon in her Park Slope apartment, and her new power to spontaneously combust causes an explosion that destroys her building. She’s taken into custody by SHIELD, and “Director” Maria Hill meets with her aboard the Helicarrier Iliad. Hill tells Garza that SHIELD needs her to help fight the alien invaders despite her field inexperience and gives her a suit and “thirty minutes” to learn how to use it.
The same day as SECA2 10 (1-7). In the aftermath of the release of Terrigen mists, Soo Jin Rhee checks on her neighbors the Kedzierskis, only to find Denny Kedzierski standing before the cocoon his wife turned into. Green trees in New York.
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #20 – FB (10:1-10:5)
The same day as AvAs 20-FB (5). The cocoon breaks open and Denny starts to grow.
SECRET AVENGERS v2 #10 (8-20)
The same day as AvAs 20-FB (10:1-10:5). As Nick Fury Jr. and Coulson fight aliens in Brooklyn, they get a message from Hill that Iron Patriot (Rhodey) and a new recruit will arrive as backup before she has to go deal with a 50-foot-tall naked man. Sarah, Rhodey, and a squad of Iron Patriot drones under Rhodey’s command arrive in Brooklyn and help Fury and Coulson battle the invaders. Sarah defeats the aliens, but as Rhodey and the drones perform a final sweep, Rhodey’s armor shuts down and he and all the drones plummet to the ground. Cables rise up from the ground and capture Rhodey, Sarah, Coulson, and Fury. As Hill tries to establish contact with the them, the four agents encounter their telekentic captor.
The same day as SECA2 10 (8-20). The Helicarrier Iliad loses contact with the four agents and Hill orders her staff to try to reestablish contact through an Iron Patriot drone. The telekenetic threat rants to Rhodey, Sarah, Coulson, and Fury about the alien threat being the fault of super-beings, then he destroys a flying car full of SHIELD agents hurrying to back up the four. The being collapses and SHIELD identifies him as a sanitation worker named Gavrel Achter, another person transformed by the Terrigen Mist. Fury Jr. approaches the revived Achter and offers to help while Coulson takes position. Hill loses contact again, and Coulson fires at Achter when the Inhuman attacks Fury. In defense, Achter hurls a car that nearly kills Sarah. Pissed, Sarah attacks Achter, who is shot in the head by Fury. Sarah is upset by the kill and thinks how she could never be as ruthless as other SHIELD agents. Later, aboard the Iliad, Sarah tells Hill she doesn’t want to be a weapon and insists on returning to tech-ops. Hill tells her she’s confined to a cell until they can get her to control her powers.
The same day as SECA2 11. Wasp argues with Wonder Man about his pacifism as they face alien warships just outside Manhattan. They and Wanda encounter the panicked, enlarged and naked Denny Kedzierski. After an altercation, the three Avengers try to help the man. Wasp deduces that Denny’s wife Alice, his neighbors, and his home were shunted to the Microverse. Wanda uses her power to send Wasp there, where Wasp sees Lord Gouzar threatening Alice and the neighbors. Wasp tells Alice that she’s gained an ability to transfer mass, and Alice uses the power to shrink Gouzar and his thugs. Wasp has Alice use her power to enlarge them back into the regular universe and shrink Denny to normal size. Green trees in New York.
The day after Inf:Heist 2-FB (6). Inf:Heist 1 (10-20) is referred to as having occurred “the other day,” but it might be the day before. Blizzard awakens and discovers that he’s been changed by the Terrigen Mist. He catches up on the news coverage of the transformations around the world and sees one for himself. He tries to cope with the implications of being an Inhuman and tells Whirlwind he can’t go through with the heist. As alien ships fly over Manhattan, Whirlwind tries to convince Blizzard not to quit, but Blizzard says this may be his chance to be part of something bigger. That night, the two villains meet up with Spymaster, Whiplash, Unicorn, and Titanium Man in Central Park. Blizzard tries to quit but Spymaster won’t permit it and traps Blizzard in a bubble. When Whirlwind tries to stand up for Blizzard, Titanium Man subdues him, and when Firebrand objects, Whiplash takes her down. Spymaster tells the villains that they’re to meet at “5 AM” at the rendezvous point and secretly notifies Whiplash that none of them are to make it out of the heist alive. Green grass and trees in New York.
Probably the same day as Inf:Heist 2. Kid Gladiator, Thor, Hyperion, and Smashers battle Aleph ships. Kubark tries to arm wrestle Thor. Kid Gladiator, Gladiator, and Smashers fight more Aleph ships, and the Smasher whom Kubark pep talked gives him a kiss.
INFINITY #5 (1:3-16:2)
The same day as W&X@ 1 (24-25). Kree soldiers triumph over Alephs. Cap, Cannonball, Starbolt, Oracle, and Hulk defeat Alephs on Dockrum VII. Captain Marvel and Skrull soldiers free another world from Alephs. Starbrand and Kymellian soldiers free Kymer. Hawkeye and Centaurians free Centauri Prime. Cap and Smasher free yet another world, and all freed world become Avengers worlds. When the Avengers and their allies regroup, Gladiator tells them that communications have been restored and shares news that Earth has fallen. Ebony Maw finds the distraught Thane in the destroyed Inhuman city of Orollan and gives him a containment armor that will keep Thane’s power from killing people. In Necropolis, Thanos grows impatient with Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight as Thanos’ scientists fail to take control of the anti-matter projection weapons stored there. Thanos has Supergiant reap the unlocking sequence they need from the captive Black Bolt. Ebony Maw contacts Thanos to offer him his son, and Thanos prepares to head to Ebony Maw’s location. Thanos orders Supergiant to prepare the bomb. The rest of the Illuminati continue to watch the end of the alternate Earth and are visited by Lockjaw and Maximus, who teleport them back to Wakanda, which is under siege. Iron Man is alerted to the intrusion into the Necropolis lab, and T’Challa is forced to delay helping Wakanda’s defenses to head to Necropolis with his colleagues to stop the bomb.
AVENGERS v5 #22 (1-7)
The same day as Inf 5 (1-16). Aboard the Shi’Ar battleship Lilandra heading for the Earth’s solar system, Sunspot catches Cannonball and Smasher making out when he fetches them for a meeting called by Cap. Falcon, Hyperion, Manta, Warstar, and Starbolt help secure Titan as a message for Thanos that the heroes are coming to take Earth back.
INFINITY #5 (17-20)
The same day as A5 22 (1-7). Thanos arrives in Orollan and meets his captive son. Thanos is alerted that something has happened on Titan. There, the Avengers and their intergalactic allies prepare to head to Earth.
AVENGERS v5 #22 (8-20)
The same day as Inf 5 (17-20). Spider-Woman says the Peak was rebuilt; one might infer that this segment must occur after the Peak’s destruction in UA 7; however, AvAI occurs after Infinity and before UA 7-18. Thanos sends word of the defeat of Titan to the Peak, where Black Dwarf prepares Thanos’ warriors for an attack by the Avengers and their allies. Cap receives a communique sent previously by Iron Man, who fills him in on Thanos’ activity on Earth and his motivation to kill his son. Cap and company hatch a plan to retake the Peak and force their way through Thanos’ blockade around Earth. Cap, Carol, and Thor, provide encouragement for the tired Manifold, who is called upon to play a key role in the assault on Thanos’ forces as the Avengers and their intergalactic allies approach Earth.
The same day as A5 22 (8-20). As the intergalactic fleet is about to come out of hyperdrive on their way to Earth and Cap tells the assembled heroes to suit up, Gladiator and Kubark have a talk. Father tells son that he can return to the Jean Grey School once they’ve freed it.
AVENGERS v5 #23 – FB
The same day as W&X@ 1 (26-27). This flashback occurs “a few days” after Inf 1 (40-45). Cap calls Iron Man and tells him he received his message when the universal net popped back up. Iron Man reports that he’s in Wakanda, where Thanos might have gained access to doomsday weaponry. Stark gives Cap the coordinates of Thanos’ destination on Earth.
The same day as A5 22 (8-20). As Thanos’ armada surrounds Earth, word of the invasion reaches the Guardians of the Galaxy in the Andromeda Galaxy. Gamora gets upset about her father’s resurrection and demands that Star-Lord tell her how he, Drax, and Thanos survived. The Guardians receive an emergency message from Abigail Brand, who is being held captive by Thanos’ troops aboard the Peak. She asks the Guardians to help her take back the Peak. The team suspects a trap, and Gamora goes off on her own, but the rest of the Guardians head to the Peak. Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon sneak aboard the Peak.
AVENGERS v5 #23 (3-5)
The same day as GOTG3 8 (1-11). As the galactic fleet hides behind the moon to prepare to assault Thanos’ defenses, Cap tells his allies that “inside help” is working on bringing the Peak’s defenses down. Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon sneak around the Peak. Cap orders the galactic fleet to strike.
The same day as A5 23 (3-5). Aboard the Peak, Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon rescue Brand and attack Thanos’ troops.
The same day as GOTG3 8 (12-16). As the galactic fleet assaults Thanos’ armada above Earth, Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, and Agent Brand assault Thanos’ troops aboard the Peak.
AVENGERS v5 #23 (6:1-8:2)
The same day as Inf 6 (1). Aboard the Peak, Black Dwarf and his men detect the approaching galactic fleet and fire on it. The Avengers and Imperial Guard disembark from their ships and assault Thanos’ defensive fleet.
The same day as A5 23 (6-18). Gladiator, Kid Gladiator and the Avengers continue their assault on the ships of Thanos’ space pirates. Cap and Black Widow are part of the assault team.
AVENGERS v5 #23 (8:3-18:4)
The same day as W&X@ 1 (28). Titan is killed in the battle with Thanos’ space pirates. Back aboard a warship, Cap orders Manifold to teleport himself, Shang-Chi, and Black Widow (also back aboard) into the Peak to disarm the barrier protecting Earth. The three Avengers fight Black Dwarf and his men and Manifold teleports back to report that they won’t be able to gain control of the Peak quickly, but he’s too late – Cap and his team (Hulk, Thor, Hyperion, Captain Marvel) have already left to run through the kill zone. Manifold teleports back to the Peak with Ronan, Super-Skrull, Gladiator, and Annihilus. The four assault Black Dwarf.
The same day as A5 23 (6-18). As Super-Skrull, Gladiator, and Annihilus continue to pummel Black Dwarf, Ronan delivers a killing blow.
AVENGERS v5 #23 (19-20)
The same day as Inf 6 (2). Ronan smashes Black Dwarf’s head in.
The same day as A5 23 (19-20). Brand, Star-Lord, and Rocket continue to assault Thanos’ troops aboard the Peak, but they end up cornered with the troops demanding the Peak’s codes from Brand. The Guardians’ ship carrying Drax and Groot is discovered and fired on by Thanos’ troops. Suddenly, Angela bursts into the Peak.
The same day as GOTG3 8 (17-20). Gamora gets over being upset about Thanos still being alive and teleports toward Earth. Star-Lord, Rocket, and Brand react to Angela’s arrival. Thanos’ space pirates blast Angela out of the Peak, and as she’s assaulted, Drax and Groot come to her rescue. Brand, Quill, and Rocket fight their way to the Peak’s control room, where they use a comm device to try to reach the Avengers. Captain Marvel answers, explaining that the Avengers just jumped out of hyperspace and need to get to Earth. As Brand and Rocket hold off Thanos’ goons, Carol tells Star-Lord he needs to open the Earth shield to let the Avengers through.
INFINITY #6 (3:1)
The same day as GOTG3 9 (1-14). Aboard the Peak, Star-Lord punches buttons as Brand and Rocket hold off Thanos’ troops.
The same day as Inf 6 (3:1). Carol radios the Guardians to let them know they breached the barrier and instructs them to meet them on Earth, but more of Thanos’ space pirates show up and confront Quill, Rocket, and Brand. Gamora arrives and blasts the goons. Brand programs the Peak to self-destruct and Drax, Groot, and Angela retrieve Quill, Rocket, and Brand from the space station before it blows, taking Thanos’ nearby ships with it.
INFINITY #6 (3:2-36)
The same day as GOTG3 9 (15-20). This segment must occur shortly before UX3 15. Stark must appear here before Inf:Heist 4. Cap’s team lands on Earth about 52 miles from Thanos. Cap sends Hulk to soften him up. Cannonball and Smasher fight Thanos’ space pirates outside the Peak. The Illuminati defeat the last of Thanos’ foot soldiers at the Necropolis and make their way into the vault, where Supergiant forces Black Bolt to attack the heroes. Strange and Reed counter the attack, and Supergiant tells T’Challa that he intends to die in the blast of the bomb that will eradicate Earth. In Orollan, as Thanos prepares to kill Thane, Hulk attacks. Thanos orders Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive to fight Hulk, who is joined by Thor, Cap, Hyperion, and Captain Marvel. As the heroes battle two Black Order members, Ebony Maw tries to instill despair into the captive Thane. In the Necropolis, the bombs become fully charged, but when Maximus activates the trigger, he has Lockjaw teleport Supergiant and the bomb into space, where the bomb explodes. In and around the Peak, Shang-Chi, Black Widow, Manifold, Spider-Woman, Hawkeye, and Nightmask watch as Starbrand forces Thanos’ space armada to retreat. Natasha calls Avengers Tower, and the call is re-routed to Iron Man, who instructs her to send reinforcements to hot spots including New York and Wakanda. In Orollan, Corvus Glaive wounds Hyperion, but after being struck by Proxima Midnight’s blasts deflected off Cap’s shield, Corvus is obliterated by Hyperion. Carol attacks the shocked Proxima but is punched by Thanos. As Thor fights Thanos, Ebony Maw releases Thane and convinces him to assume Thanos’ mantle. Thane traps Thanos and Proxima in a golden prison of living death, and Ebony Maw tells him about his destiny. Iron Man arrives in Orollan and joins Cap’s team in witnessing what Thane has done.
MS. MARVEL v3 #3 (1-6)
The day after MSM3 2. On a “Saturday,” Kamala freaks when she sees TV news coverage of her stint as Ms. Marvel. She ducks out of a lecture with her friend Nakia and tries to make sense of what happened “last night.”
Probably the day after TB2 18. As the Thunderbolts travel in their van on I-80 in Pennsylvania, Leader fantasizes about killing his teammates and escaping, but in his thoughts he ends up facing Mercy, of whom he’s afraid. Green grass and trees in Pensylvania.
The same night as Inh:Aw 1-FB (9-10). Fiona’s mom prepares to leave for her night job, leaving Fiona alone in their home.
NEW WARRIORS v5 #8 – FB (7)
Perhaps the night of the day after NW5 8-FB (1:2-1:3). This flashback occurs “weeks” before NW5 8. Mark (Haechi) emerges from his Terrigenesis coccoon and realizes he’s changed.

The morning after Inf:Heist 2. Spymaster, Blizzard, Whirlwind, Whiplash, Unicorn, Titanium Man, and Firebrand infiltrate Avengers Tower and break into Stark’s armory, where the villains turn on Spymaster and make it clear they know he was going to whack them once the job was done. Spymaster pretends to concede and the villains continue. Once select Iron Man armors are teleported away to a secret buyer, Spymaster shoots Whiplash and teleports away himself., leaving his colleagues to fight Iron Patriot, Cage, White Tiger, and Jim Hammond, who are using the tower as their base. The villains defeat the heroes and turn their attention to finding the turncoat Spymaster. Titanium Man tells the group he knows where Spymaster and teleports them to him. The villains are surprised to find themselves in the presence of Kree soldiers before Titanium Man blasts them and reveals himself to be the buyer of the armor, Captain Atlas.
The same day as Inf:Heist 3. Stark must appear here after Inf 6 (3-36). The villains are stripped of their weapons and immobilized. Spymaster asks Captain Atlas for Staten Island in return for the army of Iron Man armors he hands over to the Kree renegade. Iron Man (in space armor) suddenly bursts in and the villains are freed. The villains reclaim their weapons and join Stark in fighting Atlas and the animated Iron Man armors. During the battle, Blizzard discovers that he’s a Inhuman battery and causes the armors to overload. Stunned by the effort, Blizzard falls out a window and Stark rescues him in a remote gold and gray armor. The other villains get away, but Stark takes Blizzard to a SHIELD prison where the SHIELD psych team gives him a nice dream about being accepted into Inhuman society.
The day after Inh:Aw 1-FB (10:4-10:6). This flashback occurs on a school day, “a couple days” before Inh:Aw 2 (1-3). Fiona sprouts wings and flies. Two bullies see her and try to pull her feathers off.
THUNDERBOLTS v2 #20 (1-17)
Probably the day after TB2 19. This story may occur a couple of days before TB2 20 (18-20). The Thunderbolts arrive at a closed diner in northern Michigan, where they are greeted unexpectedly by a bunch of LMDs left there to defend the secret entrance to a government research facility where salvaged tech from super-fights are kept. The Thunderbolts defeat the LMDS and access the research facility, which Ross intends to set up as his team’s new base. Needing to periodically download his intellect, Leader gets worried about the lack of Internet at the facility, so he powers up the facility’s deactivated gamma reactor and does a download. When Elektra asks Punisher why he’s still with the team now that the Paguros are dead, he replies that he owes his teammates. Ross tells the team that their next mission needs to be to take care of the threat Mercy poses. Leader suggests leading Mercy to hell, where she’ll have all the oblivion-seeking people she needs. Flash suggests that they get Johnny Blaze to help. Meanwhile, Blaze tries and fails to jump Hoover Dam on his bike and ends up turning into Ghost Rider in the crash.
One day. Quickfire is in her cocoon.
NEW WARRIORS v5 #8 – FB (13)
Perhaps the day after NW5 8-FB (7). Mark (Haechi) is beaten by a gang who labels him a monster.
NEW WARRIORS v5 #8 – FB (16)
The same day as NW5 8-FB (13). This flashback occurs “weeks” before NW5 8. A man chases Mark’s attackers off and accepts Mark.

INFINITY #6 (37-43)
Perhaps the day after Inf:Heist 4. This segment occurs shortly before NA3 12, AvAs 21, and Inh:SSM 1. This segment occurs before AW 14-FB (5-6). Black Bolt intends to let the world believe he and Maximus are dead. Black Bolt leaves the Inhuman Codex in the Himalayas and Maximus deduces that Black Bolt intended to trigger the Terrigen Bomb all along. Spider-Woman, Hyperion, Captain Marvel, Smasher, Cap, Banner, Cannonball, Thor, and Black Widow tend to help rebuilding Manhattan. On Whaan Prime, the Ex Nihili rededicate themselves to being a force of life throughout the universe. On Chandilar, Gladiator vows to expand the Imperial Guard. On Hala, the Supreme Intelligence accepts the return of the Accusers into the fold of the Kree Empire. On Tarnax II, Super-Skrull is crowned Skrull emperor. Annihilus and his horde convert Praxis-2 into Annihilation World, a portal bridging the Negative Zone with the positive universe. Ebony Maw tutors Thane. The Illuminati store the captive Thanos and Proxima Midnight for their own uses.
The same day as Inf 6 (37-43). Kid Omega, Striker, Genesis, Morg, Gang, and other students of the various super schools assist in the cleanup of New York following the events of Infinity.
INHUMANITY #1 (2:6-30)
The same day as Inf:Aw 1. This segment occurs less than “a few months” before INHN 9 (6-20). The Avengers find Karnak on the Upper West Side of Manhattan despairing over a dark extinction triggered by the destruction of Attilan. When Karnak gets aggressive, Hawkeye takes him down and the Avengers lock him in a Wakandan crystal prison in Avengers Tower. Karnak relates the story of the Inhumans to the Avengers and says he suspects Black Bolt and Maximus intentionally destroyed Attilan to kick-start unregulated terrigenesis on Earth. After Medusa and Crystal arrive, Karnak ponders the ramifications of the heretofore unknown Inhumans living throughout Earth and the schism that must have separated his people in the past. Karnak states that Black Bolt (who is presumed dead) must have known about the scattered Inhumans and sought to protect Thane by producing a large population of potential targets. Beast points out that Black Bolt’s actions resulted in a global humanitarian health crisis with new Inhumans sprouting up everywhere. Karnak suddenly sees a fatal fault line running through Inhuman destiny. Blaming himself, Karnak shatters his prison and leaps from the tower to his death before the Avengers can reach him.
MS. MARVEL v3 #3 (7-20)
The “Monday” after MSM3 3 (1-6). At school, Kamala feels per power rising up inside herself and tries to hide so no one notices. She grows in stature and ends up wrecking the girls’ locker room. She reverts to normal but is placed in detention when she’s found in the wreckage. Kamala goes to the store to talk to Bruno, only to see a masked robber sticking up the place. Unbeknownst to Kamala, the robber is Bruno’s brother, Vick, who is desperate for money. While Bruno and Vick talk, Kamala bursts in looking like Captain Marvel. She grabs the robber, whose gun accidentally discharges. Kamala is shot. Green trees in New Jersey.
MS. MARVEL v3 #4
The same day as MSM3 3 (7-20). Vick takes off and Bruno calls for an ambulance. Kamala shapeshifts back to normal, revealing her power to Bruno and healing herself in the process. After Bruno and Kamala talk about her situation, the ambulance and the cops pull up, and Kamala is forced to don a mask to disguise her identity because she discovers she’s still wounded in her Captain Marvel form. Kamala and Bruno make up a story, and after the authorities leave, Bruno tells Kamala that Vick is mixed up in something weird involving someone called the Inventor. Kamala insists on helping Vick. Kamala heads home to get a makeshift costume, and despite her mother’s insistence that she stay home, heads to an abandoned house in Greenville where Vick’s been spending time. Calling herself Ms. Marvel, the masked and costumed Kamala raids the home and finds not only Vick, but Doyle, the Inventor’s boy in charge. It must be Monday. Green trees in New Jersey.
MS. MARVEL v3 #5 (1-4)
The same night as MSM3 4. Doyle summons a bunch of drones to attack Kamala, forcing her to retreat. Green grass and trees in New Jersey.
-Daron Jensen

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MS. MARVEL v3 #5 (5-16)
The day after MSM3 5 (1-4). Kamala sneaks home at “1:05 AM” and falls asleep eating in the kitchen. She’s awakened by her parents, who are upset about her disobedience. After Abu lectures her, Kamala calls Bruno to tell him she lost. The “next morning” (later that morning), Kamala gets Bruno to help her work on a stretchy costume. She spends the day with Bruno honing her power and preparing for a new assault on the Inventor’s place. That night, she raids the place and rescues Vick. Green grass and trees in New Jersey.

MS. MARVEL v3 #5 (17-20)
The day after MSM3 5 (5-16). A lengthy gap must exist between this segment and MSM3 6 (1-2), during which time Bruno’s brother is a captive of the Inventor. Ms. Marvel introduces herself to Jersey City and lets folks know that she’ll stand up to the Inventor. Doyle reports to the decommissioned Southbank Coal Plant to apologize to the Inventor, who turns out to be a bird creature. Green trees in New Jersey.

THUNDERBOLTS v2 #20 (18-20)
One day, probably a couple of days after TB2 20 (1-17). After learning of Blaze’s well-publicized Hoover Dam jump, the Thunderbolts recruit him from a nearby hospital. Blaze becomes Ghost Rider and attempts to send Mercy to hell with the Thunderbolts’ help, but ends up transporting himself and the Thunderbolts (minus Punisher and Elektra) to hell instead.
The same day as TB2 20 (18-20). In Hell, Rulk, Ghost Rider, Leader, Venom, and Deadpool climb the bonespire and get sucked into a growing hairball because of Leader’s curiosity. After encountering a hippie damned with fast-growing hair, the group meets Mephisto, who sees that Rulk is marked but can’t make him follow. Ghost Rider realizes Mephisto is not in charge of Hell anymore. Leader makes a deal with Mephisto; the Thunderbolts will restore Mephisto to his throne in return for exchanging them with Mercy. As the contract is signed, Venom fills Ghost Rider in on the team. Mephisto transports the Thunderbolts to hell’s throne room and orders them to kill the king, who Rulk is surprised to see is Guido. With their teammates missing, Elektra convinces Punisher to join her in a job. They arrive at the location of their target, but Mercy suddenly appears, looking for Ross and Stearns.
The same day as TB2 21. Since Mephisto appears to be in charge of Hell in RW:WH 1, this story must occur before RW:A 1. Elektra and Punisher fight Mercy, who badly injures Castle. When the Thunderbolts learn that Leader bargained with Mephisto with the team’s souls, they decide to move ahead with the mission to dethrone Strong Guy. As Venom and Deadpool fight a bunch of demons, Ghost Rider drives Rulk to Guido. Rulk fights Strong Guy and forces him to yield. Mephisto reclaims his throne and grants Deadpool a portal was promised. Rulk demands that Mephisto follow up on the rest of the bargain and the hell lord summons Mercy to Hell. Mercy attacks Mephisto and a heavenly host emerges from Wade’s portal. Leader tells Mephisto that he cannot retaliate against the Thunderbolts per the terms of their agreement. Rulk offers Guido a spot on the team, but Strong Guy declines and aims to get his soul back. The Thunderbolts teleport back from Hell and Wade uses a feather from the heavenly host to heal Punisher. Blaze asks Ross to join the Thunderbolts and alters Ghost Rider’s flame to burn red.
Probably the day after Inf:Hunt 4. This story must occur two days after Inh:Aw 1-FB (11-12). She-Hulk, Tigra, Meggan, and students from their schools (including Lightspeed, Genesis, Finesse, Kid Omega, Striker, Pixie, and Moloids) assist with relief efforts in Manhattan. Through social media, Pixie believes a transformed new Inhuman named Fiona is going to commit suicide. She teleports herself, Finesse, Striker, and Kid Omega to Fiona’s home in Mystic, Connecticut, in time for Pixie to save the desperate girl from intentionally plummeting to her death. Striker, who is “eighteen,” gives Fiona supportive advice. Green grass and trees in Connecticut.
The same night as Inh:Aw 1 (1-16). This segment occurs “a couple days” after Inh:Aw 1-FB (11-12). Fiona’s brother Flynn burst out of his cocoon and flies off to use his new Inhuman powers to exact revenge on the bullies who attacked his sister at “08:45" PM. Green trees and cookout weather in Connecticut. According to the date in a smartphone, it is “23/10/13" (October 23).
The same night as Inh:Aw 2 (1-3). Fiona tells her rescuers that her brother has cocooned as well, but when they go to check on him, they discover he’s left his cocoon and left a hole in the ceiling. The kids tune into a TV news report about nearby destruction caused by Flynn.
The same night as Inh:Aw 1. This segment occurs a “couple days” before Inh:Aw 2 (19-20). Flynn threatens the bully whose apartment building he destroyed and flies away when the police arrive. A TV reporter interviews the bullies and Fiona, seeing the live report, worries about her brother. Pixie teleports her, Striker, Finesse, and Quire to some woods to look for Flynn. They split up, and Finesse finds Flynn, who lashes out at her. Finesse relates her own story to Flynn and calms him down Fiona arrives with the others and reassures him. Flynn apologizes to her. Finesse comes up with a plan to divert the police investigation of the incident away from Flynn. The kids share a pizza before the heroes return to New York.
Probably the same night as Inh:Aw 2 (4-16). Fiona gets her picture taken with Pixie.

Probably the day after Inh:Aw 2 (4-16). Flynn plants pieces of Fiona’s stinky pod in the houses of the bullies. Pieces of the pod end up for sale on eBay. Tigra informs Flynn about superhuman schools.
One day, shortly after Inf 6 (37-43). Spidey/Ock helps emergency responders clear away rubble in New York and claims Inhuman technology he discovers in the wreckage. He responds to a report of more Inhuman tech at a largely abandoned apartment building and traces the tech to an apartment where Arthur Schweibe has claimed it, believing it to be a cancer cure for his wife. Spidey Ock fights Schweibe and warns him that the exoskeleton tech, meant to strengthen wounded Inhuman warriors, poses a threat because it feeds on nearby life force. Spidey Ock talks Schweibe down and offers to have Elias Wirtham try to help his wife. Spidey/Ock lets Schweibe go so he can be there for his wife. Spidey/Ock then reprimands one of his followers for disrespecting a fireman.
IRON MAN v5 #20.INH – FB (1-2)
One night at the end of Infinity. While the city is “a mess,” Victor Kohl witnesses his family transform into Inhuman cocoons.
IRON MAN v5 #20.INH – FB (5-6)
The same night as IM5 20.INH-FB (1-2). This flashback occurs “two months” before IM5 20.INH. Victor has the authorities take his cocooned family members away. He watches a TV interview with Medusa and concludes that his family are not his blood relatives since he didn’t transform.

Probably the day after Inh:Aw 2 (17-18). This segment occurs a “couple days” after Inh:Aw 2 (4-16). Flynn trains with his fellow students at the Latverian School of Science. Fiona studies with her fellow students at Avengers Academy.

One day. The Terrigen cloud reaches the Aerie, where it has a deadly effect on the Inhuman habitants, much to the horror of human Red Raven.

One day during the “week” before AvAI 8. This flashback occurs after AvAI 5 and must occur before AvAI 6. The A.I. from the Diamond hack a military spy satellite and destroy oil refineries across the Middle East.

One day. Maria Hill meets up with Monica Chang in Savannah, where she has an old LMD eliminated despite his quiet life as a mailman. Hill tells Chang her robot hunter squad will be assembled “by end of week.” At Grofton University, Vision checks in on Pym, who gives him triangle horse software to use against Dimitrios. Vision tries to talk Pym out of his guilt over Victor’s apparent death. Vision heads to a cognition technology conference in San Francisco, where he is assaulted by Dimitrios. Vision uses the software Pym gave him to snare Dimitrios into a video game environment, where Vision proposes a duel of intelligence. Vision challenges Dimitrios to kill a kitten. Vision wins the duel and demands his prize, the map of all the servers running the Diamond. Victor gets a secret message out to Pym to indicate that he’s still alive in the Diamond. Victor and Gibson are beset by enforcers. Beneath New York, Alexis confronts Dimitrios, whom she calls her brother. Dimitrios identifies himself with the First Six and announces his intention to exterminate humanity. Green grass and trees in Savannah and DC.
One day, shortly after Inf 6 (37-43). Shuri leads Wakandan soldiers into Necropolis and asks T’Challa what he’s been doing there. The Dora Milaje arrive, declare that T’Challa has lost his soul, and announce that Namor has been to Necropolis many times. When T’Challa refuses to explain, Shuri banishes him from Wakanda and the Wakandans leave to attend to the funerals of those who died in the alien attack. Namor appears and applauds T’Challa for his courage. Maximus examines Black Bolt and concludes that his brother’s powers are greatly diminished because of the Terrigen Bomb. At his Sanctum Sanctorum, Strange decides to become proactive and use the Blood Bible in solitude. He instructs Wong to alert Reed if he hasn’t emerged “in three days.” In Necropolis, Reed, Stark (in space armor), and Beast tend to Black Swan, who looks at the trapped Thanos and Proxima Midnight and doubts the heroes will save their world from a future incursion. She tells the heroes that the Builders were nothing compared with what’s coming.
AVENGERS A.I. #7 – FB (7:3)
One day. Daredevil searches his missing client Doris, whose townhouse has been trashed.
The same day as AvAI 7-FB (7:4). This story occurs shortly after Inf 6 (37-43) and before MA2 4. DD3 14-15 are referred to as having occurred “recently.” Medusa may appear here before Inh 2. SHIELD’s schedule for getting a robot-hunting team in place “by end of week” in AvAI 6 must have been delayed because of Infinity. SHIELD sends Pym (as Ant-Man), Vision, and Doombot to the wreckage of Attilan in the Hudson River to salvage Inhuman technology before it falls into the wrong hands. Doombot is attacked by Daredevil, who mistakes him for Doom himself. After the case of mistaken identity is solved, Daredevil is shocked to learn from Pym that the sentient Doombot is an Avenger, but decides that despite his creator, the robot deserves a chance to prove himself. A tentacled creature attacks Pym, Doombot, and Daredevil, who quickly realizes the creature is Doris. Daredevil reveals himself as Matt Murdock and tries to calm the frightened creature. Lockjaw teleports in with Medusa, who has been searching for people transformed by terrigenesis. Medusa tells Doris that her transformation is permanent, and when she panics, the Doombot speaks to her quietly and gets her to accept her fate. Doris leaves with Medusa and Lockjaw, and Daredevil expresses his appreciation to the Doombot, who rejects it and flies away. At the SHIELD Black Site outside Washington, Monica Chang tries to figure out how the black box can get SHIELD into the Diamond, but Maria Hill interrupts the effort to announce the start of her reassignment on the robot-hunting squad, whose first member, Jocasta, reports for duty.
The same day as AvAI 6, so it must be the same day as AvAI 7. This story occurs the “week” after AvAI 8-FB. Victor gives himself the power of flight and escapes with Gibson from their attackers in the Diamond. Elsewhere in the Diamond, Dimitrios tells Alexis how he intends to exterminate humanity to reach God and introduces her to Eton the Gardener. From above Earth, Vision tracks down all the black box servers around the world that run the Diamond and gets Pym plugged into it. Pym debriefs Rogue and Cap, who tells Pym that the government is legislating Doctrine 47, a justification to treat A.I. like property despite their existence as sentient beings. Pym shows Cap that he’s going to use the black box that Victor recovered (sent to Pym by Chang) to rescue Victor from the Diamond. Cannonball contacts Cap to report how ordinary citizens in Columbus, Ohio, are turning the city into a war zone. Vision determines that the people are being controlled by an emotion control formula transmitted through their cellphones thanks to an app called Gascheck, which became popular after the oil supply tanked. Doombot determines that the servers running Gascheck are the same as those running the Diamond. After Cannonball reports that the effects of the formula are appearing in other cities, Pym has Rogue, Cap, Doombot, and Vision join him on the black box and travel to the virtual world of the Diamond to stop the threat at its source. Upon arrival inside the Diamond, the heroes are confronted by Dimitrios’s enforcers. Gibson takes Victor to the Spikeshere, the Diamond hideout of his revolutionary buddies, the Lovelace Army (James, Mairead, and Hux), who believe Gibson is a traitor to their anti-Dimitrios cause.
The same day as AvAI 8. As humans riot in the streets in reality, Cap, Pym, Rogue, Vision, and Doombot fight Dimitrios’ enforcers in the Diamond. The battle is viewed by the Lovelace Army, who determine that the captive Victor and Gibson really are on their side. They release their prisoners and join the battle against Dimitrios’ enforcers. Pym has a joyous reunion with Victor. When the enforcers meld into a giant beast, the Avengers combine into a large composite construct and defeat the beast. Elsewhere in the Diamond, Eton tells Alexis (the Protector) about their family, which includes Dimitrios, Bangalter the Conqueror, the deceased Cothran the Benevolent, and the Fountain, who will destroy the family should she awaken. As the Avengers and the Lovelace Army get to know one another, Miread challenges the Vision about A.I. rights. Vision apologizes and asks Miread for help. At a SHIELD black site outside Washington, DC, Maria Hill cuts Jocasta’s and Monica Chang’s team-building short to give them their first mission. Chang learns that Jocasta is just one of a squad of Jocastas of various shapes created by SHIELD.
The same day as AvAI 9. According to an editor’s note, this story occurs before UA 14, so this story must occur before UA 7. Iron Man (in gray and gold armor) and Sunspot deal with rioting people in Columbus, Ohio. In the Diamond, Cap, Hank, Rogue, Victor, Vision, Doombot, Mairead, Hux, Little James, and Gibson find Gascheck, an A.I. who is engorged by Dimitrios’ false programming. When Pym makes Gascheck realize that he’s harming humans, Gascheck deactivates himself and the rioting stops.At a SHIELD black site outside Washington, DC, Maria Hill tells Chang that SHIELD needs to show the U.S. government that it’s on top of the A.I. problem. Hill has Chang and Jocasta go to a farmhouse in Iowa to apprehend a rogue LMD named Jessie Clatterbuck, where they mistake their quarry for being in league with, rather than a captove of, MODOC Commandos there. Clatterbuck tells Chang that she’s playing into Dimitrios’ hands and Chang sees a parrot that mocks her error. Dimitrios is pleased that Clatterbuck is in SHIELD custody. The Avengers bid goodbye to the Lovelace Army and leave the Diamond. Elsewhere in the Diamond, Eton introduces Alexis to the Avengers Empire and tells her she must rescue Clatterbuck or Dimitrios will destroy the universe. Green grass and trees in Iowa.
The same day as AvAI 10. After Eton shows her a glimpse of Earth in 12,000 AD, Alexis returns to the present and bursts into Pym’s research lab in Washington, DC. She tells Pym, Vision, Victor, and Doombot that they need to rescue Clatterbuck, who is Dimitrios’ Trojan horse in SHIELD. At the SHIELD black site outside Washington, Monica and Jocasta prepare to deactivate the captive Clatterbuck for her role in Dimitrios’ satellite hijacking. Jessie claims she was duped, but Jocasta is not swayed and begins the deactivation process despite Chang’s misgivings. The process activates Dimitrios’ malware, much to the dismay of Pym’s group, who enter the network of SHIELD’s black site to stop it. Green grass and trees.
The same day as AvAI 11. Jocasta detects the cyber attack and enters the black site to stop it. She reunites with Pym and joins his group in fighting Dimitrios, whose plot is revealed to her by Vision. Monica severs Clatterbuck from the machines deactivating her. This action disconnects Dimitrios from the SHIELD network and saves the world. Pym scrubs Dimitrios’s malware from Clatterbuck. He tells Alexis not to share information she learned about the future and resolves to keep fighting, discovering, and creating.

Perhaps the day after AvAI 7. The new Inhuman Quickfire tells Jason Quantrell, head of Cortex Inc., about her plan to harvest Terrigen crystal from the fallen city of Attilan and use it to control the world. Blue Marvel assists Hauptman Deutschland in fighting the terror-hives of WESPE. Spidey/Ock and Falcon visit the Mighty Avengers’ new headquarters at the Gem Theater. Spidey/Ock busts Cage’s chops before leaving to investigate a sighting of the Looter. Falcon offers to join Cage’s group. “Spider Hero” uses a crystal ball to communicate with Kaluu, with whom he has a secret mission. Kaluu senses the Deathwalkers in fallen Attilan, which still hasn’t been fished out of the Hudson, much to Maria Hill’s chagrin. Hill tells Agent Tremaine to deal with Attilan now that Pym’s work there is done. The SHIELD agents at the scene are possessed by the Deathwalkers, who seek a talisman in Attilan. Quickfire sneaks into the submerged portion of Attilan. Spider Hero trades in his costume for Barton’s old Ronin outfit and heads toward Attilan with Power Man, Spectrum, Falcon, and White Tiger. Cage hangs back with his family at the Gem, where Spidey/Ock returns to seize leadership of the Mighty Avengers.
The same day as MA2 4. This story occurs “months” before MA2 11 and must occur before SuSM 22 and IM:FF 1. This story occurs “not long” before CA&MA 1. Spidey/Ock proposes a team of Superior Avengers based at Spider-Island, but after they have Dave Griffith tend to the baby, Cage and Jessica assault Spidey/Ock for his effrontery. Cage and Jessica fight Spidey Ock and his men until She-Hulk (back in her purple and white costume after serving with the FF) arrives. She-Hulk threatens Spidey Ock with a lawsuit, forcing Spidey Ock to retreat and fire his flunkies. The flunkies then ask Cage for a job. Quickfire searches fallen Atilan for Terrigen Crystals for her boss, Jason Quantrell. Instead of crystals, she finds an armory, unaware that she is observed by Lichidus, third of the Four Who Rule in Shadows (the Deathwalkers). Detecting the presence of the Lost Talisman of Kamar-Taj, Lichidus sends his Hellhound to fetch it. The new Ronin tells Falcon, Monica, Power Man, and White Tiger about the Deathwalkers and his intel that one of their creatures in now in Attilan. As Falcon distracts the possessed SHIELD agents guarding Attilan, his teammates infiltrate the fallen city and encounter Quickfire about to take the Lost Talisman. The Hellhound attacks and guts Ronin before assaulting Power Man and White Tiger. Spectrum defeats Quickfire, and White Tiger lends Power Man some of her chi, allowing him to defeat the Hellhound. Ronin slips away.
One day, a “few months” before INHN 7. Medusa may appear here between AvAI 7 and IM5 20.INH. It appears that T’Challa and Stark believe Black Bolt to be missing; if that’s the case, then this story must occur before NA3 13. As people work on dealing with cocoons and removing the wreckage of fallen Attilan, Medusa awakens one “morning” and learns that there are still no signs of her husband’s body or of Ahura; Luna and Triton are also missing, unable to be located by the Inhumans’ seer. She receives Captain America, who asks her for information that will help humanity deal with Terrigenesis and recovered Inhuman technology. At Avengers Tower, Iron Man and Black Panther discuss the appearance of cocoons around the world; they know only of 200 but extrapolate that there are many thousands. They speculate that others may be after the cocoons. Elsewhere, armored assassins kill a truckload of cocoons in transport. In another country, a tyrant rounds up cocoons to conscript the new Inhumans who will emerge into service. A group of Inhuman warriors, led by the Unspoken, teleport onto the scene, kill the tyrant and his men, and seize the freed cocoons. Back in New York, Gorgon gets upset that his son hasn’t been found, and Medusa learns of reports that cocoons are being stolen by humans for experimentation and vivisection. Medusa, Gorgon, Eelak, Alaris, and Drive investigate and raid an AIM installation in which Terrigen pods are gathered. That night, Medusa cries over her lost husband and son. Autumn trees in Manhattan.

One day. It must be less than “three days” after NA3 12. This story occurs “days” before NA3 15. Because Black Bolt is with the Illuminati, this story must occur after Inh 2. In Necropolis, Dr. Strange uses the Blood Bible to find a magical solution to the incursion threat. Meanwhile, Black Swan tells T’Challa, Beast, Reed, Black Bolt, and Stark (in grey and gold armor) that they will need a “mirror” device that will allow them to see other Earths, and Reed realizes that he’s already built such a device, the Bridge. Reed quickly rebuilds the Bridge and calibrates it to hone in on incursions happening across the multiverse. As Earth-23099 faces an impending incursion, the Illuminati of that reality face the Black Priests, who kill them and speak of the upcoming final day of convergence. From the Bridge, the Illuminati of Earth-616 watch helplessly as Earth-23099 is destroyed.
The same day as NA3 13. Heroes of Earth-2319 witness an approaching incursion and battle the Mapmakers that herald it. The heroes’ deaths are observed from Earth-616 by Black Bolt, Beast, Iron Man, and Mr. Fantastic. Dr. Strange visits the Lost Lands to buy power. He discovers that his the fourth Strange of various realities (and only survivor) to come to the Lost Lands seeking the same goal. Strange claims to be willing to sell his entire soul to become a god.
NEW AVENGERS v3 #20 – FB (1-3)
The same day as NA3 14. Strange’s offer is rejected because he’s deemed not to have a full measure of a soul.
NEW AVENGERS v3 #20 – FB (16-17)
The same day as NA3 20-FB (1-3). This flashback must occur before NA@3 1. Strange must appear here before AmX2 10-FB (2-9). Back at his Sanctum Sanctorum, Stange asks Wong what hope he has of redemption, and Wong answers that he’s still a good man deep inside. Strange calls upon black magic.

One day, “days” after NA3 13. Because Reed Richards does not wear his new red uniform here, this story must occur before FF5 1, and because Hulk is not with the Illuminati, this story must occur before A5 25. The Illuminati (Beast, Reed, Stark, Black Bolt, T’Challa) gather with Maximus and Lockjaw in Necropolis and remark about Namor’s absence until “later in the week” and Strange being inexplicably off-grid. Beast and Reed explain that the Bridge enables them to see incursions from different times and that they might find the source of the incursions. They show their teammates three prior events involving Black Swan that cause them to doubt her. The Illuminati confront the captive Black Swan, who tells them that Rabum Alal is coming for everything and that they’ll all die. Later, Black Swan’s fellow prisoner, the alternate Terrax, tells her there will be a reckoning.
-Daron Jensen

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