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George Washington's Chronology

Posted: Tue May 24, 2016 2:16 pm
by vanhornluke
George Washington's chronology on MCP currently consists of a single flashback! The first president of the US deserves a bit more respect than that! Here are some more appearances:

Captain America Comics #68d (Sep 1948); “Trouble in Grade Five”
Astonishing #10b (Mar 1952); “Time-Stream Rescue”
Battle #17d (Feb 1953); “1776”
Young Men on the Battlefield #19c (Feb 1953); “Revolution”
Young Men on the Battlefield #20c (Apr 1953); “Valley Forge!”
Battlefront #17e (Mar 1954); “Lafayette!”
War Comics #26b (Jul 1954); “Valley Forge!”
War Comics #27d (Sep 1954); “The General!”
Battle #33d (Oct 1954); “The Colonel!”
Marines in Battle #2d (Oct 1954); "“The Bonhomme Richard” Episode of the History of the U.S. Marine Corps”
Battlefront #26d (Dec 1954); “Rifleman!”
War Comics #38a (Nov 1955); “Surrounded!”
War Comics #39e (Jan 1956); “The Forgotten Man”
Marines in Battle #23b (May 1958); “Fighting for Liberty”