Placement of Hulk: Let the Battle Begin

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Placement of Hulk: Let the Battle Begin

Post by Paul Bourcier » Mon Mar 15, 2010 9:22 pm

I think I've figured out a placement for Hulk: Let the Battle Begin #1. The flashback of this issue (divided into several segments) occurs one day before the main story. In the flashback, the Hulk defeats the Wrecking Crew at Mount Rushmore, then takes on Thor for good measure.

I theorize that the Wrecking Crew appear here during the "three months" between IF 11-FB and IF 11, as the villains make their way from Yellowstone Prison back to New York. So all four of the Crew would be here between IF 11-FB and IF 11.

Chronological analysis of other books at this time would yield the following chronologies for the Hulk, Thor, and Thunderbolt Ross:

Hulk -- between M/TE 12 and DEF 57-FB
Thor -- between M/TIO 23 and T 238
Thunderbolt Ross -- between H2 198 and H2 199

Paul B.