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What's Barrington's deal?

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 11:58 pm
by JephYork
Remind me again what the deal is with "Barrington".

In X #8 or so, Wolverine finds that name in a computer database, but can't get any more info. In W #60, he's namedropped as part of the Team X unit on the Berlin mission where they fought Omega Red. (He's arranging a helicopter to airlift the team out.) I seem to recall that he was the villain of the backup stories in X #12-13. And then, didn't he become an actual character in the Maverick ongoing series?

The MCP lists him as appearing in Gen X Annual '95. And that's the *only* place they list him.

In that Team X/Berlin/Omega Red flashback, which is mainly covered in X #5-7, the team's taking orders from someone called "the Major". In the present-day sequences of X #5-7, Maverick is *also* taking orders from a "Major". Are they the same Majors? Is the Major also Barrington?

Can anyone who's more Barrington-savvy than me help out? Thanks!


Re: What's Barrington's deal?

Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 12:48 am
by SeanCurtin
As far as I can tell, Barrington's only on-panel appearances are in MAV2 1-4, though I don't have those issues here. According to GENX 61, the "Barrington" who appears in GENX '95 is actually Black Tom Cassidy in disguise, though I'd guess that the character appearing in GENX '95 was meant to be Team X's Barrington when the story was originally written.

Re: What's Barrington's deal?

Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 2:33 am
by JephYork
I did some homework. In X #5, Maverick reports to "the Major" (whom we do, briefly, see on-panel). In X #11/2, Maverick is called "Barrington's errand boy" or something like that. In Maverick #2, Barrington's full name is revealed as Major Arthur Frederick Barrington.

So it looks like "the Major" is Barrington.

In X #5-7's flashbacks, the Berlin/Omega Red mission, Team X is taking orders from "the Major." Could it be the same guy? Looks that way -- in W2 #60 fb, which also flashes back to the Berlin mission, Wraith says that Barrington arranged a helicopter for their escape.

Looks like Barrington was *that* Major too.

Thanks for letting me know about the Black Tom thing! I wouldn't have made that connection.