ASM 203 and Dazzler 1

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ASM 203 and Dazzler 1

Post by newtron » Sat Nov 15, 2008 2:22 pm

From Archive #46:
Posted: 17 Apr 2004 04:09 pm Post subject: I am saying that the chronology needs to be fixed
By Ian Rusten

In your chronology, Dazzler 1 and 2 (in which Spiderman appears) take place right after ASM 203, but according to Olshevsky's Marvel Team Up index 6- published by Marvel some years ago- Spiderman's app in Dazzler 1 and 2 takes place later- in fact before his app in MTU 102 and PPSSM 53. This affects other chronologies- since many marvel characters appear in Dazzler 1 and 2
Posted: 18 Apr 2004 08:16 am Post subject: Index references
By Paul Bourcier [DIRECTOR]

This is an example in which Official Marvel Index references contradict one another, and our general rule of thumb is to accept the most recently published reference. Why? Because Olshevsky's indexes were works in progress. Lists of errata in subsequent issues of any given index and corrections made in subsequent index series testify to that fact.

In the case you mention, the Official Marvel Index to Marvel Team-Up #6 (published July 1987) notes that Spidey's last appearance before M/TU 102, a story that occurs in May, was DAZZ 2. However, the errata listing in the Official Index to the X-Men #5 (published August 1994) notes that the X-Men appeared in DAZZ 1-2 between UX 142 and UX 143, the latter being a Christmas story. And if you look at the Official Marvel Index to the X-Men #3 (June 1994), you'll see that M/TU 100 occurs after UX 144.
Thus, Spidey must appear in DAZZ 1-2 before M/TU 100, so it's not his last appearance before M/TU 102. My conclusion is that further research caused Olshevsky to move DAZZ 1-2 back on the calendar several months.

Also, IIRC, there is a reference in DAZZ 1 to that issue occurring "shortly" after ASM 203.
Paul B.
I'm not sure DAZZ 1 should directly follow ASM 203, at least for Spider-Man's chronology. I believe the reference Paul is referring to is that, when Spidey meets up with Dazzler he says "Hi, lady! Short time no see.*", with the editor's note "Spidey met the Dazzler in issue #203 of Amazing Spider-Man. --Louise.". I think that reference, and the M/TU 100 constraint Paul outlines above, still leaves lots of room for placement. The problem with the current placement is that, while Spidey is swinging around in DAZZ 1 he says "Quiet night! No crime! No action! No pictures for the Daily Bugle!" At the time, however, Spider-Man is working for the Globe, not the Bugle.

Does anybody know of any specific reason why DAZZ 1 immediately follows ASM 203 right now?
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Re: ASM 203 and Dazzler 1

Post by Paul Bourcier » Sat Nov 15, 2008 3:01 pm

neutron wrote:
"Quiet night! No crime! No action! No pictures for the Daily Bugle!" At the time, however, Spider-Man is working for the Globe, not the Bugle.
Well then, Spidey was right -- there were no photos for the Daily Bugle! :wink:

I haven't double-checked the whole Bugle/Globe thing, but perhaps Spidey erroneously referred to his employer in his own thoughts. Understandable; thoughts can be wrong, and after all, he did work for long time at the Bugle.
Paul B.

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Re: ASM 203 and Dazzler 1

Post by cweed4 » Tue Nov 18, 2008 11:36 am

The fix might be worse than the problem. Considering the placement would have to be moved significantly forward past ASM 212 when he returns to the Bugle. It might be preferable to assume that Peter misspoke as Paul suggests. Or, maybe he is just giving the Bugle a little razzing (eg. "Ha, they aren't getting any news!" or "Boy, I'm sure glad I don't take pix for that fishwrap anymore!").