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New Forum Software

Post by Russ Chappell » Sat Jul 22, 2017 6:09 pm

We've upgraded the forum software.

Everyone's theme has been reset to the default theme of Prosilver, the one that comes with phpBB.

We recommend that everyone update their theme to our customer theme, chronology. It enhances your visual experience, and provides much greater navigation.

To check your theme, scroll to the bottom of this page. If you see links to all of our pages (A - Z, individual characters, other universes, and links to the Key, the FAQ, the Marvelous Zone, Searching the MCP, etc.), you're using the chronology theme. If you don't see these links, we recommend changing your theme.

How to change your theme:

Near the upper right corner of this page, you should see your name, with a drop-down arrow. Click your name.

This will open up a menu. Select "User Control Panel."

Across the top, click the tab "Board Preferences."

Under Edit Global Settings, look for "My board style"

Using the drop-down box, select "chronology"

Click the Submit button.

After a few moments, you'll automatically be returned to the User Control Panel.

Just below and to the left of the Submit button, Click the link for "Board Index"

You may need to refresh your browser. In most browsers, simply press F5.

If you have any problems setting your theme, post here. If you have any other problems or questions with the new forum software, start a topic in the Bug Reports forum.

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