Children's Crusade 7 and A 503 FBs

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Children's Crusade 7 and A 503 FBs

Post by Michael » Thu Sep 22, 2011 11:06 pm

We're going to have a lot of headaches in a few months trying to figure out when Children's Crusade takes place. But for now, we might want to try and figure out when the flashback in Children's Crusade 7 takes place. In Children's Crusade 7, we learn that Wanda went to Doom in hopes that he would restore her children, and that's how Wanda got her "Life Force" powers that drove her crazy. Now the question is, does this take place before or after the flashback in A 503? In A 503, the Wasp mentions that Wanda had two kids. Wanda asks Jan what she's talking about, and Jan pretends she didn't say anything and makes an excuse to leave. Bendis intended that Wanda had never regained her memory of her kids after AWC 52 and Jan accidentally blew the secret. Unfortunately, Wanda has referenced her kids several times since AWC 52.
The problem with the flashback in Children's Crusade 7 taking place after the flashback in A 503 is that the flashback in A 503 references Jan's affair with Clint that started in A3 79. And Doom was in Hell from FF 500 until Civil War. So Wanda had to go to Doom before FF 500. Is it possible to move A3 79 back before FF 500? I'm not sure.
The other possibility is that Wanda went to Doom before the flashback in A 503. It's possible that the "Life Force" caused Wanda to lose her memory of her kids (again). Jan could have pretended she didn't say anything and excused herself because she was afraid that she might have offended Wanda, not because she was keeping Wanda's kids secret from her. But if Wanda went to Doom before A 503, that raises the question: when did Wanda go to Doom?

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Re: Children's Crusade 7 and A 503 FBs

Post by Paul Bourcier » Sat Sep 24, 2011 4:39 pm

From the flashback in Children's Crusade #7, it appears that immediately after receiving the reality-altering powers of a god, Wanda goes right from Latveria to Avengers Mansion, where she wreaks her havoc in A 500-503. That can't be right; a gap of some time must occur there for the following reasons:

In Children's Crusade #7, Wanda refers to "all the time we spent in Latveria together," presumably prior to their capturing the life force that transformed Wanda. However, Wanda makes a number of other appearances just prior to A 500. Witness CA&F2 1-8. So either a gap needs to open between those pre-A 500 appearances and A 500 to allow for that Latveria time, or the time in Latveria occurs a while before A 500.

FF 517 makes a reference to the Avengers who are in the hospital as a result of A 500-503. If the flashback with Wanda and Doom really occurs right before A 500, then Doom's appearances in FF3 68-70 and FF 500 would have to occur after A 500-503. We have to ask if these FF issues plus FF 501-516, not to mention FOUR, can really occur in the fairly short time between A 503 and FF 517. Remember too that FF3 68 was published in June 2003 and A 503 in December 2004.

Could the flashback in Children's Crusade have occurred months before A 500 (prior to FF3 68)? Perhaps Wanda fled Latveria, overwhelmed with power but managed to create mental dampers that kept the power in check for a while. Doom didn't get much of a chance to follow up with Wanda, as he had other fish to fry then went to Hell. Wanda's mind eventually has bouts of corruption here and there, as in A 503-FB (in which she kills Agatha Harkness) and in whatever the heck was going on with Cap in CA&F2. Then, finally, the dam breaks in A 500. Plausible?

If so, we may be talking about an appearance by Wanda in the Children's Crusade flashback between A3 63 (March 2003) and UX 425 (August 2003). This reflects Index/MCP chronology; the Calendar varies.
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