A Spider-Man note circa Grim Hunt/Black Cat

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A Spider-Man note circa Grim Hunt/Black Cat

Post by Clive_Reston » Thu Dec 14, 2017 8:58 pm

The MCP currently has:

ASM 634
ASM 635
ASM 636-FB
ASM 636
ASM 637 (1 - 2)
ASM 637 (3 - 31)

But BCAT2 1-3 and 4 (1-17) all have to happen (very) shortly before "The Grim Hunt" (ASM 634-637) starts: Sergei Kravinoff's not back yet, and Aly has not yet been transformed into his lion form.

BCAT2 4 (18-23) takes place "weeks later"--probably sometime shortly after WOSM2 12, since as of WOSM2 11 Spider-Man and Black Cat don't seem to have caught up since Felicia's adventure with the Kravinoffs.

There are also separate entries for Ana Kravinoff and Anastasia Kravinoff; they certainly seem to be the same person... and Ana's sequence contains:

BCAT2 4 (1 - 16)
ASM 637 (3 - 31)
BCAT2 4 (17 - 23)
ASM 637 (32 - 35)

But it seems much more likely, given the above, that those last two are the other way around: the Grim Hunt ends, the family goes to the Savage Land, where Sergei kills Sasha and Ana kills Aly, and then they return to the States, where Ana kills Vasili.

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