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X-Force 116 Placement

Posted: Sun Jun 08, 2008 11:59 am
by frogcoin
Hi all,

I have been reading and placing X-force in the X-continuity for some time by now, but i just found one place where the MCP is not consistent with the placement, in X-force 116, altought theres not much clues to take to make an official placement because jus scott and Wolverine show up in two panels and we dont get any line or reference, the thing goes like this (based on X and UX):

Xfor 116
X 114

UX 394
X 114
X 115
X 116
Xfor 116
UX 395

Paul bourcier also places Xfor 116 actual storyline in the same placement as scott´s placement. Any suggestions? i vote for scott´s placement too.