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This is mostly Paul B., with a few tweaks and additions by yours truly. Thanks, Paul B.!

One day. Since Wanda is drinking beer here, this segment must occur after ANXF 14. Since Sam Wilson appears as Cap in A&X:A 1, this segment must occur after CA7 25 (14-25). Alex is out in public with his scarred face and tells himself he has to get used to the reactions to his appearance; apparently the image inducer he must have used in other comics didn’t work out for some reason. While getting groceries, Alex is assaulted by Dancing Water. At Avengers Mansion, Logan has beer with Wanda and Rogue as they discuss the unity their team must now have. Logan mentions that the team is to gather “tomorrow morning” to go after the Red Skull. Logan comforts the sad Rogue before taking off in a jet. The S-Men attack the mansion and capture Rogue and Wanda. While unconscious, Rogue sees Charles Xavier in her mind, the result of a small portion of Xavier’s consciousness that still resides in Red Skull’s transplanted brain reaching out to her. Xavier tells Rogue that she’s the Skull’s captive in a Genoshan prison camp and that she must get Wanda away from the Skull. Wonder Man’s consciousness appears and tells her he’s the secret weapon the Skull doesn’t know about. With Simon’s help, Rogue breaks free of her chains and disables the inhibitor collar that the Skull put on her. She frees Wanda and Alex.
MAGNETO v2 #10 (1:1-18:3)
The same day as UA 24 (1-14). Red Skull taunts the captive Magneto in a cell in the Skull’s Genoshan prison camp. He dredges Erik’s mind and conjures up a representation of Erik’s childhood tormentor, a Nazi named Hitzig. The Skull leaves Mzee and Hitzig to torture Magneto physically and mentally. Magneto has twisted visions of his past that seek to break his spirit.
The same day as MAG2 10 (1-18). As Rogue, Wanda, and Alex sneak around the prison camp, they overhear M’Zee torturing the captive Magneto.
MAGNETO v2 #10 (18:4-19:4)
The same day as UA 24 (15/16). Mzee seeks revenge on Magneto for slaughtering his family and prepares to pierce his eye, but he’s zapped.
The same day as MAG2 10 (18-19). Wanda subdues Mzee.
MAGNETO v2 #10 (19:5-20:1)
The same day as UA 24 (17). Mzee lies on the floor, and Magneto realizes who his rescuers are.
UNCANNY AVENGERS #24 (18:1-18:3)
The same day as MAG2 10 (19-20). Wanda tells Magneto not to call her daughter, and as Rogue frees Magneto, Havok tells him they didn’t come there to rescue him.
MAGNETO v2 #10 (20:2-20:3)
The same day as UA 24 (18:1-18:3). Magneto explains that he came to Genosha to kill the Skull. Wanda notes that Magneto must be hidden since he’s too weak to fight.
The same day as MAG2 10 (20:2-20:3). Rogue and Wanda try to help Magneto out, but he states that he will not leave.
MAGNETO v2 #10 (20:4-20:5)
The same day as UA 24 (18:4). Magneto insists on fighting and takes a dose of MGH.
UNCANNY AVENGERS #24 (18:5-20)
The same day as MAG2 10 (20:4-20:5). The three Avengers plan to escape and return with reinforcements, but Magneto refuses to run. The Red Skull and the S-Men find the heroes.
The same day as UA 24 (18-20). Red Skull mocks Magneto and tries to force Erik to bow to him by threatening Wanda and using Xavier’s power to force his will. Magneto uses Ahab’s spear to lash out at the Skull, who loses control of Wanda, Alex, and Rogue. The three Avengers and Magneto fight Ahab and the S-Men and discover the mutants that the Skull is exploiting. The enraged Magneto uses his power to destroy the S-Men, much to Wanda’s horror. Magneto turns his fury on the fallen Skull and savagely beats the Nazi as the Skull mocks him. Erik smashes the Skull’s head in with bricks, and the Avengers are disgusted by his murderous action. But the heroes soon learn that Magneto didn’t kill the Skull but rather unwittingly unleashed a new Red Skull version of Onslaught.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #1 (1-16)
The same day as UA 25. Iron Man must appear here after TB2 32 (1-7). A squad of Avengers – Vision, Iron Man, the new Cap (Wilson), Sunfire, Wasp, and Thor (who wields an axe instead of a hammer, does not wear his armored costume, and still has his left arm) – fight Plantman and his overgrown carnivorous vegetation in Los Angeles. During the battle, a mysterious telepathic influence sets the heroes against one another until Iron Man, who has a telepathic inhibitor, disrupts the telepathic broadcast. Rogers contacts the team from Avengers Mansion and reports that the telepathy is affecting the whole world. Suspecting the source of the broadcast, Rogers recalls the team. In Genosha, Havok, Scarlet Witch, and Rogue fight Red Onslaught, and Magneto finds and frees the captive Cyclops, Kid Omega, and Genesis. Angered by Magneto’s slaying the Skull and his brother’s slaying of Xavier, Havok attacks Cyclops. Genesis tries to talk some sense into the brothers, but gets skewered by Ahab.
The same day as A&X:A 1 (1-16). Dr. Strange shows Wong the insanity going on outside the Sanctum Sanctorum and attributes the hatred to “some dark force magnifying the negativity that festers in human souls.” Although he is affected by the hate wave as well, Strange tries to find a pure soul so he can devise a spell to cast out the hateful thoughts. Irate throngs thwart his attempts, and Strange finally gives up before he thinks to use Wong as his power source, but Strange fails and realizes that Wong, too, was affected by the hate broadcast and poisoned his tea. Strange throws up.
DEADPOOL v3 #35 (19-20)
Deadpool arrives at the Jean Grey School, where Beast asks for his liver.
DEADPOOL v3 #36 (1-9)
Deadpool donates his liver to the Faux-Men, but the X-Men (Beast, Storm & several others) are called away to deal with a crisis on Genosha.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #1 (17-32)
The same day as A:R 1/2. At Avengers Mansion, Rogers tells the Avengers that he’s sent Spidey and a team to stop rioting in Manhattan while international heroes are fighting the madness around the world. Wasp tells Iron Man about her concern for Havok, who’s been missing “for days.” She tells him about the daughter she and Alex lost in the future. In Genosha, Red Onslaught takes control of Wanda. Rogue attacks Onslaught and, absorbing the being’s psyche, encounters Charles Xavier deep within. After Xavier encourages her, Rogue grabs Wanda from Onslaught. Ahab hurls his spear at Alex, but Scott intercepts it and is stabbed by it. Rogue encourages Wanda to fight. Vision, Thor (with Jarnbjorn), Iron Man, Hawkeye, and the new Cap arrive on the scene, as do Storm, Colossus, and Nightcrawler, who get the Summers brothers to team up. Reinforcements of more Avengers and X-Men arrive. Stark stops Onslaught’s telepathy, but Onslaught pulls Stark’s Civil War files from his mind and uses the knowledge to create two adamantium Stark Sentinels to kill the assembled heroes.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #2 (1-6/7:3)
The same day as A&X:A 1 (17-32). As Stark’s Sentinels stop Storm, Hulk, and Thor, the new Cap tries to get Iron Man to focus on defeating the robots. The Sentinels stop Sam and force Iron Man from the sky. Strange saves Stark, and they join Magneto, Wanda, and Rogue and concoct a plan to beat Red Onslaught. Iron Man convinces Magneto to take orders from him in fighting the Sentinels and takes off for the battle.
MAGNETO v2 #11 (1:1-4:1)
The same day as A&X:A 2 (1-6/7). Wasp and Havok join Rogue, Wanda, and Magneto and watch as Iron Man, Medusa, and Strange take on Onslaught and the Sentinels. Havok tells Magneto that since the Sentinels are hero-killers, Magneto, as a villain, stands a chance in holding them off. Magneto rises to the sky and attacks a Sentinel.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #2 (6/7:4-11:2)
The same day as MAG2 11 (1-4). As the Sentinels stop She-Hulk and Sunfire, Iron Man explains to Magneto that his powers work on the Sentinels because he’s a villain. Rogue slams through Red Onslaught’s head, using Wonder Man’s ionic power to stun him. Rogue encounters Nova, who acts contrary to Stark’s plan and gets smacked by a Sentinel. As Strange and Wanda prepare for an attack, a Sentinel spots them, distracting Magneto.
MAGNETO v2 #11 (4:2)
The same day as A&X:A 2 (6/7-11). Iron Man tells Magneto to look out.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #2 (11:3) ~ MAGNETO v2 #11 (4:3)
The same day as MAG2 11 (4:2). A Sentinel zaps Magneto.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #2 (11:4-12:5)
The same day as A&X:A 2 (11:3). Magneto falls into a building. A Sentinel prepares to step on Iron Man, whose armor’s integrity is diminishing.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #2 (13:1) ~ MAGNETO v2 #11 (4:4)
The same day as A&X:A 2 (11-12). Iron Man calls out for help to Magneto.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #2 (13:2)
The same day as A&X:A 2 (13:1). Magneto brushes the rubble from his shoulder.
MAGNETO v2 #11 (5:1-6:3)
The same day as A&X:A 2 (13:2). Magneto watches Red Onslaught fight Havok, Strange, Wanda, Rogue, and the new Cap and blames himself for the horror of Onslaught reborn.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #2 (13:3) ~ MAGNETO v2 #11 (6:4)
The same day as MAG2 11 (5-6). Magneto flees the scene and Iron Man calls him a son of a bitch.
MAGNETO v2 #11 (6:5)
The same day as A&X:A 2 (13:3). Rogue pleads after Magneto not to abandon them.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #2 (13:4-14:2)
The same day as MAG2 11 (6:5). As the Sentinel’s foot presses down on Iron Man, Nightcrawler appears by his side and teleports him away. Stark loses consciousness.
The same day as A&X:A 2 (13-14). As Spider-Man tries to protect hate-filled New Yorkers from harming one another, he teaches empathy and restraint to a boy, despite an assault by J. Jonah Jameson. Green trees in Manhattan.
MAGNETO v2 #11 (7-16)
The same day as A:R 1. Back at his base, Magneto contemplates his legacy of vengeance and the actions he took that may doom mutantkind. Raleigh shows Erik clips of his past misdeeds but also his successes in defending mutant lives. Raleigh claims that the mutant race is better off because of Magneto, and this gives Erik the will to strike against the Red Skull. Magneto heads to Madripoor to enlist the aid of Sabretooth and Mystique. Erik recruits Absorbing Man in a bar in San Francisco, Carnage at Carrington Cottage Psychiatric Hospital, and Hobgoblin in New York City, where it is night.
ALL-NEW X-FACTOR #15 (1:1-1:3)
It must be the same night as MAG2 11 (7-16). Red Onslaught’s wave of hatred engulf Washington, and the president is evacuated with a briefcase containing a launcher for nuclear missiles aimed at Russia.
The same night as ANXF 15 (1:1-1:3). In the blink of an eye, Quicksilver trips the military officer carrying the briefcase, replaces it with an identical briefcase full of Conan comics, and speeds off unseen.
ALL-NEW X-FACTOR #15 (1:4-3:5)
The same night as ANXF 15-FB. The tripped officer attributes his stumble to a gust of wind and boards Air Force One with the president. “Exactly ten minutes later,” the president prepares to launch the nuclear missiles, only to discover the Conan comics. The officer is arrested. Full moon.
ALL-NEW X-FACTOR #15 (6-20)
The same night as ANXF 15-FB (1-3). Pietro races across town with the “football” and reports to Polaris, who extinguishes the fire burning the Lincoln Memorial with water from the reflecting pool. Gambit’s energy burns the chip that Warlock implanted in him to resist the Red Skull’s influence and Remy succumbs to the hatred. Polaris alerts Warlock, who is fighting soldiers at the Pentagon with Danger. Cypher, Georgia, and Luna fight rioters and are confronted by armed police. Quicksilver clobbers the police and orders Doug to take luna back to Serval. Georgia says she wants a uniform. The insane Remy fights Polaris until Warlock arrivers and implants another chip into him. X-Factor returns to Serval, where a force field blocks Red Skull’s hate transmission. The “football” is secured, but it sends a tracking signal that summons Sentinels. Green trees in Washington, DC. Full moon.
The same night as ANXF 15 (16-20). X-Factor identifies their assailants as Mark VIII Sentinels with human operators and maintain the force field around Serval Industries to prevent them from getting the “football.” One Sentinel goes to Harrison Snow’s home and abducts Linda to use as a hostage to get X-Factor to drop the force field. Inside Serval HQ, Lorna slaps Pietro and orders him off the team for acting as Havok’s spy. As Pietro tries to make his case to stay with X-Factor, the Sentinels outside threaten to kill Linda. Harrison refuses to cooperate with the Sentinels, so Gambit takes it upon himself to save Linda. Quicksilver, Polaris, Gambit, Danger, and Warlock appear outside the force field and confront the Sentinels as Cypher subdues Snow’s men inside and takes control of the computer controlling the force field. Pietro snatches Linda from the Sentinels and deposits her with Luna and Georgia. The Sentinels subdue Warlock, which angers Danger. Danger destroys the Sentinel armors and prepares to slay one of the ONE operatives inside, but Lorna stops her. Suddenly, the min-controlled Longshot and Sunfire (AoA costume) appear on the scene, on a mission to retrieve the “football.” Green trees.
The same night as ANXF 16. This story is referred to as having occurred “the other day” in ANXF 18, but enough time must pass for Axis to play out, given that Pietro is away from the team for that period. X-Factor battles Longshot and Sunfire. As he fights Longshot, Pietro is mysteriously lifted into the air and vanishes from sight. As Luna frets over her father’s fate, Longshot and Sunfire evade X-Factor and head toward Serval HQ, where Cypher and Georgia (now calling herself “DK,” as in decay) try to stop them. After Georgia causes Longshot’s hand to wither, he insists on getting back at her. Doug distracts Shiro and Longshot from harming Georgia by taunting them with the “football.” He leads the two to Serval’s teleporter room and transports them to Tokyo. As his teammates wonder where he is, Quicksilver touches down in front of his summoner, Magneto, who tells him Wanda has gone insane again.

It must be the morning after ANXF 15 (6-20). This story occurs after FF@2 1 and MSM3 12 (10-20) and refers to OS 5.5 as having occurred “recently.” After seeing the hell Loki made of the future, Dr. Doom, assisted by Valeria Richards, attempts to prevent the nightmare future by teleporting young Loki to his castle. Doom defeats Loki in a magical duel and traps him in a bubble of frozen time. Unbeknownst to Doom, Verity Willis was transported to Latveria with Loki and is invisible, thanks to an amulet he gave her. Affected by Onslaught’s psychic assault on the world, Latveria’s citizens turn on each other, letting old grievances turn to violence.
The same morning as L:AOA 6. In Asgardia, Loki and Freya discuss Old Loki and his promise of a golden future. In Latveria, the invisible Verity watches Doom instruct his Doombots to install Loki’s prison in his art room. When Doom leaves, Valeria tells Verity that she can sense her presence and they discuss Loki. Doom is alerted to the rioting in his realm and responds. He falls victim to Onslaught’s psychic assault, but fights it and recognizes its source as the Red Skull. Doom activates a spell that protects him from Onslaught’s influence and ponders how to rescue his kingdom from the madness. Verity convinces Valeria to let Loki go so he can deal with the telepathic attack. Verity takes Gram from Loki and says the sword of truth can counter the hate waves being broadcast by the Red Skull. With Valeria’s help, Loki uses Gram to dispel the psychic influence on Latveria. Doom thanks Verity and prepares to deal with Loki, but Magneto arrives on the scene and calls for Doom and Loki to join him in a war on the Red Skull.
MAGNETO v2 #11 (17)
The same morning as L:AOA 7. Doom agrees that Loki and he will stand by Magneto’s side. Magneto and Loki recruit the Enchantress in Asgardia.
DEADPOOL v3 #36 (10-12)
Magneto recruits Deadpool at Deadpool’s house.
MAGNETO v2 #11 (18)
Magneto chats with Deadpool in a sewer. This must be after DPOOL3 36 (10-12).
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #2 (14:3-21:3)
The “morning” after A&X:A 2 (13-14). It must be the same morning as MAG2 11 (17-18). After being unconscious “all night,” Tony Stark awakens in a retreat where Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Wasp, Medusa, Havok, and Invisible Woman are hiding from Red Onslaught, thanks to a telepathic shield from Quentin Quire. Stark learns that their teammates from the previous day have been defeated and that other heroes are busy fighting Onslaught’s psychic assault around the world. With an inspiring speech from Stark, the surviving heroes band together under Havok’s leadership. They assault Red Onslaught and his Stark Sentinels. The Sentinels defeat Scott, Alex, and Jan. Kurt, Medusa, and Sue join Piotr in an attack on Onslaught, but they are all defeated as well. His reserves depleted, Iron Man stands alone against Red Onslaught and his Sentinels. Red Skull taunts Stark for being a sociopathic braggart, not a true hero.
MAGNETO v2 #11 (19-20)
The same morning as A&X:A 2 (14-21). Magneto and the villains he gathered (now including Jack O’Lantern) arrive on the scene.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #2 (21:4-23)
The same morning as MAG2 11 (19-20). Magneto and his allies interrupt Red Onslaught’s preparation to kill Iron Man.
DEADPOOL v3 #36 (13)
Magneto and the villains attack; Deadpool starts dragging Iron Man away.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #3 (1:1-5:4)
The same morning as A&X:A 2 (21-23). Deadpool drags the incapacitated Iron Man off the battlefield while proclaiming that he’s really a hero, not a villain like the others with whom he arrived. Loki, Doom, and Magneto assault one of the Stark Sentinels.
MAGNETO v2 #12 (1:1-2/3:4)
The same morning as A&X:A 3 (1-5). Magneto wipes out the Sentinel, and he, Loki, and Doom watch as their comrades fight other Sentinels and Deadpool drag Iron Man away from the fray.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #3 (5:5-8:2)
The same morning as MAG2 12 (1-2/3). Loki, Magneto, and Doom discuss their alliance. Genesis encourages Kid Omega to continue blocking Red Onslaught’s mental influence. Mystique creates a diversion by impersonating Cap while Enchantress forces Red Onslaught to serve her.
MAGNETO v2 #12 (2/3:5)
The same morning as A&X:A 3 (5-8). Enchantress remarks on the power of love to negate Red Onslaught’s power.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #3 (8:3-11:1)
The same morning as MAG2 12 (2/3:5). The Enchantress holds Red Onslaught in thrall as Carnage, Sabretooth, Jack O’Lantern, and Absorbing Man fight the other Stark Sentinel.
MAGNETO v2 #12 (2/3:6)
The same morning as A&X:A 3 (8-11). The Enchantress is distracted by Absorbing Man’s destruction of the Sentinel and her spell breaks.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #3 (11:2-11:3)
The same morning as MAG2 12 (2/3:6). Red Onslaught strikes Enchantress.
MAGNETO v2 #12 (4:1-4:2)
The same morning as A&X:A 3 (11:2-11:3). Red Onslaught tells the villains they missed their chance and attacks them.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #3 (11:4-11:5)
The same morning as MAG2 12 (4:1-4:2). As Red Onslaught attacks the villains, Magneto opens the cages holding Strange and Wanda.
MAGNETO v2 #12 (4:3)
The same morning as A&X:A 3 (11:4-11:5). Magneto pulls Wanda and Strange to freedom.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #3 (12:1)
The same morning as MAG2 12 (4:3). Magneto asks Strange and Wanda if they can manage the inversion spell, and Wanda replies that they need someone to protect them as they summon the spell.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #3 (12:2) ~ MAGNETO v2 #12 (4:4)
The same morning as A&X:A 3 (12:1). Strange asks Magneto what the army of cutthroats and criminals are doing there, and Magneto replies that he did what no one else would do.
MAGNETO v2 #12 (5-7)
The same morning as A&X:A 3 (12:2). Magneto instructs Strange and Wanda to cast the spell that will bring Xavier to the forefront of Red Onslaught’s mind. He thinks about a time when Xavier and he were young friends.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #3 (12:3-14:3)
The same morning as MAG2 12 (5-7). As Deadpool asks the inert Iron Man for a spot in the Avengers, Genesis gives Quire a pep talk, but Red Onslaught breaks free from Quire’s mental block and bids the villains to serve him.
DEADPOOL v3 #36 (14:1)
Iron Man agrees to let Deadpool be an Avengers for a day.
MAGNETO v2 #12 (8:1-10:1)
The same morning as A&X:A 3 (12-14). As Wanda and Strange start their spell, Magneto protects them by fighting the enthralled Absorbing Man and casting him away. The effort drains Magneto.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #3 (14:4-15:2)
The same morning as MAG2 12 (8-10). Carnage tries to attack Strange and Wanda, but Genesis blasts him. Red Onslaught finds Strange and Wanda as they nearly complete the spell.
MAGNETO v2 #12 (10:2-10:3)
The same morning as A&X:A 3 (14-15). Red Onslaught takes possession of Strange.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #3 (15:3)
The same morning as MAG2 12 (10:2-10:3). Red Onslaught gets Strange to remove himself from his presence.
MAGNETO v2 #12 (10:4)
The same morning as A&X:A 3 (15:3). Strange is zapped.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #3 (15:4-16/17:4)
The same morning as MAG2 12 (10:4). Strange loses consciousness. Controlled by Red Onslaught, Sabretooth assaults Genesis, but Deadpool jumps to his defense. The revived Iron Man assaults Red Onslaught.
MAGNETO v2 #12 (10:5-14:1)
The same morning as A&X:A 3 (15-16/17). Carnage attacks Magneto but is blasted by Doom. Doom claims Strange’s place in helping Wanda cast the spell, and Magneto tries to convince his daughter to cooperate. Magneto summons another memory of Xavier.
DEADPOOL v3 #36 (14:2-14:6)
The unconscious Sabretooth is blasted by a Sentinel, so Deadpool revives him. Sabretooth pushes Deadpool away, but is immediately blasted by a Sentinel again, so Deadpool revives him. Apparently, Sabretooth has a scratchy tongue like a cat.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #3 (16/17:5-16/17:8)
The same morning as MAG2 12 (10-14). Doom steps in to take Strange’s place and he and Wanda assault Red Onslaught.
AMAZING X-MEN v2 #14 – FB (1:1-1:2)
The same morning as A&X:A 3 (16/17:5-16/17:8). Doom and Wanda continue their assault, and a ball of energy forms above Genosha.
DEADPOOL v3 #36 (15:1-15:2)
Doom and Wanda continue their spell.
The same morning as AXM2 14-FB (1:1-1:2). As Wanda’s and Doom’s chaos and order magic overtake Red Onslaught, the spell affects Loki and the Enchantress.
MAGNETO v2 #12 (14:2-14:4)
The same morning as LAOA 8-FB-FB. A big ball of energy rises up over Genosha.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #3 (18:1-18:4)
The same morning as MAG2 12 (14:2-14:4). The ball of energy dissipates.
MAGNETO v2 #12 (14:5-15:2)
The same morning as A&X:A 3 (18:1-18:4). Magneto comes to and wonders if the gambit worked.
AMAZING X-MEN v2 #14 – FB (1:3-1:4)
]The same morning as MAG2 12 (14-15). The X-Men and Avengers awaken. Mystique observes the shaken Nightcrawler.
AMAZING X-MEN v2 #14 – FB (8:4)
The same morning as AXM2 14-FB (1:3-1:4). Storm stands with Havok and Nightcrawler.
DEADPOOL v3 #36 (15:3-15:4)
Deadpool wakes up, and Carnage, now inverted, is friendly to him.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #3 (18:5-19:1)
The same morning as AXM2 14-FB (8:4). Iron Man wonders what happened to Doom.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #3 (19:2) ~ MAGNETO v2 #12 (15:3)
The same morning as A&X:A 3 (18-19). Wanda wonders where all the villains went and Iron Man confirms they’re gone.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #3 (19:2-24:6)
The same morning as MAG2 12 (15:3). This segment occurs shortly before CA&MA 1, before W&X2 12, INHN 9, and AXM2 13, and at least “almost two weeks” before A&X:A 4. Havok finds the Red Skull, reverted to normal and unconscious. The heroes who were defeated by the Sentinels emerge from the robots’ frames where they were held captive. Deadpool is present, but all the villains Magneto rallied, including Doom, are gone. Cyclops and the mutants insist on taking the Skull to try to free Xavier’s consciousness from him, but the new Cap insists the Skull be imprisoned at Avengers Tower. Steve Rogers arrives on the scene and asks Havok to stand down about the Skull. Genesis, now a hulking figure, tells Alex that Xavier is truly dead and that whatever’s inside the Skull is merely residue. Havok relents but, enraged by Rogers’ “tyranny,” quits the Avengers and departs with the X-Men, leaving his wife the Wasp behind with the Avengers. According to CA&MA 3, this segment occurs on a “Thursday.”
DEADPOOL v3 #36 (15:5)
Nightcrawler, now inverted, tells Deadpool to get the Faux-Men out of the Jean Grey School.
MAGNETO v2 #12 (15:4-20:5)
The same morning as A&X:A 3 (19-24). Left behind unseen, Magneto contemplates Wanda’s reference to him as a villain. Charles Xavier’s spirit appears to him and asks Magneto to be the champion of mutantkind.. Magneto swears to take up Xavier’s cause of peaceful coexistence, but Xavier tells him he was right all along. Magneto encounters Amy and other former concentration camp prisoners. He breaks their shackles, unaware Hitzig is watching.
DEADPOOL v3 #36 (16-20)
Deadpool goes back home and adopts his inverted identity.

INHUMAN #9 (1-5)
One day, after INHN 4 and “a week or two” before INHN 9 (6-20). In Turkey, as they head west from China, Reader and his dog defend Xiaoyi from hunters who are out to get her.

INHUMAN #9 (6-20)
One day, “a week or two” after INHN 9 (1-5) and less than “a few months” after Inhumanity 1 (3-30). This story occurs after A&X:A 3 (19-24). Kamala appears here after MSM3 9. The new Ms. Marvel shows up at New Attilan for Vinatos’ funeral and meets Inferno, Gabby, Jason (who now calls himself Flint), and Naja. Elejea explains to them that Medusa hasn’t been the same since she returned from Genosha. All are shocked when Medusa appears in a new costume and hurls Vinatos’ coffin into the harbor and disparages the human authorities who seek to limit her people’s activities. Xiaoyi, Reader, and his dog arrive at the headquarters of Ennilux in Venice, Italy. Reader explains that Ennilux is not only a corporation but also an Inhuman family seeking to help Nuhumans. Xiaoyi notices that the Ennilux symbol is identical to the one worn by the hunters in Turkey. Reader introduces Xiaoyi to the head of Ennilux, called the Capo, who tells Reader he will be paid for retrieving Xiaoyi. Reader leaves Xiaoyi in Ennilux’s care. When UN soldiers question Gorgon about a salvaged cannon newly installed in New Attilan, Medusa loses her patience and orders the soldiers off the island. Medusa calls Elejea, Gorgon, Triton, and Lineage together to plan for war against Manhattan. At Ennilux, doctors prepare Xiaoyi for a transfer procedure aimed at breeding a new Capo to replace the dying one. When Reader finds out what the Cap is up to, he decides to save Xiaoyi.
The same day as INHN 9 (6-20). When Gorgon, Triton, and Lineage question Medusa’s intention to make war, she asserts her authority and demand them to go to war “by sundown.” Gorgon borrows Dante’s cell phone to place an unmonitored call. At Ennilux headquarters, Reader and his dog interrupt the preparations for the mental transfer between Xiaoyi and the Capo. Reader tosses his payment at the Capo, who orders his men to kill Reader. Reader grabs Xiaoyi and teleports away. Capo decides to join the hunt for Xiaoyi (now called “Iso”) and Reader, and the two are found. Medusa appears before the United Nations General Assembly seeking to show the delegates what it means to be her enemies. Spidey interrupts her and she hurls him out of the building into the East River. Medusa pursues Spidey, and as they battle, Spidey tells her one of her own people called Rogers to see if the Avengers could check on her. Angry, Medusa returns to New Attilan to ferret out the traitor. Gorgon admits to calling the Avengers, and when Triton defies her as well, Medusa slaps them both aside, and storms away on a sky cycle, leaving New Attilan to be governed by them.

One night, after A&X:A 3 (19-24). Quentin Quire attends a party held by the Hellfire Club, which he is now thinking of leaving because of the incursion. Although the party is so exclusive that Norman Osborn is turned away, Quire invites and welcomes Glob Herman, Kid Gladiator, Oya, and Broo to the party. The Jean Grey School kids are suspicious when Quire expresses the desire to make amends. The inverted Storm crashes the party and causes trouble, attacking attendees and stealing money. Her actions confuse the Jean Grey stidents, whom she attacks. Quire fires a shot at Ororo, who pretends to awaken from a trance for which she frames Quire. Storm telepathically tells Quire she’s paying him back by setting him upfor expulsion from the Hellfire Club. The Inner Circle of the club place Quire on probation, and the Jean Grey kids dismiss Quire, who admires Storm’s masterful play. Green trees in New York.

One day. Kitty Pride breaks into a bank whose CEO has been funneling billions of dollars to federal anti-mutant lobbies. She phases when a bank employee shoots at her, causing the bullet to strike the CEO. She exits the bank with a safety deposit box and leads police on a violent chase that causes great destruction. Kitty survives the pursuit and walks away with her ill-gotten gains.

One day. The inverted Absorbing Man stops a robbery.
The same day as A:R 3/2-FB-FB. When he sees TV coverage of Creel’s foiling of a robbery and learns of other villains-turned-heroes, Sandman decides to get back in the hero game.

Perhaps the day after A:R 3/2-FB. Sandman must appear here before his appearance in prison in FF5 9. Sandman organizes his old crew and orchestrates a break-in to Ryker’s Island so he can save stoolie inmate Rico Ramone from getting killed by Boss Dixon, a mob enforcer who is aiming to shut up Rico. Sandman defeats Dixon and breaks Rico out of prison and returns him to his family. Sandman feels good about helping Rico, but is discouraged when the TV news brands him a villain for the prison breech.

One day. Calling himself Iceheart, a man whose emotions are running cold since the inversion, Iceman savagely ices up a man whom he believes is a woman’s assailant, only to discover that he’s her companion. Bobby tries to explain how he feels to the woman, who is indifferent.

One day. Despite the misgivings of his associate, Frantiszka, a Latverian rebel named Laszlo plans to use a device he received from Madripoor to assassinate Dr. Doom during an audience he managed to arrange with the Latverian ruler. When the couple appear before Doom, he recognizes them as resistance members. Doom surprises them by announcing his intention to step down from authoritarian power and declare Latveria a free state. Doom then tells Frantiszka that Laszlo is secretly a traitor to the resistance and arrests him for the many innocent Latverian lives he’s cost. Laszlo apologizes to Frantiszka as he’s taken away. Doom then publicly announces his relinquishing of power.

One day, between A&X:A 3 (18-24) and A&X:A 4. In Wenzeldorf, Nightcrawler tracks down a priest who persecuted him and plans to murder him in revenge. An hour away, the inverted Mystique defeats a SHIELD squad and rushes to stop her son. She catches up to Kurt just as he prepares to kill the priest. She fights Kurt, but he teleports away to endanger the lives of other local residents, whom Raven saves. The two resume their fight until a SHIELD helicopter arrives. Kurt teleports onto the aircraft and tries to kill the pilot. Mystique intervenes, and Kurt sends her on a rapid succession of teleports within the copter, hoping to disable her. When Mystique tells Kurt she loves him, he hesitates and teleports away, leaving Raven to save herself and the pilot from a fiery crash. Snow in the air in Germany. Full moon.

One day, shortly after A&X:A 3 (19-24). This story occurs “not long” after MA2 5. The media covers the appearance of the new Captain America. The new Cap flies over Manhattan, feeling that things are different but unaware that he and the other Avengers who defeated Red Onslaught have been “inverted.” Sam savagely beats some armed perps and leaves them for the police. At the Gem Theater, Dave Griffith shows new recruit Soraya Khorasani around, while Spidey tries to convince Cage that it was Doc Ock, not the real him, who pissed Cage off. Cage knows the truth, but it still pissed and orders Spidey out. At Cortex Inc., CEO Jason Quantrell argues with his board, who object to his investments in questionable enterprises, including Gideon Mace’s. Suddenly, the Plunderer and his men storm the board room and demand the businessmen to transfer their assets into his Swiss bank account so he can give them to starving orphans. At first, Parnell’s men are confused by their boss’s motives, but being “inverted,” they quickly support Plunderer. The new Cap appears and savagely fights Parnell’s henchmen, leaving one with a serious gunshot wound. Cap refuses to help the injured henchman and takes off, leaving Quantrell to finish his phone conversation with Cage. The new Cap heads to Avengers Tower, where he consults with a hologram projection of Tony Stark, who was also affected by the inversion. Together they discuss destroying the Mighty Avengers. Green trees in New York.

One day. Thor probably appears here before A:R 2/2 (1-6/7). Jason Quantrell appears in Quickfire’s cell at Ryker’s Island Penitentiary and offers her work, but when he touches her, he activates a secondary Terrigenesis in her and leaves. Quantell returns to Cortex headquarters, where he meets with the inverted Cage. Soraya and other Mighty Avengers operators receive calls about the trouble in Manhattan caused by the Fast Five – Blue Streak, Gold Rush, Silver Ghost, Redline, and Green Light. Spectrum, Power Man, White Tiger, Kaluu, Blue Marvel, and She-Hulk (who wears a new blue and white “SH” costume) defeat the villains. Their victory is observed by the new Cap and Tony Stark at Avengers Tower, who wish to shut the group down but note that Cage may have a use for them. The Mighty Avengers return to the Gem Theater, where Cage tells them he sold the team and Heroes for Hire to Cortex and argues with the team about the decision. Jessica Jones gives her husband an ultimatum to get over whatever’s gotten into him or be fired. She-Hulk explains that the New Avengers is a cooperative and is not Cage’s to sell. Jessica tells Cage she co-owns Heroes for Hire too and tells him to leave. Cage joins up with the other inverted Avengers – Medusa, Scarlet Witch, Wasp, Thor, Iron Man (in new white “Superior” armor), and the new Cap.
The same day as CA&MA 2. Since Wanda is with the inverted Avengers here, this story must occur before A&X:A 4. Gideon Mace reflects on “World War Hate” while being pushed on his wheelchair by flunkie Robert O’Toole. Suddenly, Jason Quantrell takes the flunkie’s place and tells Mace his methods no longer work for Cortex. Quantrell teleports away, leaving behind O’Toole, who slays Mace. The inverted Avengers pay the Mighty Avengers a visit to shut them down. The Mighty Avengers refuse to comply, so Iron Man activates a reconfigured Ultimo drone in Greece to force Blue Marvel to leave and take care of the threat. The inverted Avengers assault the remaining Mighty Avengers, who hold their own against their attackers despite Monica’s getting absorbed into Iron Man’s armor with Wanda’s help. In the midst of battle, Spidey shows up and snatches the new Cap’s shield, and when Blue Marvel and Spectrum return, the inverted Avengers decide to retreat. Iron Man tries to convince the Mighty Avengers that he and his allies were controlled by Machinesmith, but Monica and company are skeptical. As they depart, Iron Man tells his colleagues that he has another plan to remove the Mighty Avengers. Monica welcomes Spidey to the team, and Spidey suggests they let Iron Man and company go, but advises they keep an eye on them.

One day, at least “almost two weeks” after A&X:A 3 (19-24). This story occurs after AXM2 13. Since Cage is with the inverted Avengers here, and since Wanda leaves the group in A&X:A 5, this story must occur after CA&MA 3. Aboard the Iliad, Nick Fury Jr. and Maria Hill report to the new Cap and Hulk (who is dumb, judging from his speech) that World War Hate has been neutralized, with the Stark Sentinels now being dismantled, the Skull’s Genosha camps torn down, and the prisoners evacuated. Hill tells Sam that it’s time for the Avengers to hand the Skull over to SHIELD, but he refuses, preferring to rely on Tony Stark’s device for keeping the Skull’s brain waves turned off while the villain sits in a cell in Avengers Tower surrounded by his teammates. Hill questions the wisdom of the Avengers, considering that Stark designed the Sentinels and hasn’t been seen “for almost two weeks.” When Fury tells Sam he’s out of line, he punches Fury. In Brooklyn, Carnage attacks the Squid and his gang, the Tentacles, who have robbed a bank and taken a family hostage. Spidey arrives on the scene and is flummoxed when he finds the villains apprehended and a note from “your friendly neighborhood Carnage.” Iron Man interrupts the start of a Giants game in San Francisco and offers the attendees a free Extremis app that can remake them all into their ideal selves. Tony Stark drinks a toast and Matt Murdock, who’s in attendance, wonders what Stark is doing. The faculty at the Jean Grey School – Sunfire, young Marvel Girl, Storm, Havok, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Kitty, and Colossus – gather the students for an assembly and announce that, in the aftermath of the Red Skull’s mutant camps and Logan’s death, the X-Men will now stand together in the war the humans have waged on mutants. Havok presents Cyclops and Genesis (now assuming the identity of Apocalypse) as their allies, and Magneto walks away. The scene is observed by a bird and is relayed to Cap, who calls a meeting of the Avengers without Rogers’ knowledge. The meeting includes Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Wasp, Medusa, Cage, and Thor, who is bare-chested, carries Jarnbjorn, and has both arms. Fearing war with the X-Men, Cap proposes to his teammates that they kill the Skull and offer his corpse as an offering to the X-Men. The Avengers concur and head to the Skull’s cell to kill him, despite Jarvis’ objections. Hulk has second thoughts and stands up to his teammates, but Cage decks him. Hulk turns into Kluh, a Hulk within the Hulk, which surprises the Avengers. Kluh assaults the Avengers and busts out of Avengers Tower, set on bathing in the blood of the innocent. The Avengers let Kluh go and turn their attention to the Skull’s cell, which they find empty. Green trees in New York. Baseball season.
The same day as A&X:A 4. This segment occurs “one week” before SuIM 1 (4-20). The people of San Francisco download Extremis 3.0 and cheer Iron Man. Green trees in San Francisco.
NOVA v5 #22 (19:3-20)
Sam returns home, only to get a phone message from his mother that the “original” Captain America to report to New York for Avengers business. Tony Stark (probably a stock photo) is seen on TV with the headline, “Extreme Extremis.”
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #5 (1:1-12:2)
The same day as NOVA5 22. Sue is wearing her red costume, an indication that Axis occurs before the FF ditched the red costumes in FF 644, so Axis must occur before FF5 8 (11-20). The Thing’s non-speaking appearance in one panel in this segment is his only appearance in Axis; it must be an error because Axis must occur during the time he’s in prison. Nova and Spidey meet up outside Avengers Tower and head into a meeting of a bunch of Avengers called together by the new Cap, who tells the group that the Red Skull has escaped and claims that one of those assembled helped the villain. The new Cap, who stands beside Wanda, Medusa, Thor, and Cage (other heroes who were inverted), tells the rest of the group that they’re all liabilities and uses a device containing Pym particles drained from Wasp to make them all shrink. Spidey and Nova escape, despite the efforts of Medusa, Scarlet Witch, and the new Cap to catch them. The inverted Avengers regroup and start to argue. Wanda severs her association with the others and leaves. Magneto takes Spidey and Nova to Avengers Mansion, where they meet up with Steve Rogers and Ian Rogers, the new Nomad. Magneto reports that the X-Men have gone mad as well, and the group discuss how the inversion happened when Doom’s and Wanda’s order and chaos assault on Red Onslaught went wrong. Steve shows the group live footage of the inverted Hulk, Kluh, rampaging in Arizona. Green grass and trees in New York.
NOVA v5 #23 (1:1-9:3)
The same day as A&X:A 5 (1-12). Nova notices that Kluh is heading toward Carefree and jets out to his hometown, where he finds his fleeing family and carries them to safety in Alaska before heading back to Arizona. Nova saves some of Kluh’s intended victims then heads toward the rampaging creature.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #5 (12:3-20:5)
The same day as NOVA5 23 (1-9). This segment occurs at least a “week” before A&X:A 6 (1-7). It must occur before DP3 37 and probably before A:R 2. At Avengers Mansion, Spidey, Magneto, and the Rogerses are surprised by Nova’s sudden exit. They receive an alert and head outside, only to find Apocalypse’s ship hovering over Avengers Tower. Inside the tower, the new Cap tells the captive Wasp his plan to become a tyrant and shrink down anyone in his way. The inverted X-Men (Sunfire, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Rogue, Storm, and Havok) break into the tower to claim the Red Skull. After they attack the new Cap, the new Apocalypse (Genesis) beats the new Cap and tells him to send a message to his colleagues that the mutant uprising – the Apocalypse – is upon them. The X-Men take the captive Wasp BTS.
NOVA v5 #23 (9:4-10:6)
The same day as A&X:A 5 (12-20). Nova takes on Kluh in Arizona.
NOVA v5 #25 – FB (4:3)
The same day as NOVA5 23 (9-10). Nova punches Kluh.
NOVA v5 #23 (11-20)
The same day as A&X:A 5 (12-20). Nova decks Kluh, but the creature recovers and punches Nova all the way to Paris, where Sam Alexander later wakes up bandaged in a hospital room and notices his Nova helmet is smashed.
NOVA v5 #24
The same day as NOVA5 23 (11-20). After Paris doctors set Sam’s broken left arm, Sam insists on returning to duty. He dons his damaged helmet and takes off as Nova, but the damaged helmet makes it difficult for him to travel. In a Canadian diner, Sam’s mother and sister watch news coverage of Hulk’s battle with Nova, and Sam’s mother worries. Spidey infiltrates a SHIELD warehouse in New York where SHIELD used to store Reed Richards’ gear when the Baxter Building closed. He radios Rogers, who tells him that Nova is MIA. Kluh continues his path of destruction through Arizona and prepares to clobber Principal Philbin as he ushers his students into a fallout shelter. Nova arrives and challenges Kluh. Sam ties Kluh up with cable and flies him into space, where Kluh loses consciousness. Sam’s helmet shorts out and Nova plummets to Earth, barely saving himself. He flies back to Avengers Mansion, where he encounters Carnage, who tells Rogers he wants to help. Rogers declines the offer. When Spidey shows up with an armor to battle Kluh, Rogers tells him that Nova defeated Hulk and asks Spidey to escort Kasady away. Rogers commends Nova, who suddenly remembers his family. Sam flies to Canada and reunites with his mother and sister in the diner. Sam shows memory loss. Inspired by Sam, Cletus decides to make a list of people he wants to help, including Sam. Green grass and trees in New York.

Carnage fights a new Sin-Eater.

One day? Because it is “Thanksgiving,” this story must occur after the Halloween of NOVA5 22, which happens before A&X:A 5, and because DP3 39 ties into A&X:A 9 and the X-Men are shown as inverted here, this story must occur between A&X:A 5 (12-20) and A&X:A 6 (1-7).
DEADPOOL v3 #38 (1-18)

SUPERIOR IRON MAN #5 – FB (13:3-16:6)
One day during the school year. This flashback occurs before SuIM 1 (4-20) and “two weeks” before SuIM 5. Jamie Carlson is beat up and his skateboard is broken by bullies. He goes home to his financially strapped mother, Katrina, and when she offers to help him, he gets angry, his gamma power activates, and he inadvertently destroys his home and kills his mother. Green trees.

One rainy night. This story probably occurs between A&X:A 5 (12-20) and A&X:A 6 (1-7). Nightcrawler catches Sabretooth helping a young woman in New York City and attacks the villain to avenge the deceased Logan. After a vicious assault, Sabretooth knocks Kurt to the ground and has a chance to slay the X-Man, but he refuses to do so. Nightcrawler teleports away and the inverted Creed observes that he isn’t the man he used to be.

AXIS: REVOLUTIONS #2/2 (1:1-6/7:1)
One night. Thor probably appears here after CA&MA 3. Journalist Caxton J. Ford catches the inverted Thor causing a ruckus in a Brooklyn bar and befriends him. Thor summons Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder and allows Ford to accompany him on a journey. They stop in New Jersey for booze. Ford files a blog and posts photos of the experience. Full moon.

AXIS: REVOLUTIONS #2/2 (6/7:7)
Perhaps the day after A:R 2/2 (1-6). Ford photographs Thor sitting on the Lincoln Memorial in D.C.

AXIS: REVOLUTIONS #2/2 (6/7:6)
Perhaps the day after A:R 2/2 (6/7:7). Ford photographs Thor bumping fists with the Brown Bomber in Detroit.

AXIS: REVOLUTIONS #2/2 (6/7:5)
Perhaps the day after A:R 2/2 (6/7:6). Ford photographs Thor on a rooftop in Chicago.

AXIS: REVOLUTIONS #2/2 (6/7:4)
Perhaps the day after A:R 2/2 (6/7:5). Ford photographs Thor at the gates of Graceland.

AXIS: REVOLUTIONS #2/2 (6/7:3)
Perhaps the day after A:R 2/2 (6/7:4). Ford photographs Thor with a bunch of women in New Orleans.

AXIS: REVOLUTIONS #2/2 (6/7:2)
Perhaps the day after A:R 2/2 (6/7:3). Ford photographs Thor drinking at the ruins of Broxton, Oklahoma.

Perhaps the day after A:R 2/2 (6/7:2). Thor gate-crashes a concert by heavy metal band Murder Hole in Las Vegas and Ford writes about Thor’s juvenile behavior in his blog. When the blog is quoted on the news, Thor leaves Ford.
One day. SWORD finds the body of assassin Robert O’Toole floating in space.
One day, “one week” after SuIM 1 (1-3). This segment occurs before A&X:A 6 (1-7). Teen Abomination appears here after SuIM 5-FB (13-16). In San Francisco, She-Hulk fights Teen Abomination (Jamie Carlson). She’s joined by Iron Man, whom she discovers is just a drone armor operated from afar by Tony Stark. As Stark lounges at a pool party, he’s approached by Pepper, who’s surprised to see Stark drinking again. Stark shows Pepper his latest project – chrome-finished, symbiote-infused armor. Pepper tries to tell Stark the underclass he’s creating by creating a master race with superior looks. Daredevil intervenes when several Extremis recipients intimidate a woman who doesn’t have the app. Suddenly, the app users lose their looks, and Pepper discovers that Stark offered them a free trial period to get them hooked on the app, for which they now need to pay. Stark dons his new white armor and takes off, leaving Pepper to “activate the contingency,” now that the nightmare scenario of Stark losing his right mind has happened. She consults with an alternate world Iron Man in early classic Iron Man armor. Green trees in San Francisco.
One day. In Latveria, Doom summons Valeria to tell her that he knows the Scarlet Witch is coming for him and shows her a machine he’s constructed to siphon Wanda’s power so he can use it for the good of mankind as a way to redeem himself now that he’s been inverted and sees the errors of his villainous ways. He tells Valeria he has a task for her.
The same day as AW 15-FB (2-4). Doom tells Valeria she’s to gather heroes to help set his trap but tells her he doesn’t want her involved.
The same day as AW 16-FB. At the scene of a fire, Valeria gets a call from Doom.
The same day as AW 15 (1). Doom sends Valeria to the Helicarrier Iliad, where she gets help from Maria Hill. Hill assigns Phil Coulson to help Valeria and they use SHIELD locator databases to find allies Doom wants to gather. Valeria and Coulson recruit Elsa Bloodstone, U.S.Agent, Valkyrie, 3-D Man, and Stingray. Green grass and trees.
SUPERIOR IRON MAN #2 (1:1-3:1)
Perhaps the same night as SuIM 1 (4-20). This segment occurs “a couple of days” before SuIM 2 (8-20). In San Francisco, Daredevil stops a mugger who desperately wants to buy Extremis. Daredevil decides it’s time to talk to Tony Stark.

Instead of franchising villains, Hobgoblin is now franchising heroes. He’s been doing it for at least a while by this point, because he’s already had a book published about it.
“Days” before AXIS: HOBGOBLIN #3.

This story occurs before A&X:A 6 (15-21). Steve Rogers recruits Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin mentions he’s been heroic (or “inverted”) for “the last few weeks.”
Perhaps the day after A:R 2/2 (8-10). In his apartment in Manhattan, Loki tells Lorelei, Sigurd, and Verity that he and the Enchantress have turned good, thanks to the Red Skull. Amora and Loki try to get Lorelei to join them in the heroic life, but Lorelei tells them to go to Hel. Loki states that, because of his new responsibilities, he’s leaving behind “the small things of Midgard,” including Verity. After Lorelei, Sigurd, and Verity depart, Loki catches Ford’s tweets and resolves to go to Las Vegas and save Thor from himself. Old Loki laughs as he observes Loki from afar.
The same day as LAOA 8-FB. The Death Throws try to rob the Big Top Casino in Las Vegas, but they are defeated by Loki.
The same day as LAOA 8 (1-7). Upon learning that Thor is at the Visage Casino across town, Loki turns into a unicorn and heads there.
AVENGERS WORLD #15 (13-20)
Probably the day after AW 15 (5-12). In Latveria, Doom notes that his plan is coming together, unaware that Ant-Man is spying on him. The heroes that Valeria and Coulson gathered wait for a briefing and wonder why they’re in Doom’s castle. Before the briefing can occur, Scarlet Witch attacks Latveria and Valeria emerges in an armor she made. The heroes head into the square and are surprised to discover that Wanda is their enemy. Stingray is injured saving Valeria from one of Wanda’s blasts. Scarlet Witch activates an army of Doombots and sets them against the heroes.
The same day as AW 15 (13-20). As the heroes fight the Doombots, Wanda blasts a bridge and Stingray leaves the battle to save the Latverian citizens falling from it. Wanda strips the armor off Valeria and closes in on her, but U.S.Agent distracts Wanda while 3-D Man whisks Valeria away to a chamber. The Scarlet Witch follows them, only to fall into Valeria’s trap – a machine that causes Wanda pain. Wanda escapes from the machine and departs when she senses Doom, unaware that the machine siphoned a little bit of her power to Doom. The heroes gather in the chamber, where Valeria notes that Doom will take things from here. Doom decides to use the small amount of Wanda’s power he siphoned to bring Cassie Lang back to life. While in his NYC apartment watching TV with Darla, Lang answers a knock on his door, only to discover it’s Cassie.
-Daron Jensen

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AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #6 (1:1-7:5)
The same day as LAOA 8 (15-16) and AW 16. This segment occurs at least a “week” after A&X:A 5 (12-20). It occurs after AW 15, must occur after DP3 37, and probably occurs after A:R 2/2. After broadcasting a message that the mutant nation is born and that opposition will now be met with death, Genesis/Apocalypse checks on the progress of a gene bomb, which after “days” of work will be completed “in a matter of hours.” Mystique shows up at Apocalypse’s fortress to counsel the X-Men against their course of action. Kurt cuts Mystique and Rogue thriws her from a great height. Sabretooth saves Mystique, and the two escape from a further assault by Kurt and Rogue by going into the Morlock tunnels. In Tony Stark’s new San Francisco headquarters, Stark relishes the commercial success of Extremis, for which people are now paying.
SUPERIOR IRON MAN #2 (3:2) ~ AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #6 (7:5-8:1)
The same night as A&X:A 6 (1-7). Daredevil shows up and tells Stark he’s shutting him down.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #6 (8:1-10:5)
The same night as SuIM 2 (3:2). Daredevil tells Stark about the crime wave Extremis is causing that he’s been fighting for “the last week.” Stark defends his actions, and when Murdock attacks him, Stark fights back.
SUPERIOR IRON MAN #2 (4:1-4:3) ~ AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #6 (10:5-10:6)
The same night as A&X:A 6 (8-10). Stark throws Daredevil from a high balcony.
SUPERIOR IRON MAN #2 (4:4-7:4)
The same night as SuIM 2 (4:1-4:3). Daredevil surfaces in the water below. Showing sympathy for the needy, Stark decides to distribute free doses of Extremis in San Francisco “tomorrow.”
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #6 (11-14)
The same night as SuIM 2 (4-7). In Latveria, the inverted Doom announces that his nation is henceforth a democracy and shows his true face to his people. Eager for vengeance over the “years” she spent hunted and despised by mutants, the inverted Scarlet Witch attacks Doom. Quicksilver intervenes and whisks the downed Doom to Magneto. Wanda assaults Pietro, Erik, and Doom.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #6 (15:1-15:3) ~ LOKI, AGENT OF ASGARD #8 (17:1-17:4)
The same night as A&X:A 6 (11-14). Loki finds Thor and the Visage Casino and confronts him.
The same night as A&X:A 6 (15:1-15:3). Thor glares at Loki.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #6 (15:3-21:5)
The same night as LAOA 8 (17:5). This segment occurs after A:H 4. Thor shows Loki that he’s gambling with the casino’s own money and strikes Loki when he touches him. Loki tells Thor he’s trying to help him because he loves him, but Thor tells his adopted brother that his love is misplaced. Thor assaults Loki, who’s rescued by a web line cast by Spidey, who’s traveling in an Avengers Quinjet. The Quinjet lands at Avengers Mansion, where Steve and Ian Rogers and Spidey introduce Loki to the other members of a new team of Avengers – Absorbing Man, Hobgoblin, Enchantress, Sabretooth, Jack O’Lantern, Mystique, and Carnage. Creed tells the group they’ve got “an hour” to stop the X-Men.
The same night as A&X:A 6 (15-21). Verity calls Lorelei to discuss Loki’s change of personality as Lorelei and Sigurd face down armed guards.
The same night as L:AOA 8 (18-20). Loki talks to Enchantress about his rescue from Las Vegas. Creed tells them it’s “fifteen minutes to go time,” but before they go, Amora tells Loki she wants to talk to her sister one last time. The two teleport to the bank that Lorelei and Sigurd are robbing. Disappointed and upset, Enchantress defeats the two perps and sends them for judgment to Asgardia, where Odin seals Lorelei and Sigurd in caskets of bone and silver. Odin tells Loki that, despite his recent good deeds, he still lacks the humility of a true hero and will never grow. Loki and Amora return to Avengers Mansion with two minutes to spare, and Loki tells Enchantress he has a scheme.
The same night as L:AOA 9-FB (2-9). Aboard Apocalypse’s ship, Scott tells Alex can’t spare the captive Wasp from the gene bomb. Nightcrawler alerts them to an assault by Rogers’ new army. The X-Men rush out to confront the attacking villains recruited by Rogers. Sneaking inside the ship, Deadpool attacks Genesis/Apocalypse as Spidey tries to disarm the gene bomb. The battle takes both Spidey and Deadpool outside, where Kurt attacks Spidey. Carnage saves the confused Spidey. As the battle rages, Apocalypse pummels Wade. In Latveria, Wanda, upset that her family has allied with Doom, casts a spell aimed at bringing down her kin, but only Pietro is taken out. Relieved that Magneto is not her father after all, Wanda savagely defeats him. Dr. Doom escapes, and Wanda swears that Latveria will burn. The new Cap joins Iron Man, Kluh, Thor, Cage, and Medusa in San Francisco, and they all decide that they’re better off with both sides of the Manhattan battle dead. In New York, Apocalypse tells Wade that Evan is dead and that what remains is the true spirit of En Sabah Nur. Angry with Deadpool’s counter-arguments, Apocalypse pulls Wade’s head off as the gene bomb counts down to one second.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #8 (1:1-5:2)
The same night as A&X:A 7. Spidey tries to disarm the bomb, but Carnage arrives and sacrifices himself to save everyone when the bomb detonates. Angry, Spidey attacks the X-Men, who are engaged in battle with Thor, Kluh, Iron Man, Cage, the new Cap, and Medusa.
The same night as A&X:A 8 (1-5). The inverted villains and Spidey fight the inverted X-Men and Avengers.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #8 (5:3-10:2)
The same night as L:AOA 9-FB (10:1). As Thor fights Genesis/Apocalypse and the Summers brothers, Loki awakens Enchantress and enlists her aid in a gambit. They bait Thor.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #8 (10:2-11:1) ~ LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD #9 – FB (10:2-11:1)
The same night as A&X:A 8 (5-10). Loki and Amora trick Thor into stepping through a portal to the moon.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #8 (11-22)
The same night as A&X:A 9 (10-11). At Avengers Mansion, Rogers gives Ian a pep talk, and Jarvis arrives with a plan. As the battle rages, Absorbing Man saves Mystique from Apoccalypse/Genesis. In Latveria, Pietro tries in vain to talk his sister out of genocide, and Dr. Doom arrives with Dr. Voodoo, who takes possession of Wanda. As Daniel Drumm fights the madness within the Scarlet Witch, Doom explains to Magneto that he made a Faustian deal with a demigod to resurrect the Drumm brothers. Iron Man picks up a communication between Steve and Ian Rogers that shows him the X-Men do not have the Skull after all and that Jarvis used a Stark cloaking device to hide him. As Storm attacks Iron Man, Stark has the new Cap go to the place he now knows the Skull to be. Sam arrives at the location and encounters Steve Rogers, decked out in his old Cap armor and energy shield, helping the Red Skull (now White Skull) leave.
DEADPOOL v3 #38 (19-20)
Deadpool approaches Evan.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #9 (2-10)
The same night as A&X:A 8 (11-22). The new Cap fights Rogers but discovers that he’s fighting an illusion cast by the White Skull. As the real Rogers spirits the Skull to safety, the reformed villain apologizes for the horror he’s caused and notes that he can revert the Avengers and X-Men. The inverted Avengers defeat most of the inverted villains and X-Men. The new Cap reports to Iron Man that Rogers has the Skull, and the Avengers rush to find them. Mystique and Sabretooth dig out of the rubble, only to be assaulted by Rogue and saved by Spidey. Havok releases the captive Wasp and tries to convince her to help him, but Jan sees through his deception, blasts him, and flees. Elsewhere in the rubble, Deadpool’s head tries to convince Evan that he is not truly evil and tries to get him to save the day.
The same night as A&X:A 9 (2-10). Loki leads Thor on a chase through the Blue Area of the Moon.
The same night as A&X:A 9 (11). Loki heads away from Uatu’s city.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #9 (12:1-12:2)
The same night as L:AOA 9 (1). Loki approaches Mjolnir and wonders if he can now lift the hammer.
LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD #9 (12:1-12:3)
The same night as A&X:A 9 (12:1-12:2). Old Loki laughs as he spies Loki reaching out for Mjolnir.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #9 (12:4-13:1) ~ LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD #9 (12:4)
The same night as L:AOA 9 (12:1-12:3). Loki grabs Mjolnir and prays that he has truly changed.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #9 (13:1)
The same night as A&X:A 9 (12-13). Thor yells after Loki that he will kill him and his friends.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #9 (13:2-14) ~ LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD #9 (13)
The same night as A&X:A 9 (13:1). Thor tells Loki he never loved him and that he’s a burden and disappointment. Loki lifts Mjolnir and clobbers Thor with it.
The same night as A&X:A 9 (13-14). Loki lectures the disbelieving Thor as they fight. Thor calls down lightning to strike Loki, but Loki survives and hurls Mjolnir at Thor.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #9 (15:1-26:1)
The same night as L:AOA 9 (14-17). White Skull helps the injured Rogers back to Avengers Masion, where they rendezvous with Ian and Jarvis. Suddenly, the inverted Avengers storm in and attack. Iron Man taunts the Xavier consciousness inside of the Skull with his plans to wipe out mutants. The new Cap assaults Rogers, who tries to reason with him. Carrying Wade’s head, Genesis/Apocalypse bursts in and attacks the inverted Avengers, giving the Rogerses and Jarvis a chance to escape with the Skull. Cage stands in their way, but Spidey and Creed fight him. Iron Man arrives and subdues the Rogerses, but Doom, Wanda, Magneto, Pietro, and Drumm arrive. The White Skull talks Erik out of killing Stark. Wanda and Doom prepare their spell and the Skull prepares to broadcast it. Havok and Stark try in vain to stop them.
DEADPOOL v3 #39 (1:1-1:3)
The same night as A&X:A 9 (15-26). Doom, Wanda, and the Skull begin the spell and discuss their sacrifice to save the world.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #9 (26:2) ~ LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD #9 (18:1)
The same night as DP3 39 (1:1-1:3). Doom, Wanda, and the Skull release the spell.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #9 (26:2-26:4)
The same night as A&X:A 9 (26:2). Iron Man shields himself, Havok, and Creed from the blast of the spell.
The same night as A&X:A 9 (26:2-26:4). On the moon, Loki tries to get the downed Thor to work with him to save them both.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #9 (27:1-27:2) ~ LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD #9 (18:2-18:3)
The same night as L:AOA 9 (18:2). Loki tells Thor he’s more worthy than he is, but then the spell washes over them.
LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD #9 (18:4-19)
The same night as A&X:A 9 (27:1-27:2). Loki realizes what has happened and cries out in despair.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #9 (27:3-28:1) ~ LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD #9 (20:1-20:3)
The same day as L:AOA 9 (18-19). Loki drops Mjolnir and learns Thor has no memory of his defeat.
LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD #9 (20:3-20:4)
The same night as A&X:A 9 (27-28). Thor tells Loki he’s lying and leaves Loki kneeling at Mjolnir’s side.
DEADPOOL v3 #39 (1:4)
The same night as L:AOA 9 (20:3-20:4). In Manhattan, Doom remarks that the spell is done.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #9 (28-30)
The same night as DP3 39 (1:4). This segment occurs “one week” before A&X:A 9 (31-35) and must occur before ANXF 18 and ANI 14 (1-19). Creed realizes that Stark’s shield has left him inverted. The still-inverted Havok takes Wasp hostage and forces her to shrink them both down and flee into the Microverse. Magneto notices that Doom, Stark, and the Red Skull have escaped as well.
DEADPOOL v3 #39 (2-15)
The same night as A&X:A 9 (28-30). Reverted to normal and realizing he’s now a fugitive, Evan finds Deadpool’s head and wonders if he’ll ever be forgiven. Wade tries to make Evan feel better. Evan reunites Wade’s head with his body and the two head for Wade’s safe house in the sewers. When they arrive at the Monster Metropolis, Wade’s wife gets upset that he brought the murderous En Sabah Nur and orders Wade to remove him. Wade asks Evan to go to the Morlock tunnels while he checks in on the mages’ progress in helping Wade’s North Korean friends. Wade’s organs are used to help Sarkoonian trees grow and produce organs that are transplanted into Wade’s friends, saving their lives. The North Koreans decide to stay in the Monster Metropolis. Wade catches up to Evan in the Morlock tunnels and tells him he has a place for him to stay.
Calling herself “Madison Queen,” Medusa finds herself back to normal in a Chicago bar talking to a man named Bryan who’s interested in her. They talk and leave the bar together, then Medusa kisses Bryan. In Venice, the Capo and his men catch up to the fleeing Reader and Iso. Reader uses the last bit of power he has remaining to transport himself, his dog, and Iso to ten minutes earlier. The pair hole up in an abandoned church to allow Reader to catch some sleep so that he can power back up, but they are soon found by their pursuers. Reader wakes and fights back before teleporting himself, his dog, and Iso to New Attilan, where they encounter Gorgon and ask for sanctuary right before an Ennilux aircraft shows up to claim Iso. Gorgon calls out New Attilan’s defenses. Word of the attack spreads quickly to Medusa, who bids Brian goodbye and rushes off. As the Capo’s forces assault New Attilan, Black Bolt shows up. Bare trees, green grass, and “freezing” weather in Chicago.
The same day as INHN 11. This story occurs before UI 0 and must occur before SH5 12 (19-20) and ASMS 1. Jason is “seventeen.” Black Bolt, Frank, Naja, Inferno, and Flint defeat a squad of Ennilux soldiers, much to the Capo’s dismay. Black Bolt brings the Capo’s aircraft crashing down into New Attilan just as Medusa (now back in her classic costume) returns to the city. Medusa is surprised to see her husband. Gorgon gives Medusa a status report, and Reader and Iso explain why the Capo was after Iso. The Inhumans accept Iso into their community and Reader takes his leave. When Medusa leaves with Black Bolt for a private conversation, she is enraged to see her husband sitting on the throne. She assaults Black Bolt and tells him he has forfeited his right to rule New Attilan. When she gives him an ultimatum to fight her or leave the city, Black Bolt destroys his throne and leaves. Medusa sits on her throne and cries, and Lineage sees an opportunity.

DEADPOOL v3 #39 (16-20)
The day after DP3 39 (2-15). Wade brings Evan to his Queens home. Wade’s wife tells him she’s glad he’s back, but Wade is unhappy. Green grass and trees in New York.
Probably the day after A&X:A 9 (28-30). As the media reports on the recent activities of the inverted but now restored Cap, Kaluu warns Sam that the Qlippoth might have come. Monica gets Sam to talk out his experience and resolve to work harder as Cap. Pretending that he’s still on the outs with the Mighty Avengers, Cage reassures Jason Quantrell that their partnership is still solid. Power Man and White Tiger meet up with detectives Lowe and Carver at the scene of the murder of Gideon Mace, whose body is still being autopsied. Vic uses his power to create a visual re-enactment of the murder of Mace by Robert O’Toole, whose body was found by SWORD in space. Power Man and White Tiger follow a trail that leads away from the scene, toward a place where the monstrously trandormed Quickfire oversees a creature forming that contains Mace’s ripped out heart. Cage calls his wife, and they discuss his deception, unaware that Quantrell is listening via a bugging device. The public, and even Plunderer, stand up for the new Cap, who becomes spokesperson for the Mighty Avengers. Green grass and trees on a “beautiful day” in New York.
The day after SuIM 2 (4-7). This segment occurs “a couple of days” after SuIM 2 (1-3). As Tony Stark (in white Iron Man armor) distributes free 24-hour doses of Extremis to the people of San Francisco, a drug addict upset that Extemis has hooked his son pulls a gun on Stark. Stark secretly makes a deal with the man to expunge all record of his son as a mugger in return for taking Extremis and giving him good PR. Murdock overhears the deal and resolves to stop Stark. Daredevil kidnaps the sleeping Stark from his home. Green trees in San Francisco.

The early morning after SuIM 2 (8-14). Stark awakens to find Murdock has removed him from all electronic signals, but Stark shows Daredevil that he has symbiotic biological technology inside him and summons his Iron Man armor. Iron Man zaps Murdock, and when Daredevil comes to, he finds that Stark has given him sight.
The same day as SuIM 2 (15-20). This story must occur before H3 10 and AM 1-FB. In New York, Pepper shows a past Iron Man from another reality what Stark’s achieved and that he’s twisted. The alternate Iron Man asks for time to adapt before going after Stark. In San Francisco, Tony Stark explains to the stunned Daredevil that his sight is temporary and that he’ll need constant Extremis boosters to maintain it, free of charge. Murdock gets upset that Stark is playing God and trying to buy his approval. Stark replies that he’s been playing human and is resentful about Matt’s ingratitude. Stark gets a call from She-Hulk, who warns him that Teen Abomination is free and is coming for him. Iron Man smacks Daredevil and tells him he’s far beneath him before leaving to deal with the new threat. Matt calls Foggy. Teen Abomination arrives at the new Stark Island at Alcatraz and fights SHIELD agents there. Iron Man saves the agents and confronts Teen Abomination, who admits he’s only “thirteen” years old and just wants Stark’s help because Extremis didn’t work for him. Iron Man agrees to help, seeing a use for Teen Abomination. Foggy Nelson arrives at Murdock’s place just in time for Matt to see him before blindness overtakes him again.

The day after SuIM 3. This segment occurs “a few days” before SuIM 4 (19-20). Tony Stark appears on a San Francisco morning TV program and announces that a new Stark security system called Iron Sight has just come online throughout the city. He explains that Extremis clients’ personal information has been uploaded to a database that interacts with a system of drone cameras patrolling the city. Stark declares San Francisco a crime-free zone and justifies Extremis as a goal that encourages people to better themselves. Daredevil destroys one of Stark’s drones. Stark excuses himself from the TV appearance to stop a SHIELD raid on Stark Island to retrieve the fugitive Teen Abomination. Stark gets Maria Hill and her squad to back off, citing that the warrant for his young charge was rescinded. Daredevil shows up at Stark Island and tells Stark he knows that the Extremis app is just a trigger for a virus that is already in the bodies of San Franciscans, thanks to the water supply Stark tainted with Extremis. When Murdock claims that he’s alerted the FDA and intends to put Stark away, Teen Abomination gets upset and attacks Daredevil, throwing him from a high window. Stark sends his superior armor after Murdock to envelop him and save his life. Stark then uses the armor to entrap Daredevil and take him to a lab, where Stark removes Murdock’s memories of their recent conflicts.

One day, “a few days” after SuIM 4 (1-18). Stark probably appears here before NOVA5 27 (19-20) and SHIELD 1. The partially amnesiac Murdock awakens in a hospital, only to find Stark there. Stark tells him that he’ll need to spend “at least a few weeks” in the hospital to be monitored because of the brain injury Stark tells him he’s suffered.
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This is great--but where does Deadpool 38 fit in?

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It's in there now. :)
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Magneto v2 #11 (17-18) should be Magneto v2 #11 (17)

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Surely Revolutions #4/2 would fit much better right before/during Axis #6...? It makes no sense where it is, or for Doom to announce to his people that Latveria is a free state twice...

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