Some more Hulk flashbacks

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Some more Hulk flashbacks

Post by Nausiated » Fri May 26, 2017 5:29 pm

I am really on a roll with trying to figure out these flashbacks in newer comics.

Bruce Banner/Tony Stark going to school together: This is something that started being referenced in 2014 and was the center point of conflict between Bruce Banner and Tony Stark in Original Sin. The way I see it it's like this:


Originally the chronology is like this:

IH3 12 - The flashbacks in this story detail his relationship with Angela Lipscombe and how they broke up because he was bitter that she was getting research grants and he was not.

A@12 - In a flashback in this story, Banner is already inventing things.

I think that the sequences where Banner and Stark go to school fit between those two events. Because this is the first time that Banner is told that the only way for him to get funding to do what he wants is by working for the military. So It would make sense that he would have gone to Oxford University in the UK to try and further his education, bridging his scientific application from biology to warfare. With that in mind, I figure it would go like this:

IH3 12 (15:2 - 16:4) - Flashback where Banner can't get funding, breaks up with Angela.

Indestructible Hulk Annual #1 - Flashback of Banner and Stark attending a lecture with Dr. Derenik Zadian, where he tells Banner that the only way he will ever invent something useful to the world is if he gets funding from the military. It looks like Banner and Stark aren't that close at this point. Stark has no mustache.

Indestructible Hulk #17.INH - There is a brief flashback in this story that shows Banner and Stark working together on experiments together.

Original Sin #3.1 - Flashback on page 7. Banner and Stark working together on projects and eventually drifting apart.

A@ #12 - Banner is inventing things

Now let's move ahead in time to just before the gamma bomb accident and where the flashbacks from Original Sin #3.1-3.4 take place...

Incredible Hulk #-1/Fear Itself: The Worthy #1/Incredible Hulk #312: Banner's final confrontation with his father Brian at his mother's grave.

Original Sin #3.1 - Flashback Page 11-16: Banner pitches his gamma bomb project to the military. Tony Stark interrupts the presentation.

IH2 312: Banner moves onto base, meets Betty Ross for the first time


IH3 #15: Banner's work is observed by General Ryker

Original Sin #3.2 Page 8, 15-18: Stark hired by Ross to make the Gamma Bomb stronger. Tony tells this to Bruce, the pair have an argument.

Original Sin #3.4 Page 15-16, 19-20: Stark looks at the Gamma Bomb design, realizes that Banner's attempt to dampen the blast will make it more likely to cause a mutagenic affect. Tries to warn Banner via e-mail, Bruce deletes the e-mail and blocks Stark.

---- Day of the Gamma Bomb Test starts here----

Tony Stark

Iron Man Vol 5 #10-17 Flashbacks: Howard and Maria Stark give birth to Arno, his is born disabled. They start seeking a replacement child to fool the Controller Unit.

International Iron Man #4-5: Amanda Armstrong meets Jude, gets pregnant, gives birth to Tony. Tony is adopted by the Starks.

Avengers: The Crossing #1: Tony is at Avengers Mansion, is looked after by Jarvis.

------------ Skip ahead to Tony's Post Secondary Education-------

Iron Man Vol 3 #19: Tony breezes through schools including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Indestructible Hulk Annual #1: Tony attends Oxford

Indestructible Hulk #17.INH: Tony and Banner begin working together

Original Sin #3.1 - First flashback: The two drift apart.

International Iron Man #1-4 Flashbacks: Tony attends Cambridge University in England, has his rocky romance with Cassandra Gillespie which was manipulated by Hydra so they could learn about Howard Stark's inventions.

-----Skip Ahead again to the death of Howard and Maria Stark----

Iron Man Vol 3 #44: Tony attends his parent's funeral.

International Iron Man #6: Tony is visited by Nick Fury after his parents funeral.

Iron Man: Legacy #3: Tony begins losing himself in his work.

----Skip Ahead to the early days of the Age of Heroes----

Iron Man: The Iron Age #1: As an adult Tony Stark lives a debaucherous lifestyle of the wealthy playboy.

Original Sin #3.1: Tony interrupts Banner's presentation of the gamma bomb

Original Sin #3.2: Tony is hired by General Ross to make the Gamma Bomb more powerful. He tells Banner about the plan, they get into a fight.

Original Sin #3.4: Tony learns the dangers of Bruce's bomb, tries to warn him. Is ignored.

Tales of the Marvels: Inner Demons #4: Tony offers money to the amnesiac Sub-Mariner while out drinking with a date.


I also think I've figured out where the flashback in Marvel Knights: Hulk #3 fits. In it, we see a young Nikoleta Harrow breaking out of AIM custody. This flashback also involves MODOK, Doctor Doom and Doctor Midas. In this story, Nikoletta appears to be a teenager. The only observations that really stand out is: AIM already exists, MODOK is ruling over them, and they are wearing their yellow uniforms. So my position is that this happens sometime shortly after MODOK became AIM. If you roll back the Sliding Timescale, the earliest that Nikoleta could have been a teenager and these conditions could be historically factual would be sometime between publications from 1965-1969.

With Midas and Nikoleta these flashbacks are fairly easy to pin down, they happen prior to their first appearances in Marvel Boy Vol 2 #1 and Morbius: The Living Vampire Vol 2 #5 respectively.

Doom and MODOK however, that's where it gets tricky. My estimation is that it was likely during a period in which they were both laying low.

There is a period of time where both men were in hiding as follows:


Tales of Suspense #94: MODOK seemingly perishes when he sets his base to self-destruct.

Marvel Knights: Hulk #3: The flashback

Captain America #117: MODOK interferes with the Red Skull's use of the Cosmic Cube

Doctor Doom

Daredevil #37: Doctor Doom survives his collision with the barrier put around Earth by Galactus to keep the Slver Surfer in exile.

Marvel Knights: Hulk #3: The flashback

Strange Tales #162-167: Doctor Doom manipulates SHIELD with a Yellow Claw robot as part of a game played against the Prime Mover.


What does everyone think?

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Re: Some more Hulk flashbacks

Post by Nausiated » Sun Jun 11, 2017 5:46 pm

Found some more in Hulk Vol 3...

Hulk Vol 3 #1: There is a flashback to Bruce Banner's college days where he is shunned by Aaron Carpenter and his pals.

This flashback identifies Bruce as diverted away from med school to study physics and engineering. Since it specifically states that he is in college at this time, this likely happened between the Bruce Banner's final days of high school (flashback in IH3 81) and the flashback from Hulk! Magazine #26 where Bruce thinks back to his college days with Randy Cantor.

Hulk Vol 3 #13: Bruce Banner is on the phone with a reporter discussing artificial intelligence. His interview ends as General Ross enters the room and tells Banner that they need to "get the show on the road"

Obviously, this takes place prior to the gamma bomb accident that turned him into the Hulk. I take Ross' to be meaning the "show" in question is the gamma bomb test. As such, I suspect this flashback takes place between the flashback on page 6 & 7 of Wolverine/Hulk #3 (Banner saying goodbye to Poe and her father a few days prior to the gamma bomb test) and the flashback in IH2 2:2 (When Ross re-introduces Banner to his daughter before the gamma bomb test).

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