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Hood's gang

Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2009 12:30 pm
by jannepie
Besides the ones in NEW AVENGERS #35, there are lots of villains in Hood’s gang that I can’t recognize. Would anyone know who the following are? Of course, some that appeared in the big fight in SECRET INVASION might not be villains and some seen in the meeting in NEW AVENGERS #55 might be generic on purpose. My latest issue of NEW AVENGERS is #56 and I wonder if newer issues bring relief or more challenge.


1. Page 11-12, panel 4. The man in normal clothes, between Jigsaw and Thunderball.


2. Page 19-20. The black masked man behind Ares. Could also be in AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE #19 p11p1 and NEW AVENGERS #35 p8p2.

3. Page 19-20. The pink haired woman behind Ka-Zar. Diamondback?

4. Page 19-20. The baldie behind Thor.


5. Page 1-2. The green costumed man behind Chemistro. Also in #8.

6. Page 1-2. The green costumed man with green energy coming from his hands in the lower left corner. Also in #8 p9-10p11, behind Captain America.

7. Page 7-8, panel 1. The man behind Daredevil. I think that’s Hydroman in front of them.

8. Page 7-8, panel 1. The man with red and white costume towards the right.

9. Page 9, panel 2. Behind/right to Ares.


10. Page 29. Black man with purple/silver/yellow costume and a funky gun. Also in #55 and SECRET INVASION #7, where colored as Caucasian.

11. Page 33, panel 4. Ronin uses him as a human shield. Tombstone?


12. Page 1, panel 1. The strongman fighting Wolverine. Probably the same one in p4p6, left from Dr. Demonicus.

13. Page 1, panel 1. Stomped by Mockingbird.

14. Page 4, panel 1. On the left. Also in SECRET INVASION #6 and possibly in #7 p7-8p3, where colored yellow. Mauler?

15. Page 4, panel 1. The man on the right.

16. Page 10, panel 2. The man between Scarecrow and Tigershark.

17. Page 10, panel 2. The man between Tigershark and Griffin.

18. Page 10, panel 2. The man in front of Griffin.

19. Page 10, panel 2 (on Griffin’s right) & page 11-12, panel 5 (right from the Living Laser). The man in red and silver costume.

20. Page 10, panel 2. The character with a hood, behind the Living Laser.

21. Page 10, panel 2. The man standing in front of Blood Brother.

22. Page 10, panel 2. The big blue-skinned man sitting in front of Blood Brother.

23. Page 11-12, panel 3. The man with yellow buttons underneath his cheek.


24. Page 21-22. The man with a long jacket, between Thunderball and Deathwatch.

Re: Hood's gang

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 9:39 pm
by Mikhail
50 - I think this guy is a badly miscolored Centurious.

56 - The guy in the leather duster is Bushwacker, I think.

Re: Hood's gang

Posted: Thu Nov 12, 2009 9:45 am
by jannepie
Which one do you think is Centurius?

Unrecognized character #5 seems to be Squid. His tentacles are just behind all the action. I found this when I was doing some übergoogling and someone had made a notice how Squid happens to look a lot like miscolored Constrictor from NEW AVENGERS #35.

Re: Hood's gang

Posted: Mon Nov 30, 2009 8:10 am
by jannepie
Oh right, my #10 is Centurius. I came across a picture of him with that costume on. He seems to change costume in the middle of the fight in NEW AVENGERS #50 (different artists), which confused me.