(Network) Data on Apperances and Characters

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(Network) Data on Apperances and Characters

Post by browler » Sat Dec 03, 2016 9:36 am

So I'm planning to conduct a network analysis of the Marvel universe for a uni project,
Basically like these guys did it:
and (link to their data):

In this dataset the Characters are the nodes and the story's they appear in the links.
So lets say Captain America appeared X, Y, Z, Hulk in Y and Spiderman in Z
data would be in the format

Captain America X Y Z
Hulk Y
Spiderman Z

Unfortunately this dataset is quite old (2002) and not really suited for my analysis anymore.
I'm not really looking forward on downloading the manually from your website, so my question is, whether anyone of you has the MCP data (characters and appearances) in Excel or any other format?
Formatting can done be later (I work with R)

Grateful for any help!

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