Historical dates for Punisher during Vietnam War

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Historical dates for Punisher during Vietnam War

Post by wolframbane » Mon Dec 22, 2008 5:41 am

I was wanting to gather together any references to specific historical dates for Frank Castle's activities during and after the Vietnam War. The current MAX series seems to indicate Frank Castle was actually active during the historic Vietnam War, rather than just the "military action in Southeast Asia" that Flash Thompson and James Rhodes were active in.

Among the dates I already have:
1968. Served with Bruce Ayers and Chris Hoyle (PUN2 1)
Late Summer, 1969. Rescues George Howe (PUN7 56)
Late October, 1971. Serves at Firebase Valley Forge (BORN 1-4)

February 15, 1950. Frank is born (from the unpublished cover of PUN7 44)
1948-1976. Gravestone of his wife Maria Castle (PUN7 1)
1967-1976. Gravestone of daughter Lisa Barbara Castle (PUN7 1)
1971-1976. Gravestone of son Frank David Castle (PUN7 1)

Is anyone aware of any other dates or references?