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Doctor Strange's status quo

Posted: Sun Sep 28, 2008 2:05 am
by Somebody
Since a few months have passed, I'm not going to bump the old thread ("New Avengers Annual #2 -- what the #$%^&!?" if anyone wants to see it), but Bendis has now said he's going to follow up on that in post-SI New Avengers: wrote:A fan asked about the new status quo for Doctor Strange. Bendis answered that in Stephen’s mind, he’s failed at being Sorcerer Supreme, leading to his surrendering the role. “So the question is — if he’s not Sorcerer Supreme, who is?” wrote:Why isn't Dr. Strange involved in Secret Invasion? Bendis: He has failed as a Sorcerer Supreme, so the question is -- if Dr. Strange isn't the Sorcerer Supreme, who is? That will all be answered in New Avengers post-Secret Invasion.
Again, I would be nervous about putting anything except Last Defenders #3 between NA@ 2 and SI for Strange, even preliminarily...