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Once again, this is mostly Paul B. with a few additions from myself. Thanks a bunch, Paul B.! :)

One day, “a few weeks” before OSins 2. Whitman must appear here after W6 6. The Black Knight savagely attacks a criminal in the Savage Steel armor with the Ebony Blade.

One day. This story must occur between NA3 20-FB (16-17) and OS 1 (6-30). Strange probably appears here after AmX2 10-FB (2-9). Dr. Strange is summoned by temple priests in the Tibetan mountains to rescue a princess who is possessed by a deadly, parasitic demon. The demon is stunned to discover that Strange has blood magic that lays him low. Instead of destroying the demon, Strange offers to become the demon’s new host. The demon complies, only to find himself trapped within Strange’s psyche. Despite the fact thst he saved the princess, Strange is admonished by the priests, who object to the dark arts Strange has embraced.

ORIGINAL SIN #5 – FB (17-18)
One day, “years” after OS 5-FB (16). The Watcher observes as Nick Fury kills a living planet.

One day, “weeks” before OS 6. As he spits up blood in front of Uatu, the dying Nick Fury refuses to let death claim him because he has a world to protect.

One day. Since Uatu is dead in NOVA5 17, Nova must appear here before NOVA5 10/2. Iron Man probably appears here after Im5 28 (12-20). Nova fights and defeats a Toomazooma robot in a New Mexico oil field. The Avengers – Cap, Thor, and Iron Man (in gold and gray armor) – arrive on the scene to mop up, and the subject of the Watcher is discussed. Sam learns that no one knows what motivates Uatu, so he heads to the moon with a chunk of the Avengers vs. X-Men battlefield as a gift. Uatu accepts the gift and heads into his fortress. Nova follows and detects ghost Watchers through his helmet. Sam finds an armory containing a lot of weapons including the Ultimate Nullifier. Nova finds Uatu and learns that the Watchers’ interference in the past led to mass genocide. Sam sees all the view portals that Uatu has opened to see multiple realities and learns that Uatu has sought in vain to find a parallel universe in which the Watchers’ interference did not lead to disaster. Nova asks Uatu if he knows what happened to his father, and Uatu tells him he’s alive. Sam rejoices and leaves.

One day, “weeks” before OS 3. Orb reports to Dr. Midas and Oubliette that he’s had dreams of a man on the moon who keeps secrets in his eyes. Midas recognizes the subject of Orb’s dreams as the Watcher, and Orb proposes they steal his secrets.

NOVA v5 #11 – FB (17:1-17:4)
One day. Nova Centurion K’Thol records a report as he is fatally attacked by a spider creature.

NOVA v5 #11 – FB (2:1-2:3)
One day. Nova gets struck in the head three times in battle.

NOVA v5 #11 – FB (2:4)
One day. A bully head-butts Sam Alexander.

NOVA v5 #11 – FB (2:5-2:6)
One day. Nova head-butts an alien creature and blasts it.

NOVA v5 #11 – FB (2:7-2:9)
One school day. This flashback occurs before NOVA5 10/2. Sam Alexander is hit in the head by a book when he opens his stuck locker.

AVENGERS v5 #26 – FB (4-5)
One day, “one week” before A5 26, so two weeks after A5 26-FB (3) and three weeks after A5 26 (1-2). On AIM Island, AIM scientists succeed in creating a squad of Super-Adaptoids, each of which mimic the powers of all the Avengers whose blood samples were collected.

NOVA v5 #10/2
One “morning.” This story occurs after NOVA5 11-FB (2:7-2:9). Since Uatu is dead in NOVA5 17, this story must occur after OS 0. Nova responds to a distress call from a stranded spaceship under attack by space whales. While he saves the day in space, his mother is visited by his principal, who is concerned about Sam’s absences from school. Sam rushes back home but upon arrival in Carefree, he sees lights before his eyes that render him blind. It must be a Thursday.
NOVA v5 #11
The same morning as NOVA5 10/2. Sam’s mom takes Sam to the doctor, who tells him that his blindness is temporary. Sam’s mom skips out on paying the medical bill. Sam regains his sight and heads to school, where he gets into a fight with another student who rags on his father. Sam disrupts his geography class when he realizes the lights he sees is a map. Sam’s principal makes Sam join the chess club after school, and the activity bores Sam. Sam heads home, where he babysits his sister while mom interviews for jobs at two restaurants. As soon as his mother returns home, Sam takes off as Nova and matches his lights up with the pattern of stars to guide him to his destination, a planet where he finds the corpse of Nova Centurion K’Thol and fights off giant spider-creatures. Sam surmises that the lights show the locations of other dead Novas and tries in vain to contact any living Novas before heading home. Sam’s signal reaches a Nova helmet in the possession of Nova killer Cadivan, who sets out to trace the signal and claim another trophy. It must be a Thursday.
NOVA v5 #12
The same morning as NOVA5 11. Beta Ray Bill appears here after JIM 655. Cadivan dismisses Nova asa unworthy of his hunt and takes off. Sam shifts gears and answers a distress call from a Nova Corps spaceship seemingly under attack by space pirates. Nova rescues the ship and inside finds that Captain Skaarn and his crew are using a dead Nova centurion as a battery to power the salvaged, marooned vessel. Skaarn dupes Nova into helping him re-power the ship by introducing him to his “daughter” Jinin. After Nova leaves, Skaarn throws Jinin back into the ship’s hold with other beings he intends to sell as slaves. In Carefree, Sam’s mom gets a job as a diner waitress, then returns home, where she fixes breakfast for the returned Sam and his sister. Gron, the commander of the presumed pirate ship, reports back to Beta Ray Bill that a Nova from Earth defeated them and thwarted their hope of rescuing the captives presumed to be onboard the salvaged Nova ship. Beta Ray Bill resolves to find and punish the “corrupt Nova.” It must be a Thursday.
DAREDEVIL v4 #6 – FB (8:3-9:1)
One night, “five days” before DD4 6 (7-10). Sister Maggie and two other nuns are arrested and jailed after they spray paint the walls of a military base in which they know illegal chemical warfare testing is being done. It must be a Thursday. Full moon.

DAREDEVIL v4 #6 – FB (9:2-9:3)
The day (“within 24 hours”) after DD4 6-FB (8-9). The three nuns face a mysterious tribunal and are told they’re being extradited to Wakanda. It must be a Friday.
One day, “six days” before ANI 8 (2-6) and so three days before ANI 6 (1-4). Nick Fury welcomes Jim Hammond to SHIELD aboard a helicarrier. It must be a Friday.
NOVA v5 #13
The day after NOVA5 12. A school day. Sam’s run-in with bully Moffett at school is interrupted by Beta Ray Bill, who claims Nova must pay for his crimes. Moffett knocks himself out while fleeing, leaving Sam free to transform into Nova and fight Bill. During the battle, Sam learns that he unwittingly helped a villain when he assisted Skaarn. Sam offers to help Bill find Skaarn. He gets Carrie to agree to babysit his sister while his mom starts her new waitress job. Bill and Nova head into space on a quest for Skaarn. It must be a Friday.
NOVA v5 #14
The same day as NOVA5 13. Nova and Beta Ray Bill rescue the victims of an attack by Skaarn that left their ship damaged in former Skrull space. Beta Ray relates to Sam a story of his earlier encounter with a previous Nova before leading Sam to Knowhere, where Skaarn kills a creature in a speakeasy to claim his War Bringer robot. The robot is activated and fights Nova before Sam destroys it. Beta Ray and Nova find Skaarn, who threatens to kill the refugees in his cargo hold unless Beta Ray travels to the other side of the galaxy. Bill does so, leaving Nova to fend for himself. Nova gets a psychic calling and follows the signal to the wounded Cosmo, whom Skaarn has poisoned. It must be a Friday.

NOVA v5 #15 (1)
The day after NOVA5 14. Cosmo tells Nova that Shaarn poisoned him and shot him with something that dampens his telepathy.
NOVA v5 #25 – FB (4:1)
The same day as NOVA5 15 (1). Nova carries the wounded Cosmo.
NOVA v5 #15 (2-20)
The same day as NOVA5 25-FB (4:1). Nova assists an alien doctor in removing the poison from Cosmo. Elsewhere on Knowhere, Skaarn tells Bakin, Nujin, and Klax – the Disavowed of Galadoria – that they are to use the Continuum Cortex Transfer teleporter to follow him to a heavily defended vault in “eight hours.” After Skaarn leaves, Nova shows up and fights the Disavowed. Nova defeats the three and fuses their legs together. Nova refuses their offer to share with him the pay they expect to receive from Skaarn and teleports them away to the place Beta Ray Bill teleported – Jotunheim. With a few hours to wait until he can use the teleporter to go to meet Skaarn in the Disavowed’s place, Sam has Cosmo send him back to Earth to attend school and avoid trouble with Principal Philbin. After school, Nova heads back to Knowhere, where Beta Ray has returned. Bill tells Nova that the vault Skaarn intends to rob is a secret weapons vault called the Keep. Before they can act, Skaarn appears with weapons he stole without the Disavowed’s help. It must be a Saturday.
NOVA v5 #16 (1:1-2:1)
The same day as NOVA5 15 (2-20). Nova and Beta Ray Bill face off against Skaarn at the Keep. Nova strikes Skaarn.
NOVA v5 #25 – FB (4:2)
The same day as NOVA5 16 (1-2). Nova blasts Skaarn to Bill’s approval.
NOVA v5 #16 (2:2-20:5)
The same day as NOVA5 25-FB (4:2). Nova is left to face Skaarn alone when Beta Ray Bill is called to help a spaceship damaged by one of Skaarn’s weapons. Nova beats Skaarn and tosses a power spear that Skaarn stole into a nearby star. Bill returns and gets upset when he finds out what Nova did with the spear. Bill leaves to retrieve the weapon, while Nova makes arrangements to incarcerate Skaarn. “A short time later,” Nova returns to Cadivan’s ship and exchanges Skaarn, who has a bounty on his head, for the Nova helmet that Cadivan has. Nova returns to Knowhere with the helmet, and when Jinin finds out that Nova’s trade jipped her out of her due portion of the bounty, she decks Sam. After Bill arrives at Knowhere with the retrieved spear, he and Nova leave Cosmo and head to the moon where the slain Nova centurion lies. Nova and Bill bury the corpse with his helmet and part ways. Sam returns to Earth, only to find an eviction notice on his home. It must be a Saturday.
FANTASTIC FOUR v5 #5 (1:1-14:1)
One day. Since FF5 6 (1-11) occurs “two days” before FF5 6 (12-14), this segment must occur the same day as NOVA5 16 (2-20), which means that the FF’s court case is being heard on a Saturday. Since this arc ends with Ben’s arrest, Ben’s and Reedd’s appearance in SFSM 14-FB (8-10) must occur before this segment. Since Hammond is a SHIELD agent here, this story must occur after ANI 5. She-Hulk probably appears here after SH5 6 (20). This story may occur quite a while after FF5 4; it is “several days” after the FF first appeared in court for a class-action suit that then morphed into a special judicial inquiry, and some time may have elapsed for the class-action suit to come before the court; in that time, the Future Foundation may have been kept in a facility other than the one they move into in this issue. Bruce Banner “is now a fully authorized Avenger, currently also working for and with SHIELD.” The FF, represented by She-Hulk, are grilled in court by chief prosecutor Adrien Toliver about the danger their actions and alliances have caused to the citizenry over the years.
FANTASTIC FOUR v5 #5 – FB (14:4-14:7)
The same day as FF5 5 (1-14). Toliver asks Reed about the Ultimate Nullifier. It must be a Saturday.
FANTASTIC FOUR v5 #5 – FB (15:3-19:6)
The same day as FF5 5-FB (14:4-14:7). Toliver grills Reed about the Negative Zone and Sue about Malice. A witness talks about how a temper tantrum of the Thing ruined his father’s life. Tolliver calls into question the FF’s concern for Manhattan’s safety. It must be a Saturday.
FANTASTIC FOUR v5 #5 – FB (21)
The same day as FF5 5-FB (15-19). Sue loses it when a protective services official approaches her as the FF leave the courthouse. It must be a Saturday.
The same day as FF5 5-FB (21). Betty Brant discusses the hearing with She-Hulk over dinner. Under Val’s guidance, Dom defeats Count Nefaria by absorbing his ionic energy and causing him to revert to his true age, freeing Puglia, Italy from his tyranny. Val misses Franklin. SHIELD brings the Future Foundation kids (minus Dragon Man and several of the youngsters) to Base 4201, the former Camp Hammond, where agents tell Alex to leave because he’s too old. Alex objects and challenges Agent Bainbridge, but Jim Hammond arrives on the scene, introduces himself, and reassures the kids that they’ll be fine under his care. It must be a Saturday. Coat weather in Italy.
FANTASTIC FOUR v5 #6 (1-9)
The same day as FF5 5. This segment occurs “three days” before FF5 8 (1-4). As the Fantastic Four head home after a trying day in court, the Thing asks to be dropped off and he wanders off alone. Reed, Sue, and Johnny arrive at the Baxter Building, only to encounter the Avengers – Cap, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk, Iron Man (in gray and gold armor), Falcon, Iron Fist (back in his green and yellow costume), Spider-Woman, Cage, and Thor – who were ordered by the government to secure the building because of all of Reed’s tech inside. When the FF are barred from entering and told that SHIELD will go through their belongings and forward them, Sue loses it and lashes out at the Avengers with a force field. It must be a Saturday.
FANTASTIC FOUR #642 – FB (11:5)
The same day as FF5 6 (1-9). Sue continues her assault on the Avengers.
FANTASTIC FOUR v5 #8 – FB (5-10)
The same day as FF 642-FB (11:5). Sue fights the Avengers until Jim Hammond shows up and reassures her that the Future Foundation kids are safe and under his care.. Sue cries in Hammond’s arms as the Avengers look on.

FANTASTIC FOUR v5 #6 (10-11)
It must be the day after FF5 6 (1-9) since it is “two days” before FF5 6 (12-14). At Camp Hammond, the kids of the Future Foundation tell Jim Hammond that SHIELD plans to shut down Dragon Man. It must be a Sunday.
ORIGINAL SIN #1 (1/2:1-3/4:6)
The day after NOVA5 16. On the Blue Area of the Moon, the Watcher sees his own impending death. It must be a Sunday.
ORIGINAL SIN #7 – FB (1:1-2/3:2)
The same day as OS 1 (1/2-3/4). This flashback occurs “days” before OS 7. Orb, Dr. Midas, Exterminatrix, and Mindless Ones arrive in the Blue Area of the Moon to rob the Watcher. It must be a Sunday.
ORIGINAL SIN #1 (3/4:7)
The same day as OS 7-FB (1-2/3). Uatu tells the villains he sees them. It must be a Sunday.
ORIGINAL SIN #7 – FB (2/3:4)
The same day as OS 1 (3/4:7). Dr. Midas orders his companions to kill Uatu. It must be a Sunday.
The same day as OS 7-FB (2/3:4). Uatu’s home explodes. It must be a Sunday.
ORIGINAL SIN #7 – FB (11-12)
The same day as OS 71 (5). This flashback occurs “days” before OS 7. Uatu fights off Midas, Exterminatrix, and the Mindless Ones, but Orb can tell that Uatu saw his own death and shoots him. It must be a Sunday.
ORIGINAL SIN #7 – FB (18-19)
The same day as OS 7-FB (11-12). This flashback occurs “days” before OS 7. Nick Fury reports to the Watcher’s home after detecting the incident. He encounters Uatu, whose left eye is wounded by Orb’s shot. It must be a Sunday.
The same day as OS 7-FB (18-19). This flashback occurs “days” before OS 8. Fury tries to get Uatu to tell him who and where his attackers are, but Uatu instead shows him something that causes Fury to call him a son of a bitch. It must be a Sunday.
The same day as OS 8-FB (1-2). Nick demands to know who he needs to kill next, and Uatu replies that he already knows the answer. It must be a Sunday.
ORIGINAL SIN #8 – FB (10-11)
The same day as OS 8-FB (6). Fury recognizes that Uatu has stored secret in his eyes and demands to know who stole his left eye. Uatu states that he’s seen too much and that it’s time for someone else to watch. He raises his hands and threatens Fury. It must be a Sunday.
ORIGINAL SIN #8 –FB (15:1-15:2)
The same day as OS 8-FB (10-11). Fury shoots Uatu dead in self-defense. It must be a Sunday.
NOVA v5 #17
The same day as OS 8-FB (15:1-15:2). This story occurs a “few days” before NOVA5 20. Sam’s mom discovers that Sam has left a giant boulder made of gold in their yard. Recognizing the rock as radioactive, she makes Sam throw it in the sun. She heads to work at the diner, where she overhears some men talking about the strange lights they see every night. Meanwhile at home, Sam’s sister dons his helmet and accidentally blows a hole in a wall with the Nova powers it gives her. When Sam’s mom returns home, she gets upset at the damage and asks to be alone. Sam takes off before his mom has a chance to warn him about the UFO watchers. Nova arrives at Monument Valley National Park, where he helps in the aftermath of a train wreck and rescues a family from a nearby burning home. Sam returns home and tells his mom about the eviction notice he found. She tells him to keep a low profile. In the Blue Area of the moon, the Watcher lies dead. It is a “Sunday” during the school year. Full moon.
NOVA v5 #18 (1:1-7:1)
The same night as NOVA5 17. The Alexanders make a shrine to the fallen Nova Corps in their garage. Sam suits up and jets off into space to see Jinin. As he passes the moon, he senses something wrong and checks out the Watcher’s base, which he finds trashed. He sees Uatu’s corpse, freaks out, and flies away, glimpsing Thor (off panel) as he goes. It must be Sunday.
ORIGINAL SIN #1 (6-30)
The same night as NOVA5 18 (1-7). This story occurs after IM5 28 (12-20) and must occur after NA@3 1 and before A5 29. Thor must appear here after AmX2 12. Thor finds the Watcher’s corpse and calls Cap, who is having dinner at a restaurant with Nick Fury, Black Widow, and Wolverine. “Five minutes” later, the four heroes rendezvous with Thor and Iron Man on the moon. The heroes see that Uatu has been shot in the head and that his eyes were stolen post-mortem. Iron Man notices that some of Uatu’s arsenal is missing. Cap asks Fury to help with an investigation of the murder. Someone sends files to T’Challa in Necropolis and asks him to join a team he’s put together to follow a trail that may lead to Uatu’s murderer. Elsewhere, Ant-Man meets Emma Frost in the vicinity of the New Xavier School to join the Panther’s team. In Los Angeles, Dr. Strange and Punisher grill an informant who know nothing. Strange banishes the man to another dimension, much to Castle’s dismay. Moon Knight and Winter Soldier, paired up on another investigative team, rendezvous with Gamora in orbit above Earth. On the moon, Cap reports to Fury that SHIELD and SWORD are reviewing spaceflight logs and surveillance records for clues. Cap shows Fury green, glowing fragments of a bullet that Widow dislodged from Uatu’s head. Thing and Spidey fight a Mindless One who knows something about what happened and is plagued by what he witnessed. The Mindless One commits an explosive suicide with the Ultimate Nullifier. Cap and Fury arrive on the scene and Fury announces he’s in charge of tracking a murderer. T’Challa, Lang, and Frost head to the center of the Earth. Castle and Strange teleport to their destination. Spector, Barnes, and Gamora set a course. The Watcher’s killers find it hard to control the Mindless Ones they’ve gathered because the creatures are evolving as are they. As they hold one of Uatu’s eyes, they find their own eyes are opening. It must be Sunday.
NOVA v5 #18 (7:2-10:2)
The same night as OS 1 (6-30). Coming to his senses, Nova flies to New York to get help from the Avengers. He smashes into the statue at Avengers Mansion and sees an explosion nearby. He joins Spidey, Daredevil, and Thing in fighting the Mindless Ones. Nova finds Thor and asks him who killed the Watcher. Thor doesn’t know, but he swears they will pay. It must be Sunday. Green trees in New York.

Probably the morning after NOVA5 18 (7:2-7:5). Reed Richards informs Adam Brashear about Uatu’s murder. It is probably a Monday.
ORIGINAL SIN #2 (1:1-18:3)
The morning after OS 1 (6-30). This story must occur before MA2 10. T’Challa, Emma Frost, and Ant-Man discover some frightened Moloids and a graveyard of giants and monsters hidden away in the center of the Earth. Natasha, Logan, Spidey, and Cap chase a Mindless One that leaps from a building onto Nick Fury’s nearby flying car. As Nick uses the flying car’s defenses to snare the Mindless One, the creature demands to become mindless again. Fury blows up the car, which plummets into the East River. He calls Avengers Tower to get a cell prepared for the Mindless One. There, Iron Man and Bruce Banner listen to a news report about the Mindless Ones in Manhattan as they work on the investigation. Strange and Castle traverse a realm of man-eating shadows , where they find a giant beast king of the ancient world, killed by a large bullet that Punisher digs out of the creature. After interrogating the captured Mindless One, the Avengers summon a horde of super-heroes and descend on the place from where it came. Among those present are Nova, Thor, Iron Man (in gray and gold armor), Storm, Cannonball, Iceman, Thing, Falcon, Cage, Fury, Hulk, Black Widow, Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, Captain America, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Magik, and Captain Marvel (BTS). It must be a Monday.
ORIGINAL SIN #2 (18:4) ~ NOVA v5 #18 (10:3)
The same morning as OS 2 (1-18). A horde of Mindless Ones, led by Exterminatrix storm out of the building and engage the heroes in battle. It must be a Monday.
The same day as OS 2 (18:4). While Peter Parker and his staff test some anti-Electro netting at Parker Industries, Peter gets an emergency call from the Avengers and secretly ducks out as Spidey, leaving Anna Maria to makes excuses, but Sajani is tired of Parker’s disappearances. It must be a Monday.
DEADPOOL v3 #29 (1-13)
Deadpool fights vampires, then chats with Mystique (posing as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Dazzler) to recruit her to use her light powers against the vampires. When that fails, Deadpool hops a ride with S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Preston and Adsit, who tell him the Watcher’s been killed. Deadpool drops himself off at the empty Baxter Building to use a time machine. Spider-Man is seen.
NOVA v5 #18 (10:4-16:2)
The same morning as ASM3 4 (1-2). Thor challenges Exterminatrix. Nova fights a Mindless One and inadvertently drops him on the Thing. Nova joins Cap, Daredevil, Cap, and Spidey in facing down Exterminatrix. It must be a Monday.
The same morning as NOVA5 18 (10-16). As Nova, Thing, Storm, Daredevil, Falcon, and Shadowcat fight Exterminatrix and the Mindless Ones, Spidey tries to let his friends know that he’s his normal self. It must be a Monday.
The same morning as ASM3 4 (3:1). Cap fights Exterminatrix. It must be a Monday.
NOVA v5 #18 (16:3-17:2)
The same morning as OSins 1/2-FB. Thor defeats Exterminatrix and Iron Man cuffs her. Nova asks Exterminatrix why and she tells him to watch. It must be a Monday.
The same morning as NOVA (16-17). This story occurs after DP3 27. As a Mighty Avengers promo ad is broadcast in an electronics store, Blade fights and falls to a horde of Were-Roosters, the latest in a long line of were-beings sent to attack him. Adam Brashear meets Ulana on the moon and they talk about Uatu. Adam vow to find the Watcher’s killer. Ulana asks Adam to be godfather for her unborn child. In Manhattan, Cage and Falcon fight a Mindless One before it’s destroyed by Spectrum, who’s upset that she learned from the creature that the Beyond Corporation never existed. Falcon checks in with Nick Fury, who authorizes Sam to tell Fury that Uatu’s been murdered. Elsewhere, Blade finds himself a prisoner of the Deathwalkers – Lichidus, Cairn, Adur, and Viciada. It must be a Monday.
The same morning as MA2 10. As the battle rages with the Mindless Ones in Manhattan, a hooded villain grabs one of Uatu’s eyes and helps the cloaked Dr. Midas out of the building. The heroes stand over the prone body of the defeated Exterminatrix.
Standing over the defeated Exterminatrix, the heroes confront them and notice that they have the Watcher’s eyeball, which the hooded villain announces is now a bomb. It must be a Monday.
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN v3 #4 (3:2-3:3)
The same morning as OS 2 (19). As Spidey battles Mindless Ones alongside Hulk and Logan, he tries to tell them about the mind swap with Doc Ock, but Logan tells Spidey the Mindless Ones killed the Watcher, which Spidey didn’t know (despite the fact that he fought a Mindless One beside Thing and encountered Cap and the Fury LMD previously). They stand over the prone Exterminatrix. Off-panel, Cap tells the Orb to put the eye down. It must be a Monday.
DEADPOOL v3 #29 (14:1-14:3)
Cap repeats his order to put the eye down. Exterminatrix is standing.
ORIGINAL SINS #4 – FB (2/3:12-4:1)
The same morning as ASM3 4 (3:2-3:3). Investment banker Gil Carmichael walks past the heroes who face the Orb. It must be a Monday.
ORIGINAL SIN #2 (20/21:1-20/21:5)
The same morning as OSins 4-FB (2/3-4). The cloaked Dr. Midas and the hooded Orb, holding Uatu’s eye, face off with the gathered heroes. Exterminatrix is now on her knees. The eye glows, and Cage realizes it’s Uatu’s eye. Cap repeats his order to put the eye down, but Orb refuses. It must be a Monday.
ORIGINAL SIN #2 (20/21:6-22) ~ NOVA v5 #18 (17:3-17:4) ~ AMAZING SPIDER-MAN v3 #4 (4:1)
The same morning as OS 2 (20/21:1-20/21:5). The villain removes his hood to reveal himself as the Orb. It must be a Monday.
DAREDEVIL v4 #6 – FB (1:2-4:7)
The same morning as OS 2 (20/21-22). As the heroes are blasted, Daredevil sees a vision of his father beating his mother when he was a child. It must be a Monday.
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN v3 #4 (4:2-5:7)
The same morning as DD4 6-FB (1-4). The Orb blasts the heroes with the Watcher’s eye. Spidey learns that someone else was bitten by the radioactive spider and that she was locked up by Ezekiel. It must be a Monday.
FANTASTIC FOUR v5 #6 – FB (14)
The same morning as ASM3 4 (4-5). As the heroes are blasted, the Thing learns a secret. It must be a Monday.
DEADPOOL v3 #29 (14:4-20)
As the heroes are blasted, Preston and Adsit learn secrets from Deadpool’s past. Meanwhile in the past, Deadpool recruits Dazzler to fight vampires in the present.
ORIGINAL SIN #3.1 – FB (9-10)
The same morning as FF5 6-FB (14). As the heroes are blasted, Hulk’s memories are scrambled with Iron Man’s and they remember a shared experience. It must be a Monday.
The same morning as OS 3.1-FB (9-10). As the heroes are blasted, a bystander is caught up in the blast and learns a secret about Black Bolt before he dies. It must be a Monday.
The same morning as Osins 3-FB (3:4). This story occurs “not long” before INHN 13 and must occur before INHN 2 (1-18). The dead man finds himself manifested in the body of the Inhuman named Lineage. Lineage learns from his new occupant about Black Bolt’s encounter with the Kree and his discovery of the humans who are genetically linked to the Inhumans. Armed with this new knowledge, Lineage makes plans. It must be a Monday.
The same morning as OSins 3. This segment occurs “three days” before ANI 6 (5-19) and so three days after ANI 8-FB (1). At “11:04 AM,” during a meeting with her publicity agent, Ryoko (whose name is changed from Supreme Radiant Friend to Radiance for the American market) is assaulted with a dark secret unleashed by the explosion of the Watcher’s eyeball. It must be a Monday.
The same morning as ANI 6 (1-4). Huginn or Muninn detects the burst of secrets in old Asgard. It must be a Monday.
ORIGINAL SIN #3 (4/5:1)
The same morning as OS 5.1 (1). The heroes reel before the bomb blast. It must be a Monday.
ORIGINAL SIN #3 (4/5:2-4/5:3) ~ ORIGINAL SIN #5.1 (2)
The same morning as OS 3 (4/5:1). As Spidey, Hulk, and Cage try to recover from the burst of secrets, Thor learns he has a sister. It must be a Monday.
The same morning as OS 3 (4/5:2-4/5:3). Thor sees visions of his baby sister and a war involving Odin in ancient times.
The same morning as OS 5.1 (3). Spidey asks Thor, Cage, and Hulk what happened and swings away to find the girl he saw in his vision. He recalls a prophecy spoken to him by Madame Web. It must be a Monday.
The same morning as ASM3 4 (6). As Cage reacts to the learning the secret of his father, Thor takes off to deal with the secret he just discovered, leaving his fellow heroes to deal with the avenging of the Watcher. It must be a Monday.
ORIGINAL SIN #3 (4/5:3)
The same morning as OS 5.1 (4). Bystanders learn some of the secrets of the Watcher. It must be a Monday.
The same morning as OS 3 (4/5:3). Gil Carmichael is caught in the blast from the Watcher’s eye. It must be a Monday.
NOVA v5 #18 (17:5-20:5)
The same morning as OSins 4 (4:2). The bomb blast reveals to Nova a scene from the past in which his dad killed another Nova centurion. Nova recovers beside Iron Man, who asks him what he saw. Upset to know his father wasn’t the hero he claimed to be, Nova removes his helmet and tells Stark he can’t wear it anymore. Green trees in New York. It must be a Monday.
The same day NOVA5 18 (17-20). This story must occur before MA2 11, A5 29, and OSins 1. As the heroes continue to reel, Fury remains unaffected and forces Orb to surrender, but Orb claims not to be the Watcher’s murderer. It must be a Monday.
ORIGINAL SIN #3.1 – FB (17-20)
The same day as OS 3 (6). Iron Man fully regains consciousness and asks Cap and Hill where Hulk went. Learning that he took off in the middle of battle, Stark realizes he needs to find Hulk and make him understand. Banner arrives at the base where he became the Hulk and searches through files that confirm that Stark sabotaged the gamma bomb and turned him into the Hulk. It must be a Monday.
The same day as OS 3.1-FB (17-20). An Inuit attending a heroes parade in Alacantown, New York, is hit with a memory of his discovery of the frozen Captain America as a kid. It must be a Monday.
DEADPOOL v3 #30 (1-2)
After things have calmed down, Nova flies away. Preston and Adsit start looking into what they learned about Deapool’s past.
ORIGINAL SIN #3 (7-22)
The same day as OSins 4/3. This segment must occur before A5 29. Below the Earth’s surface, T’Challa, Emma, and Ant-Man determine that Uatu’s killer has been slaying monsters for a long time. In another dimension, Punisher and Strange conclude that Uatu’s murderer was an exceptional shot. In the galaxy’s outer rim, Winter Soldier, Moon Knight, and Gamora encounter a trail of shell casings floating in space, and a mysterious man anticipates visitors who will require him to have more glowing bullets. In Avengers Tower, Hulk and Logan interrogate Orb, who demands to talk to Fury. Cap reports to Fury that the energy signal they used to track the Mindless Ones has disappeared. Fury confirms that the eye they captured from the Orb is indeed the Watcher’s and that the secrets that blasted from it has incapacitated half their team. He notes that Spidey, DD, and Thor split quickly and that he’s trying to prevent Hulk from killing Stark. Fury wonders who he didn’t see any secrets. Barnes, Spector, and Gamora follow the bullets to a dead living planet that’s been shot full of holes. Moon Knight and Gamora realize they need to call in reinforcements and wonder who sent them to the planet and how he knew about it. Suddenly, Barnes is nowhere to be found and their craft explodes. Spector and Gamora realize that Barnes is their suspect. Back at Avengers Tower, Fury wonders who has Uatu’s other eye. Suddenly, Barnes teleports to him and shoots him, claiming that Nick is guilty of unspecified sins. Winter Soldier beheads Fury and claims the eye. It must be a Monday.
The same day as OS 3 (7-22). Lockjaw learns a secret from the explosion of Uatu’s eyeball. He teleports to Cap, who’s busy, then to Cage, who’s fighting a Mindless One, then to the new Ms. Marvel, then to Emma Frost and T’Challa below Earth’s surface, then to Hohnny Storm at a dance club, then to Spidey, who’s fighting Vulture (maybe on his way to Ezekiel’s building). Lockjaw finally teleports to Iron Man, who accompanies the dog to the moon, where Iron Man helps Lockjaw dig up a secretly hidden bone. It must be a Monday.
The same day as OS 3 (7-22). The Hood gets a call from his cousin John King asking to help the people in his building who were overwhelmed by the explosion of secrets in Manhattan. Hearing that SHIELD agents were rounding up people affected by the explosion, the Hood renders the building’s residents invisible. It must be a Monday.
The same day as OSins 2/2-FB. “Hours” after Exterminatrix was spotted fighting heroes in Manhattan, Hulkling and Prodigy visit Noh-Varr at his space station to tell him about his ex’s activity. Marvel Boy pilots his ship to Earth and impersonates Phil Coulson to get clearance to land in New York City, which has been evacuated in the aftermath of the big fight with the Orb. Noh-Varr, Hulkling, and Prodigy investigate a seemingly abandoned building near the scene of the fight and encounter the Hood inside. The Hood, who has knocked out the building’s residents and rendered them invisible, offers work to the three Young Avengers. It must be a Monday.
The same day as OSins 1/2. Hulkling, Prodigy, and Noh-Varr attack the Hood. The villain tries to get away, but Hulkling catches him. The Hood explains how he was trying to save the building’s residents from SHIELD agents rounding up people who were affected by the explosion of secrets. Fearing that the people will die of overwhelmed minds or be killed by SHIELD, the Hood seizes Prodigy and tells him he’s going to build him a Cerebro so the villain can read the people’s minds. It must be a Monday.
The same day as OSins 2/2. Noh-Varr decks the Hood, who is forced to apologize and plead his case. The Young Avengers refuse to help the Hood, but are finally swayed for the sake of the people who are suffering for the secrets they are forced to bear. Prodigy devises a mini-Cerebro and uses it to scan the brain of the first of the afflicted people, much to the Hood’s pleasure. It must be a Monday.
The same day as OSins 3/2. As the afflicted people are scanned by the mini-Cerebro, Noh-Varr texts with Kate Bishop and Miss America and Hulkling texts with Billy Kaplan. Noh-Varr learns that the mint-Cerebro is encrypting secrets in the victims’ heads and uploading them to the Internet. Upset that the Hood is mixing altruistic actions with self-serving ones, Hulkling and Noh-Varr attack him, but he rebuffs them and demands that Prodigy continue his work to save the victims. It must be a Monday.
The same day as OSins 4/2. Prodigy, Hulkling, and Noh-Varr call Hood’s bluff, but he teleports away. Prodigy replaces Hood’s encryption key with his own, rendering the Watcher’s data useless. After SHIELD takes the civilians into protective custody, Prodigy heads home, where he tries to decrypt the data to find a cure for Hood’s mother and other cures too. It must be a Monday.
ORIGINAL SIN #5.1 (5-20)
Probably the same day as OS 5.1 (4). This segment occurs after L:AOA 5. Seeking answers about the revelation that he has a sister, Thor goes to the adrift Asgardia and confronts Freya, who tells him about an ancient war between Asgard and the Angels of the Tenth Realm, during which the Queen of Angels killed Odin and Freya’s infant daughter, resulting in Odin’s banishment of the Tenth Realm for known existence. Believing his sister is somehow still alive, Thor returns to Earth and recruits Loki to help him break the barrier separating the Tenth Realm from the rest of reality. Old Loki, an evil version of Loki brought from the future to the present by Freya, is the only one who knows the identity and whereabouts of Thor’s sister. He spies on Angela, who is fighting adversaries. It is probably a Monday.
The same day as OS 5.1 (5-20). Odin and the Serpent begin to play a board game in Asgard-Space. Old Loki watches as Angela detects the opening of the barrier to the Tenth Realm. She abandons her Guardians of the Galaxy teammates (Gamora is not present) in the middle of a fight with Warpjackers in warp-space and commandeers a spacecraft to head to the breached barrier. In the Tenth Realm, Thor and Loki are attacked by Angels who fear that an Asgardian invasion is nigh. Upon hearing of the arrival of someone claiming to be Odin’s son, the Queen of Angels ends two dreadnoughts to fight Thor and Loki. Thor destroys both dreadnoughts and demands to know where his sister is. Loki uses his vanishing coat to sneak up on the queen and threatens her with a sword. Realizing that Loki is a Frost Giant, not an Asgardian, the queen offers to strike a deal with Loki and he agrees to discuss it with her. The vengeful Angela arrives in the Tenth Realm and threatens Thor. It is probably a Monday.
The same day as OS 5.2. Odin and the Serpent continue their game. As Thor and Angela fight, the Queen of Angels tells Loki the tale of Odin and the Tenth Realm. The queen finds that she and Loki share similar values that do not include the Asgardian concept of honor. Angela defeats Thor but is prevented from killing him by order of the queen. After “time passes,” Thor awakens as a prisoner of the queen, who introduces him to her new Mistress of Strategies, the female Loki. It is probably a Monday.
The same day as OS 5.3. Odin and the Serpent continue their game. The female Loki taunts the captive Thor, and the Queen of Angels declares a day of celebration, Angela tells Loki she will not leave her people again. As the Queen of Angels tortures Thor, Loki takes command of Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder and leads an armada of Heven to Asgard-Space. He orders the fleet to charge at Asgard-Space, knowing that the golden realm is sealed and that the barrier would destroy Heven’s warships. Loki’s reveals his treachery against Heven once the armada is annihilated. Thor frees himself by summoning a storm and reclaims his hammer. Female Loki enters Asgard-Space and interrupts Odin’s game with the Serpent to ask him for help. It is probably a Monday.
The same day as OS 5.4. This story is referred to has having occurred “recently” in L:AOA 6. Thor must appear here before OS 6 (18-20). As they fight, the Queen of Angels tells Thor how she killed his sister long ago. Angela enters the fray, and as she battles Thor, Old Loki looks on from afar, relishing that the combatants do not know they are siblings. The fight is interrupted by the arrival of Loki and Odin, who recognizes Angela as the long-lost daughter, Aldrif, he thought dead. Thor and Angela are shocked by the revelation, and the Queen of Angels rejects Angela as an Asgardian. Angela refuses to believe her true identity and blames Odin for the loss of the life she knew. Odin, Loki, and Thor depart, leaving Angela to stew about her fate, and head to the Space Between Realms, where Odin expresses his love for his sons. Watching from afar, Old Loki is incensed that the war of Angels he planned was aborted. Angela leaves Heven in search of a new life. It is probably a Monday.
The same day as ASM3 4 (6) and must be the same day as Spidey’s appearance in OSins 1/3. Spidey breaks into Ezekiel’s old building and encounters a recorded message from Ezekiel explaining about the other spider. Spidey finds and frees Cindy Moon, who admonishes her rescuer for allwing her to be detected by Morlun. Spidey tells Cindy that Morlun is dead, unaware that he is indeed alive and altered to Cindy’s existence now that she’s free. Cindy rejoices in her freedom, webs up a costume for herself, and takes off, with Spidey in pursuit. At Parker Industries, Black Cat spies on Peter’s employees as they work on a plan to defeat Electro. Felicia secretly kidnaps Sajani. Cindy learns that her family has moved away from her childhood home and asks how long she’s been locked up. When she learns from Spidey that Morlun came back from the dead once, she realizes that Morlun can return again and gets upset that her captivity was all in vain. She and Spidey find themselves drawn to each other and they kiss. It must be a Monday.
The same day as ASM3 4 (7-20). This story occurs the “week” after ASM3 1-FB (7-15). At the Slide-a-Way, a secret gambling parlor on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Black Cat muscles in on the Eel’s action with the help of Electro. On an Upper West Side rooftop, Spidey and Silk kiss and Spidey learns that Silk knows his identity. At the Fact Channel, Jonah learns he’s getting bumped from an interview because the guest is Sajani Jaffrey from Parker Industries, a conflict of interest given the involvement of his relatives in the business. But Sajani doesn’t show because she’s being held captive by Electro, whom she tells that she’s working on a cure for him. Black Cat delivers the defeated Eel to Mr. Negative and Goblin King, who are expecting to meet with him. Felicia tells Negative that she’s ready for the big leagues. Anna Maria arrives home in Tribeca only to find Spidey and Silk kissing some more there. Anna Maria convinces Peter to substitute for the missing Sajani on the TV interview. He goes to the Fact Channel with Cindy, whom he introduces to Jonah. As Peter talks about his plans for a new super-villain prison on TV, Electro and Black Cat arrive to threaten Parker. Silk attacks the villains, buying time for Peter to secretly change into Spidey and join her. Felicia subdues Spidey and pulls up his mask to reveal his identity as Jonah takes command of the TV coverage of the event.
The same day as ASM3 5. No one can see Peter’s face because Jonah blocks the camera shot. Silk webs up Peter’s face and escapes with Spidey in tow, leaving Jonah despairing over his muffed opportunity and Black Cat wanting to get some allies. Silk takes Peter back to his apartment, where Anna Maria uses Otto’s web-dissolver to get Silk’s webbing off his face. Felicia shows up at the Bar With No Name, where villains are paying tribute to the slain Francine. (For some reason, a male Beetle is shown, although there’s a female Beetle now; and Boomerang and Shocker are hanging out together, despite the fact that Boomerang buried Shocker in SFSM.) The villains shun her since she’s associated with the out-of-control Electro. She returns to her hideout to find Electro grilling Sajani about the ability of the anti-Electro device to cure him.
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN v3 #6 – FB (21:2-21:3)
The same day as ASM3 6 (1-8). Sajani willingly gives Felicia information about the anti-Electro device and the demonstration Parker Industries plans to make to the police.
The same night as ASM3 6-FB (21:2-21:3). Peter arrives at the waterfront with Cindy and Anna Maria to demonstrate the device to Chief Pratchett, but Silk detects danger nearby and Peter changes into Spidey with extra anti-Electro web insulation provided by Silk. Anna Maria is left to cancel the demonstration as Ms. Long and her Fact Channel crew, alerted by an anonymous tip, show up in a helicopter. The disguised Felicia commandeers the device, hoping to use it to amp up Electro’s power. Felicia’s action threatens to kill Electro, whose out-of-control power explodes and brings down the chopper. Spidey tries to save Electro with his insulated webbing as Black Cat presses her attack. Silk saves Spidey and the de-powered Electro as Felicia gets away.
The same night as ASM3 6 (1-17). The police take Electro into custody.
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN v3 #6 (18-21)
The same night as ASM3 6-FB (18:2). Since Shocker and Boomerang are hanging out together in a bar in this issue, they probably appear here before SFSM 1, the start of a story arc that leads to Boomerang burying Shocker alive. Long and Jonah report on the events at the waterfront “tonight.” Cindy Moon shows up at the Fact Channel studio and Long gives her an intern position, starting “Monday,” in appreciation for the tip Moon gave her. Cindy hopes to use the network’s assets to find her missing family. Black Cat gathers the villains who shunned her at the Slide-a-Way, the secret gambling parlor she took from the Eel. The villains show their allegiance to her because she defeated Electro, messed up Spidey, and stuck it to Parker Industries. The freed Sajani returns to Parker Industries and apologizes for telling Felicia about the demonstration. She tells Anna Maria to secretly continue her nanotech work since she has no faith in Peter’s other plans. Despite the black eye his company got from the explosion, Peter is encouraged that he cured Electro.
DEADPOOL v3 #30 (3-20)
Deadpool and Dazzler (from the past) fight vampires before Deadpool returns her to her time. Preston and Adsit help Deadpool find his daughter.
The same evening as OSins 4-FB (4:2). Gil Carmichael tells a friend over dinner how he intends to blackmail Dr. Doom with information about him he gained from the explosion of the Watcher’s eye. It must be a Monday.
DAREDEVIL v4 #6 (1:1-7:2)
The same rainy evening as OS 3 (6-22). Matt Murdock smears mud across an inscription on his father’s gravestone and looks for answers by going to the church where he mother works. There, he learns that Sister Maggie is being held at Ryker’s Island. It must be a Monday.
ALL-NEW INVADERS #6 – FB (10:1, 11:1)
The same night as OS 3 (6-22). At 8:37 AM local time (6:37 PM Eastern), Radiance assaults a SHIELD satellite base in Nagoya, Japan, and takes the personnel there hostage. It must be a Monday.

ALL-NEW INVADERS #6 – FB (12:1-17:1)
The early morning after ANI 6-FB (11:1). As fellow SHIELD agents gather around the satellite base, Jim Hammond enters the facility and asks Radiance why she attacked. She explains that she learned that the Invaders had the opportunity to stop the atomic bomb from being dropped on Hiroshima but chose to let it happen anyway. Radiance claims she assaulted the base to access data to corroborate the information she received from the Watcher’s eye explosion, but discovered information went missing or was censored. She demands that the Torch tell her the truth. It must be a Tuesday.
ALL-NEW INVADERS #6 – FB (18:4) ~ ALL-NEW INVADERS #7 – FB (3:3)
The same morning as ANI 6-FB (12-17). The Torch prepares to tell Radiance the story. It must be a Tuesday.
The same morning as ANI 6-FB (18:4). As the Torch begins his story, SHIELD agents wait outside the base. It must be a Tuesday.
ALL-NEW INVADERS #7 – FB (3:4-15:6)
The same morning as ANI 6-FB (18:5). The Torch tells Radiance how her grandmother Sun Girl and her teammates in the Kid Commandos stopped the Invaders from implement a government assault on Japan designed to force the nation’s surrender during World War II, and how, unbeknownst to the Invaders, the government turned to the atomic bomb as a result. Realizing that the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were indirectly her grandmother’s fault, Radiance is overcome with shame and guilt for her actions and her power starts to get out of control. It must be a Tuesday.
The same morning as ANI 7-FB (3-15). This flashback occurs “a few days” before ANI 6 (5-19). The SHIELD base explodes from the unleashed power of Radiance. It must be a Tuesday.
The same morning as ANI 6-FB (19). Hammond tries to get control of Radiance. It must be a Tuesday.
ALL-NEW INVADERS #7 – FB (2:2-2:3)
The same morning as ANI 7-FB (1). Hammond realizes that while Radiance is lashing out from rage and sadness, she’s protecting the SHIELD agents in the base with her power. It must be a Tuesday.
ALL-NEW INVADERS #7 –FB (16/17:2-18)
The same morning as ANI 7-FB (2:2-2:3). Radiance and Hammond leave the burning base and encounter SHIELD agents who demand Radiance’s surrender. The Torch takes the blame for the explosion, and when word reaches him that Lord Great Dagora is attacking Tokyo, he accepts Radiance’s offer to help him fight the fire-breathing bird monster. Hammond and Radiance battle and presumably defeat Lord Great Dagora. It must be a Tuesday.
ALL-NEW INVADERS #8 – FB (10:1-11:1)
The same day as ANI 7-FB (16/17-18). A squad of AIM agents raids a SHIELD base and steals Thomas Raymond, who’s been cocooned from the Terrigen Mists and was being studied by SHIELD. It must be a Tuesday.
The day after OSins 4 (1-5). As Gil Carmichael waits to meet with Dr. Doom in the Latverian Embassy in New York, he receives word that all his failsafes have been eliminated. He realizes that Doom is on to him and that he’s doomed. He’s brought before Doom. It must be a Tuesday. Green trees in New York.
The day after OS 3.1-FB (17-20). Tony Stark buys a motel on the site of the gamma bomb blast that created the Hulk and investigates his involvement in the incident. He is alarmed to confirm that his past actions did indeed help create the Hulk. Bruce Banner does more research at the Pentagon and confirms Stark’s complicity. Back at his lab, Banner injects himself with a dose of Extremis. He contacts Arno Stark in Troy about tweaking the Extremis formula. They meet at Stark’s mansion and develop a new Extremis formula that Arno injects into Banner, making him a smart Hulk. Hulk excuses himself to go destroy what Arno doesn’t know is his own step-brother. It must be a Tuesday.
ORIGINAL SIN #3.3 (1-17)
The same day as OS 3.2. Hulk tries in vain to threaten Arno into telling him where Tony is, then he destroys Stark’s mansion to get Stark to come to him. Stark is alerted to the explosion and panics that Banner knows the secret. He heads to Troy, unaware that Hulk is on his way there, having learned the location when Arno tried in vain to alert Tony. Tony rigs up a device that recreates the night he sabotaged Banner’s gammy ray bomb. Hulk assaults Iron Man, who activates a safety protocol that envelopes innocent residents of Troy in protective eggs and turns the city into a weapon. It must be a Tuesday.
The same day as OS 3.3 (1-17). Hulk fights Iron Man in Troy. It must be a Tuesday.
ORIGINAL SIN #3.3 (18-20)
The same day as OS 3.1. Tony slips away from the carnage of Troy vs. Hulk and fully realizes his role in the creation of the Hulk. It must be a Tuesday.
The same day as OS 3.3 (18-20). Tony dons a Hulkbuster armor and blasts Hulk to no effect. Hulk smashes the armor and wraps it around Tony. Tony shows Hulk what he did the night before Banner became Hulk – reduce the shielding on the gamma bomb to prevent it from exploding more violently. Hulk changes into Banner and thanks Tony. Stark thinks about the detail he left out of the story, that he tried to warn Banner about the morphogenic effect of the bomb but that Banner was too proud to open Tony’s e-mail. It must be a Tuesday.
It must be the day after OS 3 (7-22), since this story must occur after OS 3.5 and OS 5.5 and a break is best accommodated between OS 3 and 4. Beyond Earth’s dimension, Strange tells Castle that they haven’t been told the whole truth and that others are involved. Barnes teleports to the Blue Area of the Moon with Fury’s head and Uatu’s eye in tow, then teleports away. T’Challa pilots his craft out from below Earth’s surface to the skies, heading for space with Ant-Man and Emma Frost aboard. They receive an alert that Fury is dead. In Avengers Tower, Logan and Hulk discover Fury’s body just as Strange and Punisher appear. Strange and Castle subdue Wolverine and Hulk and take the captive Orb. T’Challa’s team follows a signal to a satellite where they encounter Castle and Strange. The two teams compare notes and learn that the Orb was on the moon when Uatu was killed but the villain speaks mostly gibberish. Orb detects the Watcher’s eye nearby and Winter Soldier makes his presence known. Another ship docks the satellite, and Gamora emerges from it, eager to take revenge on Barnes for his treachery. Moon Knight boards with Rocket Raccoon, who rescued Spector and Gamora in his ship. Winter Soldier defends himself from Gamora’s attack with Fury’s head, and when Gamora’s sword strikes it, the head is revealed as belonging to an LMD. The gathered heroes realize they’ve all been played, and the man who summoned them appears; it’s the real Nick Fury, looking older and accompanied by a squad of Fury LMDs. It must be a Tuesday.
The same day as OS 4. Fury tells the gathered heroes that he was secretly an alien fighter for years. The Orb tells the heroes that Fury isn’t telling the whole truth and keels over. The heroes wonder what’s going on and ask Fury what happened with the Watcher. Fury answers that he died and that he supposes it’s his turn. It must be a Tuesday.
ORIGINAL SIN #6 (1:1-17:1)
The same day as OS 5. This story occurs “weeks” after OS 6-FB. Anxious about the potentially deadly changes they’re undergoing, Dr. Midas and Oubliette flee with a bunch of angst-ridden Mindless Ones on a stolen fishing boat. In the middle of the ocean, Midas summons his hiding space vessel and sets a course for the moon. Aboard a spaceship, Nick Fury tells the heroes he gathered that the Infinity Formula in his system is gone and that he needs one of them to take his place as a secret defender against alien threats. At Avengers Mansion, Iron Man examines the dead Fury LMD in hopes that it may lead them to the real Fury, whom Logan is convinced is pulling the strings of Barnes, Castle, and Strange. A self-defense mechanism destroys the LMD but Stark detects a signal it sent before it blew. Cap assembles the Avengers to head into space. T’Challa tries to get Fury to tell them who killed Uatu, but Fury detects that the LMD exploded and knows the Avengers are on their way. Without much time, Fury zaps Barnes and the LMDs prepare to fire Badoon weapons at the heroes. As the heroes fight the LMDs, Fury gets away and tries to force the Orb to tell him how he got the Watcher’s eye to open. The Avengers arrive on the spacecraft and demand to know where Fury is. Fury emerges wearing an armor and carrying weapons and both of Uatu’s eyes. It must be a Tuesday.
ORIGINAL SIN #6 (17:3-17:5) ~ ORIGINAL SINS #5 (1:1-1:2)
The same day as OS 6 (1-17). Aboard Nick Fury’s secret space station base, the real Nick Fury, aged and frail, monitors the captive Orb. It must be a Tuesday.
ORIGINAL SINS #5 (1:2-10:5)
The same day as OS 6 (17:3-17:5). Dum Dum Dugan arrives to discuss Fury’s aging and offers to share the Infinity Formula from his blood to save Fury. Fury is forced to tell Dugan that he’s really an LMD, one of many that has acting in Dum Dum’s stead since his death in “‘66, the early days of SHIELD.” Dugan denounces Fury and implores him to be a good guy again. He tells Fury not to bring him back, then commits suicide. It must be a Tuesday.
ORIGINAL SIN #6 (18-20)
The same day as OSins 5 (1-10). Thor must appear here after OS 5.5. As Ant-Man, Strange, Punisher, Gamora, T’Challa, and Barnes try to get into Fury’s room, which is strangely guarded by magic, the Avengers – Thor, Falcon, Spidey, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Hulk, Logan, Black Widow, Cap, and Cage – arrive at the base and demand to see the real Nick Fury. Fury, now in armor and holding a pair of eyes, faces the heroes. It must be a Tuesday.
The same day as OS 6 (18-20). This story occurs “days” after OS 7-FB (1-2/3), OS 7-FB (11-12), and OS 7-FB (18-20). Fury blasts Hulk, who plummets to the moon’s surface. The other heroes fight Fury. Realizing that Fury’s been manipulating the investigation from the start, Cap orders Thor to pummel Fury. As the heroes Fury recruited debate about continuing their mission for him, they encounter the Orb , who blasts them with a secret. As Spidey snags the Watcher’s eyes, Fury whispers something to Thor that results in Thor’s hammer plummeting alone to the moon’s surfaced. Iron Man is astonished to see that Thor can’t pick up Mjolnir. Fury gives Iron Man an override code that forces Stark to return to Earth. Cap tries to talk Fury down, but Fury takes off for the moon, where Orb blasts Hulk and Midas and Exterminatrix wander and a group of Watchers gather to observe. It must be a Tuesday.
The same day as OS 7. This story occurs “days” after OS 8-FB (1-2), “a few days” before T4 7-FB, and “days” or “weeks” before T4 1. As a group of Watchers observe, Midas prepares to consume the dead Uatu’s blood and consume his knowledge, but his right hand is blown off by Fury. Midas sics the Mindless Ones on Fury, but Oubliette, seeing that death awaits them if they stay, takes off with her father’s severed hand. As Fury fights the Mindless Ones, Orb claims both of Uatu’s eyes, which attack him. Dr. Strange, Ant-Man, Emma Fost, Moon Knight, Winter Soldier, Punisher, Gamora, Black Panther, and Rocket Raccoon join the fray. Strange gets Fury to admit that he killed Uatu and Barnes tells Fury to give up. As the Watchers observe one of Uatu’s eyes burning into the Orb’s chest, Midas insists that Fury give up the other eye, but Fury assaults Midas with the eye and kills him. Fury collapses by Uatu’s side and an explosion destroys them both. Fury’s satellite full of LMDs disappears, as do Orb and Oubliette, and the Mindless Ones revert to their mindless state. “Later,” the Avengers, led by Cap, arrive on the Blue Area of the Moon and survey the scene of Fury’s and Midas’s deaths. Cap asks why Fury had to die, but neither Strange nor T’Challa give him an answer. Exterminatrix lands on Earth with her father’s hand and resolves to launch a new Midas empire. With one of Uatu’s eyeballs in his chest, Orb shows up at a home to watch a woman kill a man. Punisher, Ant-Man, Moon Knight, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, and Emma Frost leave the moon, where Thor tries in vain to lift his hammer. Winter Soldier assassinates an alien preparing to attack Earth. On the moon, Fury wanders the Blue Area as a chained and cloaked entity called the Unseen. It must be a Tuesday.
-Daron Jensen

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