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Age of Apocalypse questions

Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2011 2:36 am
by JephYork
I haven't read the recent "return to the Age of Apoc" story in Uncanny X-Force, and my notes on the 2005 revival (the AoA one-shot, 6-issue mini and crossover in Exiles #60-61) are fragmentary. Can you folks help me answer some questions?

Do the Human High Council (Bolivar Trask, Moira MacTaggert-Trask, Emma Frost, Brian Braddock, Mariko Yashida) make any appearances in those issues? What about Gateway, Donald Pierce, or Carol Danvers?

Have there been any flashbacks to the time of the original AoA event? If so, who appeared in them, and roughly when did they occur?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Age of Apocalypse questions

Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:29 am
by Mikhail
None of the characters you mention make appearances in the timeline post-X-Men Omega. The Human High Council isn't even mentioned as a concept. Gateway appear on the last page of Uncanny X-Force #12, and will appear in the following issue.

The X-Men: Age of Apocalypse one-shot contained four short stories, three being flashbacks to before X-Men Omega.

1) A Colossus story, leading into Generation Next. Piotr declares he is done with fighting, and so Magneto offers him a job teaching the next generation of X-Men. In addition to Colossus, Magneto, and Shadowcat, other X-Men present include Rogue, Sunfire, Quicksilver and Storm. Holograms were shown of the Gen NeXt team, including Chamber, Husk and Vincente. Other holograms appeared that weren't clearly identifiable as Mondo, Skin, and Know-It-All. Timeline wise, it would be at least a few months before X-Men Alpha, possibly longer depending on how long Gen NeXt was operating. The X-Men are not yet living in the X-Mansion.

2) A Sabretooth story, about how he finally quit Apocalypse. Creed rebelled against Holocaust during the Los Angeles culling, and was imprisoned with Wild Child. They fought, Creed established himself as the Alpha male, and they escaped together, killing a bunch of Infinites. The main story is narrated as a memory of Creed's from "two years ago", and there's a brief panel at the end showing him working with the X-Men in the "present" - Magneto, Rogue, Shadowcat, Iceman and Sunfire. Timeline wise, it's certainly between X-Men Chronicles #1-2. If the "present" image is to be taken literally, it would have to be before Shadowcat left for Generation NeXt in the previous story.

3) A Weapon X story, about how he first met Mariko. Set in Japan, a two-handed Logan, Silver Samurai, and Mariko appear. Mariko is dressed like a Japanese school girl, making it some time ago (especially considering this meeting led to the conception of Kirika Yashida, Logan's teenaged daughter by Mariko in the present). Timeline wise, between X-Men (2nd series) #41 and X-Men Chronicles #1.