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Ship/Professor/Prosh, Uni-Power

Posted: Sun Jun 29, 2008 9:03 pm
by Somebody
Just noticed some updates have been made to these, based mostly on stuff I and others posted a while back. Three things.

1) Any appearance of Ship/Professor/Prosh where (a) he's called Professor and/or (b) he appears with an adult Cable (indeed, any comic Nate refers to himself AS "Cable"), or a younger Nate is aware of his presence MUST take place AFTER the Askani'Son mini - as that's where the teenage Cable first becomes aware of him and dubs him "Professor". Currently, Shadow Riders - a comic I haven't got, but which is placed entirely after XFOR 10 in Cable's chronology - is placed before Askani'Son in the Professor section of the chronology for some reason.

2) PPTSS 158 is missing from the Uni-Power chronology for no obvious reason - that's the issue where it tries - and only half-succeeds - to bond with Spider-Man, and should very much be there without a BTS tag (there are other omissions, but I presume those books aren't in the MCP yet at all).

3) GOTG 30 is typoed as GOTO 30 in the Uni-Power chronology.