X-Men and Spîder-Man

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X-Men and Spîder-Man

Post by Leoparis » Sat Nov 08, 2008 5:18 pm

This occurs "days ago" after the X-Men (Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Angel, Iceman, Beast) fought the Hulk in Vegas (#66)
Prof X is still sick and doesn't appear

Capt Stacy is still alive per Spidey's thoughts

JJJ (on TV commenting on mutants)
Gwen Stacy, MJ Watson, Harry Osborn, Flash Thompson appear in the Coffee Bean
Kraven (just released from prison) and Blob appear
Mr. Sinister appears (he had Kraven take DNA from the X-Men)

Paul Bourcier
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Re: X-Men and Spîder-Man

Post by Paul Bourcier » Sun Nov 09, 2008 3:18 pm

Consulting the Indexes, we discover that, in occuring "just days" after X 66, XM/SM 1 can be placed securely in early October of Peter Parker's sophomore year of college (Year 5 of the Calendar). Luckily, that places Flash Thompson here on the same military leave we see in ASM 72 and 78 -- likely between those two issues.

I have Spidey here between ASM 77 and 78 and Gwen and Harry here between ASM 76 and 78. I have Kraven and Mary Jane here just before their appearances in SM/HT 2, a little later in October (after ASM 80), with M.J. last in ASM 71 (BTS).

The X-Men are here between X 66 and FF:WGCM 3 (in November). I believe we established that a gap of more than "three days" exists between X 66 and X:THY 1 to make room for the team's appearance in FF:WGCM 3-4 and 11. Apparently we were right, as this new mini is meant to go in that gap too.

The Blob is here following his release from captivity in A 103-FB (late September).
Paul B.

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Re: X-Men and Spîder-Man

Post by Somebody » Sun Nov 09, 2008 7:32 pm

Paul Bourcier wrote:Apparently we were right, as this new mini is meant to go in that gap too.
Only the first issue. #2 is in the 80s (some time around Kraven's Last Hunt... so will they start referencing BND retcons?), #3 during the Spider-Ben & adamantiumless-Wolverine period (I dread that one, because the strawmen will probably come out to play...) and #4 somewhere around the present day.

And this isn't an analysis, so since a discussion of sorts has started, I'm moving it to MU...