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Thanos question

Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2017 8:15 am
by Aragorn45
At the beginning of Civil War 2, Thanos kills War Machine, injures She-Hulk and is then captured. He then escapes jail and fights the Ultimates, who then capture and imprison him again. Unworthy Thor #2 shows him in jail, while Unworthy Thor #5 shows him free and on his throne. Thanos #1 is supposed to take place in between UT #2 and UT #5. How and when did Thanos escape prison? Then there is GOTG #19, which was released around the same time, in which Thanos is free, fights the Guardian, and is captured and imprisoned again. Where does GOTG #19 fit into the reading order? Was that really Thanos or one of his Thanosi clones?

Re: Thanos question

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 9:16 am
by StrayLamb
Hey Aragorn45,

Unworthy Thor 2 has Thanos still incarcerated in the Triskelion, during the Super-Hero Civil War.

In GotG 17, Carol Danvers speaks to Gamora, telling her that Thanos is no longer on Earth, having escaped during the bedlam of the super hero civil war.

In GotG 19, Thanos meets with Annihilus, the Brood Queen, and others in the Negative Zone, as they make plans to divide the galaxy between them, after first wiping out the Earth, as it poses a threat to galactic order; Thanos agrees to join them on the proviso that the Earth be conquered, not destroyed, as he intends to make it his base of operations. This must occur very shortly after his escape from the Triskelion.

Thanos then goes on to join the Annihilation Wave in the rest of GotG 19, at the end of which members of the newly reformed Nova Corps arrive, presumably to take charge of Thanos.

Thanos takes over the Black Quadrant in Thanos 1, after his escape from the Triskelion, and after the Annihilation Wave, which occured shortly after the end of the Civil War, and presumably having escaped from the Nova Corps. Where did they even come from anyway? Bendis screwing with continuity again. The guy is in serious need of an editor.

Thanos then appears in Unworthy Thor 5, and tells Odinson that he has eyes on greater weapons than the hammer.

Then comes Thanos 2-12.. i think.. pretty sure.. There is definitely a break between Thanos issues 1 and 2..


Re: Thanos question

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 6:37 pm
by Aragorn45
So Thanos escapes the Triskelion after Unworthy Thor #2 in an unknown way, regains his throne in Thanos #1, fights the Guardians in GOTG #19 and gets imprisoned by the Nova Corp. He then escapes the Nova Corps in an unknown way, and then Unworthy Thor #5 happens. Thanos #2-12 then proceeds from there. Is that correct?

Re: Thanos question

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 3:15 am
by StrayLamb
Unworthy Thor 2 - Thanos in Triskelion
Reference in GOTG 17 - Thanos escapes
GOTG 19 - Annihilation Wave - Thanos imprisoned by Nova Corps (takes place very shortly after Civil War II)
Thanos 1 - Thanos has escaped Nova Corps - Takes over Black Quadrant
Unworthy Thor 5
Thanos 2-12

That's simply my interpretation.. others may be able to shed more light if i've missed something..?