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Spider-Man chronology ASM 420 through XM 24

Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2015 10:39 pm
by lettsmonster
Hello again!

The current Spider-Man chronology is this:

ASM 420
S-M 76
XM 24

After reading these issues, I have two concerns.

One: ASM 420 and XM 24 basically count as a two part crossover. ASM 420 occurs on Christmas Eve, with Peter Parker inviting Nate Grey to his home for a holiday dinner. XM 24 occurs on Christmas Day, with Nate Grey returning to Peter's house for aid against an infliction caused by Morbius the night before, as Nate was leaving to head home. I don't think these four other issues can be placed between ASM 420 and XM 24.

Two: For some time, the relationship between Flash Thompson and Betty Brant Leeds had been quite strained. In S-M 76, on page 9, we see Betty continue to give Flash the cold shoulder. I feel this issue should come before SM:HL 2 because on page 15 of SM:HL 2, Betty apologizes to Flash for her behavior as they all seek to discover the mystery of Ned Leeds and the Hobgoblin.


Re: Spider-Man chronology ASM 420 through XM 24

Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2015 6:10 am
by Paul Bourcier
I'd move ASM 420 down to just before XM 24 and after S-M 76. In S-M 76, Peter and M.J. are making plans for what must be ESU's second semester, I would think before the fall semester has finished.

I can't say much about the placement of SM:HL relative to these issues. As far as temporal references go, we see snow in S-M 76, and in SM:HL we see coats and the "wind is brisk." With all else being equal, I can see the Betty-Flash situation pushing SM:HL after S-M 76.