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Early Hulk panel, Banner college years

Posted: Sat Oct 15, 2011 2:21 am
by intp

I've been trying to figure out where a particular panel comes from, without success.

The panel occurs in H2 393, as part of a feature near the end titled "Psychological Ramifications of Gamma Radiation" by Leonard Samson, PhD. This is a text article by Samson that also includes panels from various issues. Some of these panels are readily recognizable, such as from Banner's childhood (H2 312) and as a young student (H2 226). However, I have been unable to identify one panel, on the second page of that story. In text, it states, "Bruce Banner attended Desert State University in Navapo, New Mexico, where he studied such contemporaries as Walter Langkowski... Peter Corbeau ... and Raoul Stoddard ..."; just below that text is a panel that is apparently from a college dorm room; there are four people seated in the room; Banner apparently in the lower left side; possibly Langkowski [Sasquatch] is one of the others; one of the four is a female. The caption states (without identifying the narrator): "I only knew Banner for one term, but he and I were half of a very special little group. We saw a brave, new world beyond our ivy-covered walls and we wanted to comprehend everything about it. While our contemporaries were 'turning on and dropping out', we gathered to squeeze everything we could out of our educations. We were young and idealistic."

I have verified that this panel does not occur in H2 226, 227, 312, 377, 403 or 410, or H3 12 or 13. Because of the references to Langkowski, Corbeau, and Stoddard, I also checked H2 130, 148, and H@ 8 without success. (Incidentally, I came across a single panel in H2 313, on pg. 16, pn. 5, of a flashback to Bruce Banner as a roommate with Langkowski "at the university, years before I became the Hulk", which perhaps should be added to the Hulk's chronology, probably somewhere close in time to the college appearance in the flashback in H2 377 (15), where he kisses Susan Jacobson; Susan's last name was given in H2 410). The art looks like Byrne's, so I also checked H2 314-319, but I verified that it doesn't appear there, either. The one issue that I have not yet checked (but, if memory serves, the panel wasn't from there, either) is the Sasquatch flashbacks in AF 11/2; I do not have ready access to that particular issue but I do have it somewhere.

Otherwise, I am baffled as to where this panel originates. Could it possibly have been a new panel for that page? Seems unlikely, since the other panels are from other older issues.

If anyone could help identify the source of this panel, I would be very appreciative. It, too, would presumably go somewhere close in time to the flashback in H2 377 (15) although it is unclear exactly how old Bruce Banner was in that particular flashback, so it's not clear if it would come before or after it.

Re: Early Hulk panel, Banner college years

Posted: Sat Oct 15, 2011 2:35 am
by Peter Fabricius
It is from Alpha Flight (1. series) #11, from 1984, written and drawn by John Byrne
It is the 4th panel of page 2 of the 2nd story in the issue, an origin story for Sasquatch, Walter Langkowski is the blond guy on the bed.

Re: Early Hulk panel, Banner college years

Posted: Sat Oct 15, 2011 2:43 am
by intp
Awesome! Thanks so much.

I would suggest that there be two additions to the Hulk's chronology (brackets indicate existing entries):

[H2 410 (14:6)-FB-BTS]

H2 313 (16:5)- FB
AF 11/2 (2:4)- FB

[H3 12 (14:1 - 14:2)-FB].

The rationale is that Banner appears to have been a relatively young college student when he knew Susan Jacobsen (as of the flashback in H2 410), whereas he was already in medical school with Angela Lipscombe at the time of the flashback in H3 12.

Re: Early Hulk panel, Banner college years

Posted: Sat Oct 15, 2011 6:44 pm
by intp
The two particular cited appearances (H2 313 (16:5)- FB, and AF 11/2 (2:4)- FB) would also be the only ones indicating that Banner had known Langkowski [Sasquatch] during their college years.

It occurred to me that perhaps the following addition should also be made to Sasquatch's entry, just before AF 11/2: H2 313 (16:5)- FB.

Re: Early Hulk panel, Banner college years

Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2011 1:24 pm
by intp
Just curious, is there a formal process for proposing additions to entries? I didn't mean to step on anyone's toes here but I was wondering if my suggestions might be considered at some point.

Re: Early Hulk panel, Banner college years

Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:08 pm
by JephYork
By posting the suggestions here, you just completed the formal proposal process. ;)

Now we wait and see if anyone else responds -- either to challenge your suggestions or support them.


Re: Early Hulk panel, Banner college years

Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 12:16 pm
by intp
One other question I had was if anyone could ID the other two individuals in the panel from Alpha Flight # 12 (the one with Banner and Langkowski during college), particularly the woman. I assume the third guy is probably Peter Corbeau; but did Banner ever have a female scientific colleague that he knew from college? (I assume this isn't Angela Lipscombe, whom he met in medical school).

Edit-- the issue is actually Alpha Flight # 11, second story (not Af 12).

Re: Early Hulk panel, Banner college years

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2012 4:40 pm
by intp
I have been trying to figure out how to upload scans of the pertinent pages (H2 312 pg. 16; AF 11/2 pg. 2), but for the life of me can't seem to do it. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Please disregard. I can't seem to do it because the images are jpeg's larger than 256 kb.

Re: Early Hulk panel, Banner college years

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2012 7:45 pm
by Russ Chappell
You could upload it to some photo hosting site and just link to it from here.

Re: Early Hulk panel, Banner college years

Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2012 2:15 pm
by intp
I came across the following excellent analysis by michel in another thread. I have put proposed appearances of Banner, when he knew Langkowski, within the context of that analysis:

H2 312-FB (1-3) Bruce's birth
*H2 312-FB (4-5) several months after Bruce's birth
H2 227-FB (6:1-6:3) plays with cubes, burns himself
*H2 312-FB (6-10) Bruce's fourth Christmas, Brian hits Bruce and Rebecca
*H3 13-FB (17:4-17:6) Bruce feels rejected, his parents often leave him alone in his room
ORDER 6-FB (1:2) Brian, drunk, hits 9 year old Bruce
M/GN 18-FB (1:3) She-Hulk GN Jen meets Bruce for the first time, still in Brian's house
*H2 377-FB (8:2-11:2) Brian kills Rebecca
*H2 403-FB (15:6-16) Brian orders Bruce to lie at his trial
*H2 403-FB (18) Bruce lies at his father's trial
*H2 -1-FB-FB (10:1) Brian's conviced to have killed his wife, threatens Bruce
A@ 13-FB (11:3) Jen visits the Banners during the summer
H2 312-FB (11-12) Bruce at science school, raised by her aunt, incident with chemicals with Mr Thayer
*H2 227-FB (7:2-7:6) high school, incident with chemicals with Mr Woodman
*H3 77-FB (6:2-7;9:1-9:3)
*H3 78-FB (1-2;10-15)
*H3 79-FB (6;13-14)
*H3 80-FB (1-2)
*H3 80-FB (13-14)
*H3 81-FB (1;8-10) the bomb incident in high school
*HMAG 26-FB (12:4) in college, with his roommate Randy Cantor
*H2 226-FB (12:3-12:6) Bruce dates Sally Moore
H2 410-FB-BTS (14:2) in college, Bruce meets Susan Jacobson
H2 410-FB-BTS (14:4) Bruce dates Susan
*H2 377-FB (15) incident with Susan
H2 410-FB-BTS (14:6) Susan apologizes but leaves Bruce

H2 313 (16:5)- FB [Banner meets Langkowski some time in college]
AF 11/2 (2:4)- FB [Banner is with Langkowski and two other colleagues in college]

H3 12-FB (14:1-14:2) in med school, Bruce notices Angela Lipscombe
H3 12-FB (14:3) Bruce and Angela become friends
H3 12-FB (14:4) Bruce and Angela date
H3 12-FB (15:1) Bruce and Angela are an item during the school years
*H2 367-FB (6:2) moved, science school, in class with Phil Sterns
H3 12-FB (15:2) Bruce sends out applications for his work on gamma particles
H3 12-FB (15:3-16:4) Bruce is turned down, he flees and leaves Angela
A@ 13-FB (12:1) Bruce works on top-secret projects
H2 -1-FB (7-17) Bruce begins to work for Ross, his father is released from the mental hospital
H2 312-FB (13-14) Rebecca's death anniversary, Bruce work's acknowledged, Brian hits Bruce
H2 -1-FB (19-21) Bruce kills his father
*H2 312-FB (15-17) first day at Desert Base, Bruce meets Betty
*W/H 3-FB (2) Po's a baby, Bruce made godfather
*H3 12-FB (6:3) Bruce works alone in his lab
M/:LG 12 (22:2) Ross shouting at Bruce, before FF 1
M/SAGA 1 (4:5) Ross shouting at Bruce, with Betty
*W/H3-FB (4-5:3) Po's a child, takes interest in the afterlife
W/H3-FB (6-7) a few weeks before the bomb test, Po and her father disappear in their plane
*H 4-FB-FB (2:2) Ross introduces Bruce and Betty, the day of the bomb
*H3 12-FB (17:5-18:3) Bruce notices Ryker and talks to him
H3 15-FB (9:4-9:5) Bruce, Ross, Betty and Ryker in the bunker with more people around
*H2 312-FB (18:1-18:3) sixty minutes before the bomb, Bruce tells Igor the gamma formulae are in his cottage
*HMAG 20-FB (3:1-3:3) in the bunker, with a serviceman and a civilian
{H 1 (2-3:1)}