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Magneto's Acolytes: where are they now?

Posted: Thu Aug 20, 2009 3:28 am
by JephYork
Have the Acolytes Katu, Kamal and Mellancamp appeared anywhere after UXM #379-380?

(Incidentally, the MCP is missing some of the Acolytes' appearances in those issues, as well as some in X-Force #94 and X-Men #99. They are as follows:

XFOR 94 - Mellancamp, Cargill, Vindaloo, Neophyte, and 3 others (Flying Guy, Guy With Cape [Cortez?] and Other Guy)

UX 379 - Cargill, Cortez, Mellancamp, Kamal, Katu, Neophyte, Vindaloo, Scanner, Unuscione

X 99 - Cortez, Voght, and 2 others, plus others bts (who can tell who's who? Brett Booth's drawing it and everyone's been turned human!)

UX 380 - Voght, Cargill, Cortez, Kamal, Mellancamp

Incidentally, the MCP has Katu down as "Kath". This was originally a typo on Marvel's part; mistaking a U for an H when they published UXM #366-367. However, the Handbooks have now officially made his name "Katu Kath", so there you go.

(BTW, they've named all the other Acolytes as well. Kamal is now Kamal el Alaoui, for example, so now he'd go under A. Or maybe E. But not K.)


Re: Magneto's Acolytes: where are they now?

Posted: Fri Aug 21, 2009 7:10 am
by GodRob
Still researching, but a few things I've come across:

Short answer, I don't show any more appearances for Kamal or Mellancamp after UX 380. No chronological appearances for Katu after UX 379.

1. I've been through X 99 a few times this morning and I can't find Cortez or Voght in the issue, although I do see the two unidentified acolytes.

AHA!: Just looked through Uncanncy X-Men Annual '99. This might be the issue you're refering to. Both Cortez and Voght appear in the issue and there are also two unidentified acolytes standing guard (who look nothing like the two unidentified acolytes from X-Men 99). No other acolytes appear in the issue, unless you count Exodus. Brett Booth did not draw this annual.

2. I do show Kamal appearing in Weapon X: Days of Future Now 4, but it's an alternate future storyline. You did say "anywhere" ... (EDITED: It's Kamal not Katu in this issue.)

3. The MCP shows Amelia Voght appearing in both X-Force 94 & 95. While she's clearly in 95, I guess someone assumed she is one of the three unidentifed ones in 94.

Thanks for straightening out the Katu / Kath problem for me. :thumbsup:

I'll keep researching this over the weekend but I don't expect to find much more. Still, Acolyte research is always fun!


Re: Magneto's Acolytes: where are they now?

Posted: Fri Aug 21, 2009 3:12 pm
by JephYork
Thanks for the help!

You're right; I was confusing X #99 with something else -- but it was actually the Cortez/Voght scene in UX #380 that I was thinking of.

And I don't think Voght is in X-Force #94; the three unidentified Acolytes all appear to be male, and the battle in #95 isn't the same as the one in #94.

Looking forward to see if you find anything else ... thanks for the confirmation that they're not somewhee obvious and I missed them, though!


Re: Magneto's Acolytes: where are they now?

Posted: Mon Aug 24, 2009 8:45 am
by GodRob
So far I've found nothing else.

It seems that after Magneto: Dark Seduction, most of the acolytes don't make any more appearances. A new group with just a few of the former members appear around X-Men 201 (Unuscione, Cargill, and Exodus).

I can't find my New Excalibur series (Exaclibur III?), the one with Professor X and Magneto on Genosha. It's possible there are some acolytes that appeared during that short series.


Re: Magneto's Acolytes: where are they now?

Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2009 4:36 pm
by Mikhail
Here's what I have for last appearances for the Acolytes:

X-Men (2nd series) #3: Chrome, Delgado, Nance, Anne Marie
X-Men (2nd series) #42: Rusty Collins, Milan
X-Men (2nd series) #43: Javitz
UXM #298: Eric Kleinstock
Magneto #4: Orator
Quicksilver / H4H Annual '98: Decay
UXM #379: Katu
UXM #380: Mellancamp, Kamal
Magneto: Dark Seduction #2: Sven & Harlan Kleinstock, Spoor, Rem-Ram, Static, Barnacle
Magneto: Dark Seduction #4: Fabian Cortez
Cable / Deadpool #42: Senyaka
UXM #491: Skids
UXM #492: Neophyte, Gargoyle, Projector, Vindaloo
UXM #507: Magneto
X-Men Legacy #225: Exodus, Voght, Unuscione, Tempo, Karima, Random
Utopia #1: Cargill
UXM #514: Colossus

I also thought I identified Rem-Ram and Senyaka among the corpses reanimated in New Avengers #20, but Senyaka has appeared since then. Wouldn't be the first time, but...

Re: Magneto's Acolytes: where are they now?

Posted: Wed Aug 26, 2009 10:00 pm
by JephYork
Hmm. Thanks, Mikhail!