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Peter Parker: origin

Posted: Tue Aug 12, 2008 12:03 pm
by cweed4
I decided to take a look back at the early chronology for Peter Parker. Aside from adding page/panel breakdowns I did find a few things that needed shifting. The biggest difficuly in analyzing the appearances of a young Peter stem from the confusion about his age at the time of his parents death. This has been depicted or explained to be anywhere from newborn (eg SM:PL) to school-age (eg PPSM2 20).
My working assumptions, in order to get these conflicting stories to jive, are:
- Peter was dropped off w/ Ben & May numerous times for extended periods
- this started shortly after his birth
- Peter has few memories of his parents because he rarely saw them
- they died when he was 3-4 years old and he was attending some type of pre-scool (at least on occasion)

So, the flashbacks in ASM@ 5 for example get a minor tweak.
-ASM@ 5 (11:2)-FB-FB: an infant Peter (w/thin hair) with his parents
-ASM@ 5 (11:3)-FB-FB: toddler Peter (w/full head of hair) at airport waving goodbye, occurs a couple years later as this is Richard+Mary's fateful adventure
-ASM@ 5 (11:4-11:6)-FB-FB: Ben & May get the bad news about parent's traitorous death and decide to raise a toddler Peter as he plays with blocks

The biggest move I made was moving up PPTSS -1. This is kind of a Flash Thompson origin story but Peter does not know who Flash is, even by name. All of the Fred Hembeck stories (starting in WOSM@ 5/3) involve Petey and Flash interacting on some level so they have to take place after this story. I also moved AAF 17 (1:1-1:2)-FB to keep it in the same relative position. This flashback clearly occurs years before the following panel, AAF 17(1:3)-FB, which is noted to be from junior high. The shift for S-M -1 which goes along with these moves is based solely on character age depiction. Peter's youthful appearance is not too troubling but George Stacy looks about 30 and Gwen appears to be a little kid.

The placement for TW 2-FB needed to occur after ASM -1 (takes place 3 years before bite) and AAF 17-FB ("junior high") since it is noted to be a high school flashback.

The first page from SM:PL got moved in front of the slideshow in ASM 400 based on the age depictions from the 2 scenes. (It did surprise me to see a listing for just picture slides. It seems that entries for old photographs and such things could make chronologists' heads explode.)

I took out the FB in PPTSS 225/2 which is an identical scene from SM:PL that came out first.

Also, there are 3 FB entries for ASM 370/2 and I added a fourth that has Peter crawling w/ his parents around.

The one appearance I can't quite figure out is in PPSM2 1/2-FB. This story appears to contradict Mary-Jane's origin by showing her call Peter by name at a much younger age than when she "saw him for the first time at age 13" (from both ASM 259 + SM:PL). It is also stated that Peter's parents had "been killed the year before" this dialogue takes place. Not much wiggle room to explain away these contradictions. Any thoughts?

ASM@ 5 (11:2)-FB-FB removed panel 11:3 which depicts an older Peter
SM:PL (1)-FB infant Peter, must occur before ASM 400-FB which depict a toddler Peter
ASM 370/2-FB (3:6) new scene: baby Peter crawling w/ parents
ASM 400-FB (slides of a young Peter w/ parents)
***** (SM:PL (1) moved up) added FB designation
***** (PPTSS 225/2-FB removed) same scene in SM:PL (1)-FB
ASM@ 5 (11:3 - 11:6)-FB-FB added panel 11:3 since that scene occurs shortly before parents death
ASM 370/2-FB (4:2) added page/panel breakdowns (eating in highchair after parents death)
PPTSSSS 1/2 (5)-FB added page/panel breakdowns
PPSM2 20 (6-7)-FB added page/panel breakdowns
?PPSM2 1/2 (1-6:1)-FB added page/panel breakdowns?
PPSM2 20 (8)-FB added page/panel breakdowns
PPSM2 33 (8:3-12,22)-FB added page/panel breakdowns
PPTSSSS 1/2 (6)-FB added page/panel breakdowns
ASM 370/2-FB (4:4) added page/panel breakdowns (Peter working in garden w/ May)
PPSM2 20 (9:2-10)-FB added page/panel breakdowns
ASM 81 (7:3)-FB added page/panel breakdowns
PPTSSSS 1/2 (7-8)-FB added page/panel breakdowns
PPSM2 20 (11:1-11:4)-FB added page/panel breakdowns
AAF 17 (1:1-1:2)-FB young Peter has numerous friends at his b-day party
PPTSS -1 Peter doesn't know Flash in this story so it must occur before the Hembeck Petey stories
S-M -1 much younger character depictions for Peter, George Stacy, & Gwen Stacy
WOSM@ 5/3
M/AGE 85
M/TALES 235/2
M/TALES 235/3
M/TALES 248/2
M/TALES 251/2
M/TALES 252/2
PPTSS@ 11/4
UTSM '97/2
UTSM -1/2
PPSM2 33 (14-16)-FB added page/panel breakdowns
TW 1 (14:3-15:4)-FB added page/panel breakdowns
***** (TW 2 (7:2-8)-FB moved down) added page/panel breakdowns
ASM -1
***** (AAF 17-FB moved up) added page/panel breakdowns
***** (PPTSS -1 moved up)
AAF 17 (1:3)-FB added page/panel breakdowns (occurs during junior high)
***** (S-M -1 moved up)
TW 2 (7:2-8)-FB occurs during high school
PPSM2 27 (12:1-12:2)-FB added page/panel breakdowns
SM:PL (3-4)-FB expanded to include appearance on extra page
ASM@ 1-FB (5:5) added page/panel breakdowns (at museum w/ Ben+May)
ASM 370/2-FB (4:6) added page/panel breakdowns (Peter receiving award)
AAF 17 (1:4)-FB added page/panel breakdowns
{AAF 15 (1 - 2:3)}