Daredevil Annual 4 (1976)

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Daredevil Annual 4 (1976)

Post by StrayLamb » Sat Dec 23, 2017 4:27 am

I propose a very minor change to DD@ 4, but it makes DD's chronology read a little better - there needs to be gap between DD@ 4 (1-2:5) and DD@ 4 (2:6-35)

this is how it should look..

IM 89 (DD on his way to the airport to head to LA)
DD 138 (DD searches for Karen Page in LA; someone takes a shot at Foggy)
GR2 20 (DD locates Karen in LA)
DD@ 4 (1-2:5) (DD arrives back in NYC, where Heather Glenn meets him at the airport, and tells him that someone took a shot at Foggy)
DEF 40 (DD, back in NYC, defends Valkyrie)
M/TU 51 (DD defends Phillip DeWolff in NYC)
DD@ 4 (2:6-35) (after lunching with Heather, DD heads out, encountering Namor & Black Panther)
DD 139


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