Addition/correction suggestions for HRC:HOC

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Addition/correction suggestions for HRC:HOC

Post by lettsmonster » Thu Aug 11, 2016 9:23 pm

Two things I noticed after reading this Hercules mini-series.

First, in HRC:HOC 2, we meet the grand-nephew of Jonathan "Junior" Juniper, Roger "Buddy" Juniper. Even though it is his first and only appearance, since he dies in the issue, I feel he should be added to the chronology based on his relationship to his great-uncle who fought side by side with Nick Fury.

HRC:HOC 2 (add)

Second, the Greek god Tharamus is listed as appearing in HRC:HOC 3, but he does not do so as he is killed by Ares in HRC:HOC 1. Suggested correction is:

**HRC:HOC 3 (delete)


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