How much "Marvel time" passed between UX #66 and GSX #1

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Re: How much "Marvel time" passed between UX #66 and GSX #1

Post by Paul Bourcier » Sat Nov 15, 2008 7:59 pm

RLG wrote:
If the character over the Vision's head (7p3) is Cyclops, then he's got a simple, cigar shape across his eyes.
Well, that's his pre-GSX 1 visor. This is an argument for disassociating GSX 1 from DEF 15-16 and M/TU 23 and moving the entire Krakoa mission forward in time from where the Indexes have it. The "secret mission" for which Iceman, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, and Angel depart in M/TU 23 is the mission they're on while Xavier appears DEF 15-16, but it cannot be the Krakoa mission, which also includes Havok and Polaris. (M/TU 23 and DEF 15-16 were published a year before GSX 1.) That as-yet unpublished "secret mission" occurs in late May of Year 8. Cyclops then appears in T 233 the following December. It wouldn't be until the summer of Year 9 that the X-Men go on the Krakoa mission, Vulcan's team gets assembled, then the "All-New, All-Different" team gets assembled. This would certainly make DEADLY GENESIS more sensible. Is there any negative impact this move would have?
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