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Before you notify us of an error...

Posted: Wed Dec 15, 2010 3:53 pm
by Russ Chappell
We get a lot of posts that run like this:
Anal Retentive Man wrote:The Red Cabbage's chronology reads like this:

QWE 12
POB 33

HOWEVER, the Steel Turnip reads like this:

QWE 12
POB 33

See? You have the Red Cabbage in JKL 9, then in QWE 12. For the Steel Turnip, the order is reversed. Clearly, one of them is wrong. JKL 9 came out 2 months before QWE 12, so Steel Turnip is probably the wrong one.

You're welcome.
Okay, there are a number of things wrong with this, but let's just talk about one of our pet peeves.

A simple reversal of two books in two character's chronologies is not evidence, in and of itself, of a mistake in the chronologies.

Let's say that Paul's Calendar has this to say:
January 12
JKL #9 (1 - 11)
Red Cabbage defeats the Flaming Mop.

January 15
QWE #12 (1 - 11)
Steel Turnip goes on a date with Modine Gunch.

January 27
QWE #12 (12 - 22)
Red Cabbage eats lunch at Wings 4 U.

January 30
JKL #9 (12 - 22)
Steel Turnip battles the Rusty Doorknob.
As you can see, Red Cabbage appears in JKL 9, followed by QWE 12, while the reverse is true, for Steel Turnip. If Red Cabbage & Steel Turnip appear in any scenes together in these books, then, yes, it looks dark for our chronologies, but the point is, without the books in front of you, you can't know that. Things can be complicated a bit, if there's a third book, in between those two, for both characters. But we still want you to go to the books, when alerting us to a potential error, rather than simply reading the chronologies, and assuming there's an error.

So we're going to ask for your help.

When alerting us to a potential error, please include a statement telling us, among the books mentioned in your post, which ones you have, and which ones you don't have.

Finally, please don't be offended by what we've said here. We don't have any partcular person or post in mind. If you think we're calling you out, you're mistaken. We're talking to everyone.