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Post by Siabod » Sat Feb 03, 2018 1:45 am

I have some issues about placement of UA #23

Steve is old, which happens in Cap America #21. Zola's invasion of New York happens in #22
In UA #23 Red Skull talks about this invasion, and is yet to happen


In UA #23, Havok comes out of his pod. Wasp talks about this as if it's his first time out since the Kang saga. However, he is already out and about in All New X factor, Quicksilver is reporting to him

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Post by Sataniel » Sat Feb 17, 2018 7:20 am

Well that period is one big continuity mess, but I think some things can still be rearranged to make more sense.

But first on not really related note:
NO5 20 belongs with the rest of the Original Sin tie-in and not here, it should be NO5 21

First the matter of Havok. I would push All New X-Factor #5-13 earlier. Not only it would make more sense for the series itself (there shouldn't be such a long break between starting team and announcing its existence), but would also resolve Havok problem. #14 also seems to suggest that Pietro's spying is a thing that happened significantly in the past.

I think that Death of Wolverine should be pushed in the latest possible spot. His departure in UA #23 wasn't written as flashback, there is the whole "we need to be quick" aspect of Logan's Legacy, and matter of Deadpool's friends.

Of course there is also a matter of X-23 that Wolverine7320 mentioned (I haven't read Bendis-Men, so I don't know details) which may force Logan Legacy to happen after AXIS. That would force us to ignore Sabretooth's behaviour but would allow for some leeway with them not recovering his body. It would also make Deadpool's chronology make more sense.

I would also suggest to put more space between Nova's and Hawkeye vs Deadpool's Hallowen and AXIS Thanksgiving. The current closeness seems to be due to Nova's ending, but as it is split anyway there really is no reason to keep them so close.

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