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Re: AVX chronology

Post by wolverine7230 » Sat Nov 14, 2015 3:46 am

Yes, it really is cluttered, isn't it? Sorry that I didn't notice your new post sooner, I guess I just don't really pay much attention to 'stickied' threads, but now it's been un-'stickied', I was scrolling through the forum and there it was.

You put Uncanny X-Men p5 before AvX #1 p27. Where is the logic of having Cap say something, then Cyclops not reply, then they walk to greet each other (in silence), and then speak. In my mind, I just don't see how this fits. In my opinion, yes this should be the first time Cap says it due to Cyclops' reaction, but it should be after they greet each other.

New Avengers #24 was just pointless, wasn't it? I guess you could treat it as if they've fallen off after Colossus hit them, and are now in formation???

in my opinion, the worst part of the Utopia fight were the SHIELD jets. You always see them flying around yet they don't interact with any of the fights at all (correct me if I'm wrong). Is it just me, or does anyone else want to see SHIELD Fighter Aces vs Colossus or someone similar?

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Re: AVX chronology

Post by Frans » Sun Feb 14, 2016 4:50 pm

Sorry for my massively late reply.

The reason for having UXM#11 p5 before AvX#1 p27 is that Cyclops is standing just in front of the other X-Men. On p27 he is walking away from them. I have to admit that it is a bit odd to have Captain America saying that they have to take Hope into protective custody. I'd like to think that Cyclops is building up tension by not saying anything or implying that he did not hear Captain America say it the first time or maybe he really did not hear it. I'd even thought at one time Captain America was more or less talking to himself. As I said, some scenes make no sense, like...New Avengers #24.

When Colossus hits the Helicarrier, you see Avengers actually fall down in the water. In NA#24 they all jump towards Cyclops. That's why the jumping from higher to lower decks come into place. Also the Helicarrier looks not damaged at all. That's why I thought to place this scene before Colossus hits the Helicarrier. If you have another suggestion for placement, please let me know.

When I have some time, I will continue with the rest... :roll:

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Re: AVX chronology

Post by Frans » Sat Mar 12, 2016 10:40 am

Paul Bourcier wrote: AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #2 (2:2-5:1)
The same day as UX2 11 (8). Colossus rams through the Helicarrier and Rulk attacks him. Part of the craft breaks off and Avengers plummet into the water, where Namor approaches the Thing.
UNCANNY X-MEN v2 #11 (9)
The same day as AVX 2 (2-5). In the water, Namor punches Thing and Rulk and Colossus square off.
AVENGERS v5 #28 – FB (1/2:1)
The same day as UX2 11 (9). Rulk punches Colossus underwater.
The same day as A5 28-FB (1/2:1). Namor belts Thing out of the water.
AVX VS. #1/2 (1-2)
The same day as AVX 2 (5:2). Thing goes flying through the Helicarrier.
AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #2 (5:3-7:4)
The same day as AVXV 1/2 (1-2). Cage assaults Namor. On shore, Scott and the X-Men scramble and Cap throws his shield at Scott’s head. The two teams lunge at each other.
AVX VS. #1/2 (3-5)
The same day as AVX 2 (5-7). Thing plummets back down and belts Namor and the two battle beneath the sea.
The same day as AVXV 1/2 (3-5). As the Helicarrier hits the beach, the Avengers and X-Men battle.
AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #2 (8-11)
The same day as A5 25. Hope and her charges watch the battle and Emma orders them to stay safely inside. Iron Man assaults Emma and Magneto comes to her rescue. Quicksilver watches news coverage of the battle and leaves the Scarlet Witch to rush to Iron Man’s aid against Magneto.
AVX VS. #1
The same day as AVX 2 (8-11). Magneto dumps a tower from Utopia on Iron Man, who fires a magnet storm at Magneto and follows up with some satellite-fed energy from Jupiter’s magnetic field. Iron Man pummels Magneto in an air battle as he detects the Phoenix Force consume another planet. The defeated Magneto realizes Wanda will be needed.
AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #2 (12:1-16:3)
The same day as AVXV 1. T’Challa and Storm find themselves on opposing sides. Hope and the Lights watch as the heroes battle. Cage (apparently momentarily) joins Thing in fighting Namor.
AVX VS. #1/2 (6-10)
The same day as AVX 2 (12-16). Namor calls a sea creature, which Thing defeats and uses its tusks to pin Namor. Thing wades to shore as Namor flies out of the water.
The same day as AVX 1/2 (6-10). This flashback occurs “three hours” before W&X 10. Cap orders the Avengers to take the beach. Logan, Spidey, Cap, Giant-Man, Thing, Spider-Woman, Black Panther, and Rulk fight Domino, Magik, Sunspot, Psylocke, Storm, Colossus, Warpath, and Namor. Apparently, Rulk and Colossus briefly resurfaced on the beach during their mostly underwater struggle.
AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #2 (16:4-19:1)
The same day as W&X 10-FB. In the center of the battle on the beach, Cap tries to reason with Scott as they fight. Illyana lures Dr. Strange into Limbo. Spidey and Logan sneak into the X-Men’s headquarters, where Hope subdues her team.
UNCANNY X-MEN v2 #11 (10:1-12:4)
The same day as AVX 2 (16-19). In the water, Colossus loses control of the Juggernaut power and turns into a monster to face Rulk. Inside Utopia, Hope reflects on what’s happening to her as her friends lay unconscious.
AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #2 (19:2-19:3)
The same day as UX2 11 (10-12). Spidey and Logan burst in to see Hope flaming up and standing over the bodies of her friends. Logan bears his claws.
UNCANNY X-MEN v2 #11 (12:5-13:5)
The same day as AVX 2 (19:2-19:3). Logan charges at Hope as Spidey looks on.
AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #2 (19:4-20:1)
The same day as UX2 11 (12-13). Hope stops Logan and sets him aflame.
UNCANNY X-MEN v2 #11 (14-20)
The same day as AVX 2 (19-20). Hope tosses Logan, Spidey, and someone else aside and flees from Utopia. The transformed Colossus fights Rulk, but the mind of Peter Rasputin decides to avoid destruction by allowing Rulk to pummel him and revert him back to normal as he loses consciousness. Magik alerts Scott that Colossus has fallen and Cyclops activates the Avengers Protocol, in which Kate Kildare e-mails a “letter to humanity” concerning the reprehensible war on mutants.
AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #2 (20:2-21:2)
The same day as UX2 11 (14-20). X-Men and Avengers alike burst into the room to find Logan, Spidey, and Hope’s team sprawled on the floor. Hope continues to flee.
Hereby my thoughts and order on the Utopia Beach Fight. Generally I can not find actual proof that the Helicarrier falls down on the Beach. My order follows the notion that the Helicarrier does not fall down. In Avengers #25-FB it does not fall down (IMO). Therefore I do not believe that Colossus and Red Hulk are fighting outside the water, inside the water, outside the water and inside the water again... My order is a bit different from Paul's. Also the whole fight between Namor, Thing and Luke Cage is messy for any chronology, but also here my order is different. Please have a look and let me know if you have questions or do not agree.

AVENGERS VS X-MEN 2 (page 2 panel 1)

Magneto uses his powers to use Colossus as a projectile, speeding him towards the Helicarrier. X-Men are at the beach (unrecognisable).
UNCANNY X-MEN 11 (page 8 panel 3-4)
Colossus punches into the Helicarrier, seen by Namor. Namor jumps into the ocean.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 2 (page 2 panel 2 - page 5 panel 2)
Colossus pierces the hull of the Helicarrier amidst the Avengers. Avengers say Colossus tries to crash the Helicarrier. Iron Man, Spider-Woman, Doc Strange fly outside the Helicarrier. Colossus destroys more of the hull. Red Hulk attacks Colossus, but this causes a lot of Avengers to fall down as the hull collapses. Several Avengers fall into the ocean. Thing hears the voice of Namor. Namor punches Thing out of the water. Luke Cage counterattacks him. Namor and Luke Cage continue to fight.
AVX 1 (page 11-12)
Namor punches Thing out of the water. Thing crashes through the Helicarrier seen by some fighter pilots. Amount of repair damages is mentioned.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 2 (page 5 panel 3-4)
Luke Cage counterattacks him. Namor and Luke Cage fight under water.
Assuming Namor temporarily defeats Luke Cage before the second part of AvX #1 (Thing/Namor part) to happen.
AVX 1 (page 13-20)
Thing falls back into the water, but Namor awaits him. They fight and Thing establishes to pin down Namor to the ocean floor with some fish teeth. When he emerges from the ocean as victor, Namor resurfaces.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 2 (page 6-7)
Iron Man, Spider-Woman, Doc Strange attack the X-Men on the beach. Cyclops blasts at them. Then Cyclops gets hit by the shield of Captain America. Several Avengers surface from the water they just fell in. The teams run towards each other to begin the big beach fight.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 2 (page 8-11)
Emma Frost takes Hope inside with the other X-Men students. He asks them to keep Hope there and they may not enter the fight themselves. She runs back to take out all Avengers with a telepathic blast. Iron Man expects her plan and zaps her down. She transforms to diamond and punches Iron Man. Then Magneto helps Emma Frost and Iron Man and Magneto fight. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver watch the fight at a tv screen. Quicksilver plans on going and asks Scarlet Witch to come with. Seconds later Quicksilver joins the Iron Man/Magneto/Emma Frost fight and punches his father Magneto in the face. Scarlet Witch sees her father an brother fight and switches off the tv, noting a scrap book where she drawed the Phoenix ending the world.
AVX 1 (page 1-10)
Magneto and Iron Man fight.
This should happen after Iron Man attacks Emma Frost.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 2 (page 12)
Avengers and X-Men fight on the beach. Warpath and Spider-Man, Iron Fist and Domino, Black Widow and Jubilee, Psylocke. Daredevil and Magik. Wolverine fights Sunspot and Magma; Sunspot calls Wolverine a traitor. Hawkeye, Spider-Man again. Black Panther and his wife Storm go into a fight. Storm calls Black Panther a stubborn man.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 2 (page 13 panel 1-4)
Hope wants to get out there, because she's the reason for the fight. The other X-Students want to hold her in, but she punches Transonic on the nose.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 2 (page 13 panel 5 - page 15)
Cyclops blasts Captain America on his shield. Iron Fist, Daredevil, Spider-Man, Giant-Man. Magik, Psylocke, Warpath. Captain America tries to reason with Cyclops, but Cyclops is too angry because Captain America listened to the lunatic Wolverine first. Cyclops wide eye-beam blast several Avengers with Wolverine in the center. These Avengers are Black Widow, Hawkeye, Daredevil, Black Panther, Giant-Man. Cyclops summons Captain America to end this. But also the latter does not want to listen. Domino, Hepzibah, Psylocke. Captain America knocks Cyclops down with his shield. Further fighting between Spider-Woman and Psylocke, Daredevil and Warpath, Domino, Hawkeye.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 2 (page 16 panel 1)
Red Hulk and Colossus still fight on the Helicarrier.
Red Hulk and Colossus have not been seen falling down from the Helicarrier so far. Assuming that after this panel they fall down (off panel).
AVENGERS 25 (splash page 1 and 2, page 3 first panel)
Fight scene on the beach of Utopia. Colossus punches Iron Man. Captain America punches Magneto. Spider-Woman blasts Sunspot. Shield has joined the fight with jets. Spider-Man fights Namor. Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine, Red Hulk and Doctor Strange also are on the scene, but it does not show whom they are fighting.
Hard scene to place chronologically. Captain America says "Take the beach", which would imply that this was at the first pages of Avengers vs X-Men #2. However the inclusion of Red Hulk, Colossus and Namor makes this impossible. Assuming Red Hulk and Colossus fell down from the Helicarrier (at a later stage) amidst the fighting on the beach (off panel). Also we have to place this after the AvX fight of Namor and Thing, where both rised from the sea. Also assuming that Luke Cage is still unconscious in the water.
Wolverine and Captain America yell "Take the beach". A big fighting scene is happening with inclusion of a lot of Avengers and X-Men. Sunspot and Wolverine. Psylocke and Spider-Man. Domino. Magik. Giant-Man. Captain America and Cyclops. Thing. Red Hulk. Colossus. Warpath. Storm. Black Panther. Spider-Woman.
Hard scene to place chronologically. Captain America says "Take the beach", which would imply that this was at the first pages of Avengers vs X-Men #2. However the inclusion of Red Hulk, Colossus and Namor makes this impossible. Assuming Red Hulk and Colossus fell down from the Helicarrier (at a later stage) amidst the fighting on the beach (off panel). Also we have to place this after the AvX fight of Namor and Thing, where both rised from the sea. Also assuming that Luke Cage is still unconscious in the water. Another big topic is that Spider-Woman is in this scene as well as in Avengers 25. In Uncanny X-Men 11 she is under water, motionless.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 2 (page 16 panel 2-3)
In panel 2 Namor and Luke Cage and Thing, all under water. In panel 3 Doc Strange is fighting Emma Frost and Magneto; Sunspot fights Giant-Man; Nemesis defeated Quicksilver and now takes on Iron Man.
Assuming Thing and Namor landed up into the water again. There they fight once more.
AVENGERS 28 FLASHBACK (page 1 panel 1)
Red Hulk fights Colossus under water.
It looks like they just jumped in the water, so place before Uncanny X-Men 11 where the fight continues. Assuming Red Hulk and Colossus ended up in the water. And Colossus is now seen with his Juggernaut helmet.
UNCANNY X-MEN 11 (page 9-11)
Colossus and Red Hulk fight under water. Nearby Namor is fighting Thing with a motionless Luke Cage. Also Spider-Woman is seen floating motionless under water. Red Hulk punches Colossus more and more until he turns into evil Juggernaut.
Also a very hard scene to place chronologically. Spider-Woman is seen floating motionless under water. However she is nowhere else seen in or never fell into the water. Therefore assuming Spider-Woman was punched into the water off panel. Also the fact that Colossus and Red Hulk fight under water is odd at the least. They fought in the Helicarrier at the start of Avengers vs X-Men 2. On page 16 of AvX 2 they still fought in the Helicarrier. And because of their appearances in Avengers 25 and Wolverine and the X-Men 10 we assumed they fell out of the Helicarrier but not in the water but on the beach. So they fought others in between and now are fighting under water. How they end up there is a uncertain. Another cracker is Namor fighting Thing again under water with Luke Cage floating motionless. Also Namor and Thing were part of other fighting scenes in Avengers 25 and Wolverine and the X-Men 10 making this scene hard to place. If we treat the first water fight as on its own, they can fight others in between.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 2 (page 16 panel 4 - 17)
Captain America tries to convince Cyclops once more to give up Hope so the Avengers can protect her. Cyclops says to Magik back door. Captain America instructs Doctor Strange to follow. Magik has tricked Doctor Strange, because she's now in Limbo, her domain in which she is master. She says to him that she's surprised that he was dumb enough to follow her.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 2 (page 18 - page 19 panel 1)
Danger says to Cyclops that Utopia will fall quickly now. Then Cyclops notices that Wolverine is missing. Avengers and X-Men are still fighting. Wolverine and Spider-Man go through the drain pipes looking for a way into Utopia to find Hope. In the mean time Hope has taken out all of her fellow X-Students using Phoenix power.
UNCANNY X-MEN 11 (page 12 panel 1-4)
Hope stands amidst the defeated X-Students and is covered in Phoenix Fire. She thinks no-one understands her.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 2 (page 19 panel 2 - 19 panel 3)
Wolverine and Spider-Man burst in the room and see Hope covered in Phoenix Force standing between the defeated X-students. Wolverine pops his claws.
UNCANNY X-MEN 11 (page 12 panel 5 - page 13)
Hope sees Wolverine coming at her with his claws stretched. Spider-Man tries to stop him.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 2 (page 19 panel 4 - 20 panel 1)
Hope stops Wolverine's attack. She holds him in the air and lets him taste the kiss of the Phoenix.
UNCANNY X-MEN 11 (page 14)
Hope tosses Wolverine and Spider-Man aside. Then Hope runs away from Utopia.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 2 (page 20 panel 2 - 21)
Both teams find the room with the unconscious X-Students, Wolverine and Spider-Man to see that Hope is gone. Hope is seen covered in Phoenix flames running away over water.
UNCANNY X-MEN 11 (page 15-21)
Red Hulk finally defeats Colossus under water. Magik knows and tells Cyclops. Cyclops asks Danger where Hope is. Danger tells that Hope is off-island. Cyclops orders Kate Kildare to activate the Avengers protocol which is a press release.
This UXM scene happens after AvX #2 where Avengers and X-Men burst into the room to find the burned Wolverine/Spider-Man and Hope gone. Afterwards they search the premesis for Hope. They find out that Hope is off-island (as Danger says). Placing this before AvX #2 is a bit odd because Cyclops burst into the room asking "Hope" and he would have just found out then that she's off-island.

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Re: AVX chronology

Post by Frans » Sun Feb 19, 2017 12:04 pm

Paul Bourcier wrote: SECRET AVENGERS #26 (1:1-8/9:3)
The same day as AVX 2 (20-21). Aboard a spacecraft, Beast tells Captain Britain of his previous encounter with Phoenix as they finish working on a Phoenix cage designed to hold the Phoenix Force within. Thor and Valkyrie supply Brian with booze to build confidence. Two Kree plot to draw the Phoenix to a doorway to its home with the help of a sliver of the M’Krann Crystal and the Nega Bands. The space-bound Avengers learn that the Phoenix Force has destroyed another planet and suit up.
The same day as SECA 26 (1-8/9). In deep space, Thor, War Machine, Beast, Ms. Marvel, Protector, Valkyrie, and Vision face the Phoenix Force.
The same day as AVX 2 (22). After an “hour” regrowing his flesh, Logan comes to and Spidey tells him that Scott and the X-Men surrendered to Cap. Iron Man and Cap argue about what to do with the X-Men until Magik tricks the Avengers into believing she’s Dr. Strange and teleports her team away, leaving a defeated Strange with his teammates. Magneto, Scott, Emma, Magik, Colossus, Namor, Storm, and Danger appear in Long Beach and plot to find Hope using the Cerebra unit at the Jean Grey School. In San Francisco, Hope works on a scrambling device.
The same day as AVX 3 (1-9). Cap, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Logan, and Pym deliver Kavita Rao, Madison Jeffries, Sebastian Shaw, and the kids from Utopia to Avengers Academy where they’re to stay for the duration of the war with the escaped X-Men. Logan asks Laura to help. The visiting Hercules stages an Olympic-style competition between the Academy and Utopia kids. Lightspeed and Transonic compete in an aerial sprint, and Loa helps Mettle surf on land. The tension puts an end to the competition. Finesse and Laura practice in the training room. Sebastian Shaw buils up his energy by bashing a book against his head for “eight hours” and escapes the holding cell Jeffries designed for him at the Academy.
AVX VS. #6/3
Probably the same day as AvAc 29. A scientific disagreement turns into a free-for-all. This scene may occur at Pym’s lab at Avengers Academy during the time Jeffries and Rao are there. For some reason, Dr. Nemesis and Broo are here, as are Beast, Iron Man, and T’Challa.
The same day as AvAc 29 and probably the same day as AVXV 6/3. Wiz Kid gathers Hazmat and the mutant Academy students to question the Utopia kids’ protective custody as a violation of their freedom. Kavita Rao suspects that the escaped Shaw aims to hurt Emma Frost’s students out of revenge. X-23 gives Hazmat advice about Mettle. Madison Jeffries dons his Box armor and searches for Shaw in the storm drains beneath the academy. Shaw assaults him before pummeling Hercules. Finesse tells Laura about the Phoenix. The Academy kids square off against the Utopia kids when the latter try to leave campus. Wiz Kid, Ricochet, and Penance switch sides and matters get worse when Juston and his Sentinel show up. Tigra tries to stop Shaw and fails. Laura decides to side with the Utopia kids and gets Juston to send his Sentinel away. Shaw appears before the kids.
The same day as AvAc 30. The Academy kids attack Shaw and the Utopia kids defend him. After a brief melee, everyone realizes Shaw is only trying to help the Utopia kids break out. The debate about the kids’ confinement at Avengers Academy continues, and finally Tigra realizes the Utopia kids are right. She stages a fight to make it look on camera that she and the Academy kids tried to prevent the Utopia kids’ escape. Shaw takes off, figuring his debt to Hope is paid, and Crosta returns to the sea. X-23 decides to stay with the Academy. Pixie teleports Rao, Jeffries, and the rest of the Utopia kids away, leaving Loa behind by her request. Tigra and Hercules ponder the wisdom of their decision to let the kids go.
The same day as AvAc 31. This story occurs “three hours” after W&X 10-FB. Kitty sees a TV news report that Utopia is now in SHIELD’s hands. Logan arrives at the Jean Grey School and reports that Scott and his X-Men got away. Magik teleports Scott and Emma to the school and Logan sics Krakoa on them. Scott calls a truce and tries to get Logan to join him as the students look on. Logan and Scyclops debate about the Phoenix. When Warren tries to fly too high and plummets to earth, Genesis catches him. Scott, Illyana, and Emma depart, and Rachel and Iceman tell Logan they intend to fight on Scott’s side. Warren insists on going with Bobby and they appear to depart (but they don’t leave yet). Logan receives a priority alert from Captain America ordering all Avengers to their tower. The Shi’ar Death Commandos arrive on Earth to kill the Phoenix host. Green grass and trees at Westchester.
The same day as W&X 10. The faculty of the Jean Grey School (Rachel, Iceman, Cannonball, Rogue, Chamber, Mimic, Husk, Frenzy, Gambit, and Kitty w/ Lockheed) meet to discuss the Phoenix situation. Rachel and Iceman confirm that they’re helping Scott and leave. As Rogue tries to teach a class, a Quinjet containing Moon Knight, She-Hulk, and Falcon (w/ Redwing) lands at the school. The faculty scramble to meet the Avengers, who note that they’re there to monitor the school to make sure there’s no trouble. Kitty makes the Avengers stay off school property, and the three heroes park their Quinjet nearby. Frenzy visits the Avengers and challenges them not to cross a line. She then provokes Moon Knight, who steps over the line and a fight ensues. When She-Hulk unintentionally mows down a group of students, Rogue attacks her. Falcon calls for backup and an Iron Man AI Armor arrives. Green grass and trees at Westchester.
The same day as W&X 266. This story occurs “a couple of weeks” before W&X 14-FB. Rogue resorts to her old tricks to fight the Falcon, She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and the Iron Man A.I. Armor alongside Frenzy, Gambit, and Mimic. Husk gets Match, Glob Herman, and the injured Hellion inside the school and Kitty joins her fellow faculty in fighting the Avengers. Learning from Kitty that Iron Man’s a drone, Rogue cuts loose and destroys it after defeating Falcon, She-Hulk, and Moon Knight. Rogue loads the defeated Avengers into their Quinjet and sends it away on autopilot. She tells her teammates to call Rachel and Iceman and tell them they’re joining in the fight. Green trees at Westchester.
AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #3 (10-20)
The same day as X 267. At Avengers Tower, Cap and Logan receive a report from Rachel that Cerebra locates Hope’s energy readings in five different places at once. After filing her report, Rachel contacts Scott to tell him the Avengers are on the trail. Cap divides the Avengers into teams to investigate the five locations. Aboard an aircraft heading for the Savage Land with Sharon and Pym, Cap and Logan get into an argument about Logan’s plan to kill Hope. Cap attacks Logan to take him off the board and Pym kicks him out of the aircraft. Logan survives the fall and strikes out on his own. Green trees in San Francisco.
SECRET AVENGERS #26 (8/9:4-8/9:5)
The same day as AVX 3 (10-20). Thor, Vision, Valkyrie, Captain Britain, Protector, Ms. Marvel, and War Machine try to stall the Phoenix Force and use their Phoenix cage. Thor soars toward the Phoenix Force to distract it.
The same day as SECA 26 (8/9:4-8/9:5). Hope finds the stranded Logan in Antarctica. As Thor’s teammates float in space, Thor whirls as hammer before the Phoenix Force.
SECRET AVENGERS #26 (10/11:1)
The same day as AVX 4 (1-3). Thor challenges the Phoenix Force.
The same day as SECA 26 (10/11:1). Thor hurls Mjolnir at the Phoenix Force. Staggered, the Force is refreshed by consuming a nearby planet. Hope proposes to Logan that he let her try to control the Phoenix and asks him to kill her if she can’t. Logan agrees and the two leave Antarctica.
SECRET AVENGERS #26 (10/11:2-13:2)
The same day as AVX 4 (4-7). The Phoenix Force damages War Machine’s armor, preventing Rhodey from using the Phoenix cage. Valkyrie retrieves the wounded Thor and Captain Britain tries to make a hero’s stand, but the Avengers are beaten.
AVENGERS v5 #26 (9-10)
The same day as SECA 26 (10/11-13). The Phoenix Force soars past the defeated Avengers.
SECRET AVENGERS #26 (13:3-20)
The same day as A5 26 (9-10). The sudden appearance of the Kree’s doorway allows the heroes a respite. As they retreat to their spacecraft, the Kree unveil Mar-Vell’s corpse, wearing Captain Marvel’s original costume and the Nega Bands. The Phoenix Force consumes the Kree ship, and on Hala, a minister announces an approaching hour of ascension as an organic Kree omniwave subliminally influences the Kree. As The Avengers’ craft approaches Hala, Thor recuperates in a medical lab, Rhodey is badly injured, and Beast reprimands Brian for his rash action in facing the Phoenix. Sitting atop the Avengers’ craft as it lands in Hala, Protector and Ms. Marvel encounter the Phoenix-resurrected Captain Marvel, who tells them they must kill the Avengers.
The same day as SECA 26 (13-20). Protector bows to Mar-Vell, who kisses Carol. Beast stabilizes Rhodey’s condition and Thor gives Captain Britain a pep talk. Suddenly, the omniwave-controlled Mar-Vell, Ms. Marvel, and Noh-Varr burst into the Avengers’ ship and attack Thor, Beast, Captain Britain, Vision, and Valkyrie. The trip triumph, capture Rhodey, Valkyrie, and Captain Britain, and destroy their ship. Vision, Thor, and Beast survive the blast. The Supreme Intelligence announces to Hala that the captured heroes will be executed, and Vision tells Thor the Kree welcome the Phoenix Force with open arms. Mar-Vell tells Carol that the power of the Phoenix surges through him and has rendered his cancer inert. The two embrace. Thor, Vision, and Beast try to free the Kree population from mind control and evacuate them from Hala before the Phoenix’s arrival. Mar-Vell, Carol, and Noh-Varr arrive to stop the three Avengers. Mar-Vell defeats Thor then observes Kree soldiers killing innocent Kree civilians who had broken free of the mind control.
The same day as SECA 27. As Mar-Vell, Ms. Marvel, and Protector carry the unconscious Thor, Beast, and Vision, they snap out of the omniwave influence and realizes the threat the Phoenix brings to Hala. They interrupt the execution of Captain Britain, Valkyrie, and Rhodey and break the influence of the Kree minister’s son over the Kree populace. The son challenges his father and the minister kills him. When the Avengers confront the minister (Mar-Vell’s nephew), he commits suicide. With minutes remaining before Phoenix reaches Hala, the Avengers launch into space, Carol summons her Binary powers and tries to coerce the Phoenix through an inter-dimensional portal opened by Thor with Mjolnir. When that plan fails, Captain Britain manages to push the Phoenix back. Mar-Vell gives up his energies to the Phoenix, which sates the creature. Phoenix leaves, the Avengers depart for Earth with the recuperating Thor and Captain Britain, and Mar-Vell’s inert body lands on a planet and is claimed by its vegetation.
UNCANNY X-MEN v2 #12 (1-18)
The same day as SECA 28. Cyclops assigns teams of X-Men to find Hope at the five locations and to fight any Avengers they may encounter. Namor, Hepzibah, and Sunspot head to Tabula Rasa, where the good Apex monitors the arrival of Thing, Cage, and She-Hulk. As the Avengers enter a cave and fight the slug-like creatures that inhabit it, Namor calls on help from the aquatic queen. Namor spies trhe Avengers and assaults Cage. A fight ensues between the Avengers and X-Men.
AVX VS. #2/2 (1-3)
The same day as UX2 12 (1-18). After defeating Doombots in Latveria, Spider-Woman, Daredevil, Spidey, and Mockingbird are attacked by Colossus.
AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #4 (8:1-13:2)
The same day as AVXV 2/2 (1-3). At an abandoned Hellfire Club safe house, Emma reports to Scott that more of Logan’s staff and students are joining them. Emma remotely takes control of Toad’s mind at the Jean Grey School and has him don Cerebra so Emma can search the five locations telepathically for Hope. In Wakanda, Black Widow, Iron Fist, Quicksilver, and Black Panther fight Magma, Danger, Dr. Nemesis, Storm, and Rachel. In Tabula Rasa, as Cage and Thing fight Namor, Hepzibah, and Sunspot, a slu creature insinuates itself onto the battlefield. In Latveria, Spidey, Spider-Woman, Mockingbird, and Daredevil battle Colossus, Magik, and Domino as Doombots fly overhead. On Wundagore Mountain, Rulk, Hawkeye, and Dr. Strange fight Iceman, Angel, and Magneto. In the Savage Land, X-Man sics a dinosaur on Giant-Man, who is struck by Magik’s sword.
The same day as AVX 4 (8-13). Warbird tries to transport Kid Gladiator home via spaceship, but Kubark, loath to run from a fight, ejects from the ship and heads back to Earth. In the Savage Land, Warpath is down, Magik strikes at Cap, and Gambit heads toward Cap while it looks like Pym has recovered from Magik’s attack and dispatched the dinosaur. In Tabula Rasa, Thing fights Sunspot and Namor fights Cage. In Latveria, Dazzler attacks Spider-Woman and Spidey webs up Colossus’ face. On Wundagore Mountain, as he, Warren, and Betsy face off against Hawkeye and Dr. Strange, Iceman contacts Rachel, who’s in Wakanda with Storm and Nemesis fighting Black Widow, Iron Fist, Black Panther, respectively. Rulk redoubles his attack on Iceman. Aboard a blackbird jet, Logan and Hope talk about Phoenix and head toward an AIM base that the Avengers were getting ready to raid “this weekend.” Their jet is downed by Shi’Ar Death Commandos with orders to execute Hope. On Wundagore Mountain, multiple manifestations of Iceman attack Rulk.
AVENGERS v5 #28 – FB (1/2:2)
The same day as W&X 11 (1-9). Rulk punches one of the multiple Icemen.
WOLVERINE AN D THE X-MEN #11 (9:2-19:1)
The same day as A5 28-FB (1/2:2). Iceman fights Rulk, Strange fights Magneto, and Hawkeye fights Angel. In Wakanda, Ororo and T’Challa face off while Iron Fist fights Rachel. Meanwhile, a Shi’Ar Death Commando skewers Hope, who loses control and unleashes the Phoenix power. The flare-up ends before Logan can kill Hope and the two resume their trek to the AIM base. At the Jean Grey School, Kitty and her class watch video surveillance of the battle in Wakanda, where Rachel attacks both Black Panther and Iron Fist. On Wundagore Mountain, Kid Gladiator swoops in and punches Rulk. Green trees in Latveria and Westchester.
AVX VS. #5 (1:1-10:2)
The same day as W&X 11 (9-19). On Wundagore Mouuntain, Hawkeye fights Angel to a standstill and gets his foe to back off by threatening to fire an arrow into Psylocke’s head. Clint shoots Warren to distract Betsy and flees the scene.
UNCANNY X-MEN v2 #13 – FB (6:1)
The same day as AVXV 5 (1-10). T’Challa assaults Storm in Wakanda.
AVX VS. #5/2
The same day as UX2 13-FB (6:1). T’Challa’s and Ororo’s battle proceeds outside the Wakandan capital. As they fight, they realize that their relationship is over. Storm’s teammates (Rachel, Danger, Dr. Nemesis) retrieve her as they pull out of Wakanda. Ororo leaves her wedding ring behind.
UNCANNY X-MEN v2 #13 – FB (6:3)
The same day as AVXV 5/2. On Wundagore Mountain, Rulk breaks Psylocke’s arm.
AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #4 (13:3-14:3)
The same day as UX2 13-FB (6:3). In the Savage Land, Captain America keeps Warpath down as Gambit sneaks up on him. Emma tells Scott that Hope is at none of the five locations, but she starts to pick up Cap’s thoughts as he reports to Stark that Hope isn’t in the Savage Land and Gambit attacks.
AVX VS. #2 (1:1-5:4)
The same day as AVX 4 (13-14). Cap fights Gambit in the Savage Land and asks Stark via communicator how much time is left.
AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #4 (14:4-15:1)
The same day as AVXV 2 (1-5). Cap repeats the question and at Avengers Tower Stark replies by discussing his work on figuring out how to build a Phoenix-killing device. He asks if Cap is following him.
AVX VS. #2 (5:5)
The same day as AVX 4 (14-15). Gambit asks Cap if his mother taught him that it’s bad manners to ignore his company.
AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #4 (15:2)
The same day as AVXV 2 (5:5). Cap answers “not really,” which can apply to both Stark’s and Gambit’s questions. Cap smashes his shield into Gambit’s face.
AVX VS. #2 (6-9)
The same day as AVX 4 (15:2). Gambit charges Cap’s costume and the ensuing explosion tears Cap’s costume up, but Cap survives and punches out Gambit.
The same day as AVXV 2 (6-9). Cap delivers one last punch and Gambit goes down. Cap receives a signal.
AVX VS. #2 (10:1)
The same day as W&X 11 (19:2). Cap stands over Gambit’s prone body.
AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #4 (15:3)
The same day as AVXV 2 (6-10). As Stark continues to talk to Cap via communicator, Cap receives another signal.
AVX VS. #2 (10:2)
The same day as AVX 4 (15:3). Cap pulls another communicator out of his pouch and receives a message from Logan.
AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #4 (15:4) ~ AVX VS. #1 (10:3-10:4) ~ WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #11 (19:3)
The same day as AVX 2 (10:2). Cap asks Stark to have the other teams pull back and rendezvous at Avengers Tower. He says they don’t have to chase Hope anymore.
AVX VS. #2 (10:4)
The same day as AVX 4 (15:4). Cap asks someone to grab him a spare uniform.
AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #4 (15:4-15:6)
The same day as AVXV 2 (10:4). Cap tells Stark he’s learned where Hope is headed and Emma picks up the knowledge telepathically from Cap’s mind.
WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #11 (19:4-19:5)
The same day as AVX 4 (15:4-15:6). Logan puts away his communicator and follows Hope.
AVX VS. #2/2 (4-10)
The same day as W&X 11 (19:4-19:5). Spidey fights Colossus in Latveria until Daredevil tells him Hope isn’t there and the Avengers take off. Green trees in Latveria.
AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #4 (16:1-18:1)
The same day as AVXV 2/2 (4-10). Logan and Hope storm an AIM facility, hijack a rocket there, and blast off to the moon.
UNCANNY X-MEN v2 #12 (19-20)
The same day as AVX 4 (16-18). In the Savage Land, the good Apex interrupts Thing’s and Namor’s battle, wondering if they’re going to mate. Magik arrives to tell Namor they’ve found Hope. She teleports him to the abandoned Hellfire Club safe house, where Scott, Emma, and Colossus decide to head to the moon. Magik teleports herself and four teammates away; they may not get to the moon right away.
AVX VS. #5 (10:3-10:4)
The same day as UX2 12 (19-20). At Utopia, the bandaged Angel tells Emma about his battle with Hawkeye.
The same day as AVX 5 (10:3-10:4). Gladiator shows up at the Jean Grey School looking for his son. Green grass and trees at Westchester.
It's been a while, but I'd like to pick up where I left off. AvX... After the Utopia Beach fight the Search for Hope began. Section below covers that. Also my order differs from Paul's, as said before this crossover has challenging chronology issues.

SECRET AVENGERS 26 (pages 1-8/9 panel 2)

Beast has a bad dream. Thor and Valkyrie are drinking before the big battle. Vision, Ms Marvel, Protector and War Machine see footage how Phoenix destroyed another planet 3 hours ago. Some Kree try to revive Captain Marvel with the help of a sliver of M'Kraan crystal and the nega-bands and of course Phoenix energies. The four Avengers at the monitors say there will be contact with the Phoenix Force within 15 minutes. They alert the others. Beast straps his own designed Phoenix cage on War Machine's back. They all step outside the space shuttle to face the Phoenix.
Thor says to Captain Britain tonight we warriors drink. Interpret tonight a bit loosely as in AvX #2 it is still the same day as the
day they left Earth. In AvX #2 there is even a time indication.

AVENGERS VS X-MEN 2 (page 22)
In deep space the Avengers stand opposite of the Phoenix. This is their first contact (same as in Secret Avengers 26). Beast is in the shuttle. The others are outside. Ms. Marvel is in a space suit. No sign of the Phoenix Cage. Phoenix Force is right in front of them. Time indicated is 3:45 pm on Tuesday.
Mistakes due to artistic impression: no sign of the Phoenix cage, Beast in the shuttle as opposed to Secret Avengers 26 where he
is outside, Ms Marvel in a space suit as opposed to Secret Avengers 26 where she is without.

SECRET AVENGERS 26 (pages 8/9 panel 3 - page 13 panel 3)
They have full contact. Thor is horribly injured by the Phoenix. War Machine carries the Phoenix cage on his back, but also gets heavily injured. Despite Beast's warnings not to, Captain Britain takes the Phoenix cage. Because of his magic based powers the cage reacts differently to the attacks of the Phoenix and is destroyed in the process.
Phoenix about to leave the fight scene. Captain Britain seen with destroyed Phoenix cage on his back. War Machine and Thor injured.
SECRET AVENGERS 26 (pages 13 panel 4-17)
The Phoenix escapes and the plan of the Kree succeeds as Captain Marvel is revived when the Phoenix flies through the satellite where his body is kept. The Minister of the Kree says to his people the plan succeeded, the Phoenix comes to Hala. Because of their wounded and power to conserve the Avengers have to land on Hala. They have stealth shields and Protector knows a good place to hide from the hostile Kree.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 3 (page 1-7)
Wolverine regains consciousness in a room on Utopia. Spider-man tells him that Hope is gone. Wolverine realises, but when Spider-Man tells him that Cyclops has surrendered to CA, he rushes out. Captain America and Iron Man argue what to do with the captive X-Men. Then Doc Strange appears with an unconsious Magik in his arms. Cyclops is worried and asks if she is okay. Then Wolverine storms with his claws stretched and sees through the illusion. Captain America stops him and says that the X-Men are their prisoners. Cyclops says to Doc Strange that Wolverine knows. Wolverine yells to Captain America that that is not Doc Strange. Then the X-men step through a teleportation disc of Magik. Wolverine storms towards them but is too late. The X-Men are gone and Magik transforms into Doc Strange. Wolverine says that the Avengers are played and are having a head-start on finding Hope. In Long Beach the Extinction Team of the X-Men appear through a teleportation disc of Magik. Suppose it's not too long after they left Utopia, probably immediately. Emma Frost uses telepathy, so people can not see them. Namor says they need a mutant tracking device. The only working Cerebra is at Wolverine's school. Emma Frost says they need sympathisers in the school. Cyclops says he already got one candidate. He says let's move X-Men.
AVENGERS ACADEMY 29 (page 1- 18 panel 3)
Captain America, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Wolverine, Giant-Man drop the X-Students of Utopia of at Avengers Academy. Madison Jeffries and Kavita Rao agreed to be their chaperones. Also Sebastian Shaw was taken with the group. Captain America says that the X-Students are not prisoners, but are not supposed to leave the premises. Giant-Man tells Tigra she has to stay behind. Hercules decides he is going to help her. Shaw is put into custody because Avengers think he is too dangerous. The X-Kids are not too happy to be sort of treated as prisoners on the compound. First they agree to do games, but understanding the graveness of their situation they stop with game playing. Shaw punches himself with books in his prison cell building up his
kinetic energies.
WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN 10 (page 2 panel 2-20)
Apparently Wolverine just walked into the JGS. Kitty Pryde asks if he is allright. No he is not, he used his claws on people he considered friends and was called a traitor. Then Cyclops appears on the door step of the JGS looking for sanctuary. Wolverine summons him to leave. Wolverine lets Kid Krakoa attack Cyclops, Emma Frost and Magik. Iceman and Rachel Grey run towards them. Cyclops and Wolverine walk away and talk. They do not come to an understanding. Then Wolverine asks why Cyclops appeared, because he would have known Wolverine would not change his mind. Then Cyclops replies that Wolverine is not the only X-Man at the JGS. Cyclops, Frost and Magik leave thru a portal after Wolverine threatens him that time's up. Afterwards Wolverine hears from Rachel Grey, Iceman, Gambit and Chamber that they not necessarily will fight at the side of the Avengers.
In the mean time Angel is testing whether he is a real angel or not. When he falls back to Earth he is rescued by Genesis. Wolverine gets a priority call from Captain America to report to Avengers Tower. Oya asks Wolverine not to hurt Hope. The Shi'ar Death Commandos make their way to Earth to kill the Phoenix host and anyone who stands in their way.
At the end of the issue it looks like Rachel Grey, Iceman and Angel are departing. However at the beginning of X-Men Legacy 266 Rachel and Iceman depart again after a teacher's meeting. It's best if we believe that they are not departing here. Another reason is Rachel's presence at the school in Avengers vs X-men 3, where Captain America and Wolverine ask her if she can find Hope with Cerebra.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 3 (page 8-9)
In San Francisco Hope makes bracelets to keep the Avengers and X-Men away from tracking her. She needs something that flies and hopes that the bracelets will hold.
The street lanterns are on, so it is nearly night.
AVENGERS ACADEMY 29 (page 18 panel 4 - 22)
8 hours later. Sebastian Shaw punched himself 8 hours long with books. After that he built up enough kinetic energy to punch a hole in the floor of his cell. Tigra and Madison Jeffries hear the noise and investigate. They see the hole trough which Shaw has made his escape to the sewers of the complex.
The "8 hour later" reference make this occur close to or right after midnight. The last page of Avengers vs X-Men note the time is 3:45 pm. Then we have the X-Men escape the Avengers on Utopia. The X-Students delivered on the doorstep of the Academy. All in all this would at least take a few hour. Plus 8 hours makes this well after midnight. Also in Avengers Academy 31 you see the sun rising again, making these issues occurring after midnight into the next morning.
The mutant kids of the Academy plan to side with the X-Kids. Tigra, Hercules, Kavita Rao and Madison Jeffries begin tracking Shaw down. Rao suspects he's going to kill the X-kids to get back at Emma Frost. Shaw defeats all his followers, Jeffries, Tigra, Hercules. The X-Kids fight the Academy Kids for their freedom. The mutant Academy kids side with the X-kids. As a big fight looms X-23 stands her ground and says that the Avengers have brought the X-Kids here for all the wrong reasons. This sort of not imprisonment is still an imprisonment. Then Shaw appears out of the shadows.
Kavita Rao warns the Academy Kids that Shaw wants to murder the X-Kids. The X-Kids don't know that and begin to fight the Academy Kids. Then they find out that Shaw is not there to kill them, but to free them. Tigra and Hercules show up but they will not let Shaw go free or any of the X-Kids for that reason. The Academy Kids convince their teachers that the X-Kids need to be set free. Since cameras are hanging everywhere Tigra comes up with a plan to fake a big fight. Apparently the X-Kids win. Shaw jumps into the ocean and swims away, while the X-Kids and Jeffries and Rao are teleported away by Pixie. Loa stays behind of her own free choice.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 3 (page 10-11)
In Avengers Tower Wolverine and Captain America contact Rachel Grey at JGS to find out where Hope is hiding. Rachel tells that Cerebra shows five different locations. When Wolverine pushes further, Rachel reluctantly answers. Captain America steps in and thanks Rachel for her help. Wolverine falls out and says he can handle his own people. Captain America says they lost valuable time and that they all know what Wolverine's solution to the problem is. At the JGS Rachel Grey telepathically contacts Cyclops. She says they better hurry because the Avengers are already on Hope's trail.
It is a bit odd that Rachel does behave secretly towards Wolverine, while she just admitted in Wolverine and the X-Men 10 that
she will fight at the side of the X-men. Rachel mentioning it is early means that it is morning.

X-MEN LEGACY 266 (page 1-5)
Kitty Pryde is chairman of a teacher's meeting. Wolverine is gone. Rachel Grey addresses their former decision to stay at the JGS for the students. However everything has changed now, they are at war with the Avengers. Now is the time they would have to choose for themselves. Kitty briefly updates the teacher on the Phoenix coming, Hope possibly being the host for it. That Cyclops believes she will reinstate the mutant race. Wolverine and Avengers think it will be a danger to all humankind. There have been hostilities, a battle on Utopia and now both sides are looking for Hope. Iceman takes over and says that he and Rachel are joining Cyclops. Now it is for them to decide what to do. All of other teachers decide to stay at JGS for the students. Then Iceman and Rachel leave.
I't a bit odd to have Iceman and Rachel Grey there, because it looked like they left in Wolverine and the X-Men 10. Although it may not be uncommon that they would have let the other teachers know that they would leave the JGS after promising to stay first.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 3 (page 12-13)
Captain America tells the Avengers that Iron Man stays back in Avengers Tower to work on a counter measure for the Phoenix. He teams up the Avengers and sends them to the five different locationas all over the globe. He wants to have reports every hour and he wants them to keep out of the spotlight. Then he says to Wolverine that he comes with him.
X-MEN LEGACY 266 (page 6-20)
During Rogue's class her students mention that Avengers have arrived on their lawn. She-Hulk, Moon Knight and Falcon tell the teachers of the JGS that they are here to keep them from defecting to Cyclops' side. This falls bad with the teachers. They agree that the Avengers can take their quinjet out of sight and out of school grounds. They can watch everyone from a distance. Then Frenzy thinks it is fair that she also makes a mark which the Avenger can not tresspass. She challenges Moon Knight, who gets extremely mad and crosses Frenzy's drawn line. Frenzy smashes him to the ground. Rogue runs outside to stop the fight, she's followed by Hellion, Glob Herman and Match. She-Hulk goes full force agains the students, thinking they are grown-ups. Hellion is hurt, which makes Rogue so mad she absorbs She-Hulk's power. Redwing presses the alarm button. Then Iron Man arrives.
One hour later. Let's presume that Captain America sent the teams away already. She-Hulk mentions that a bunch of teachers defected to Cyclops' side. When Kitty Pryde demands to talk to Wolverine, Falcon replies that the is … out of reach at the moment, implying he is or in the Antarctic or flying above it, ready to be kicked out.
Teachers of the JGS now full force attack the Avengers. Chamber and Husk take the (wounded) students back into the school. Rogue absorbs the powers of all Avengers. When Moon Knight freely touches Rogue, she receives also his multiple personalities, making her insane for a while. As Kitty Pryde notices the Iron Man armor is just a husk, Rogue tears it to shreds. Later the teachers autopilot the quinjet back with the unconscious Avengers in it. They now realise they no longer can stay on the sidelines, the Avengers would not let them. Rogue tells them to call Rachel and Iceman that they are in.
UNCANNY X-MEN 12 (1-3)
On a secret location Magik teleports all free X-Men to Cyclops. Storm asks about the children. Cyclops says that they are in the custody of the Avengers. They are looking for Hope. Cyclops divides them all into teams. Namor teams up with Hepzibah and Sunspot. They travel to Tabula Rasa.
This happens after Rachel has told Cyclops to hurry. No-one of the JGS X-Men is present here. Presumably Magik teleports them to the various locations. Since She-Hulk is on Tabula Rasa, this has to happen after X-Men Legacy 266-267. Also the inclusion of Gambit implies that this scene happens after.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 3 (page 14-22)
In the quinjet Captain America takes Wolverine apart. He addresses Wolverine taking off on Utopia on his own and scared Hope off into fleeing the scene. He says Wolverine did not follow orders and he's not to be trusted on this mission either. Wolverine says he will kille the girl to keep the Phoenix off bay, and that locking her up is not sufficient. He tells Wolverine to sit this one out. Wolverine and Captain America begin to fight. Both of them wounded, Captain America says that he has the Avengers. On that note Giant-Man punches him in the back and Sharon Carter opens an airlock. Giant-Man kicks him out of the quinjet. Wolverine plummets down in the Antarctic. The others travel further to the Savage Land.
SECRET AVENGERS 26 (pages 18-20)
Thor and War Machine are heavily injured. Beast gives Captain Britain a hard time for destroying the Phoenix cage. Outside Ms. Marvel and Protector talk about Hala and Earth. Then the revived Captain Marvel shows up and asks the duo to kill the Avengers.
Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel and Protector attack the Avengers in the space shuttle. They take Valkyrie, Captain Britain and War Machine to their capital to publicly execute them. Ms. Marvel and Protector are in the thrall of Captain Marvel. When the other Avengers regain consciousness they travel to the capital to find their friends. Captain Marvel defeats the wounded Thor, but begins to doubt as he sees Kree soldiers execute normal civilians who recently came out their thrall of the Phoenix making Hala a better world.
Vision manages to break the spell of the nephew of Minister Marvel. Just in time before the captive Avengers were beheaded. Now all see the real danger of the Phoenix arriving. Ms. Marvel transforms to Binary and fights together with Thor the Phoenix Force. When that is not enough Captain Britain takes over, but it is the revived Captain Marvel who puts himself between the Phoenix and Hala. When the Phoenix gets her portion of the Phoenix power back from Captain Marvel she puts her attention elsewhere. The Kree help the Avengers repair their space shuttle. They take care of the wounded Avengers again. Captain Marvel is dead again.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 4 (page 1-2)
On Antarctica Hope lures Wolverine to her plane with cans of beer. Wolverine is hooded into a polar bear skin. Hope admits that she was looking for him and the best was a beer trap.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 4 (page 3-5)
Deep space, the inner rim of the Eradinian system. All Avengers float around motionless, except for Thor. Thor throws his hammer at the Phoenix. The Phoenix is hurt by the hammer and then consumes a whole planet to the horror of Thor.
This scene is awfully difficult to place. The inclusion of Protector causes issues. Protector has betrayed the other Avengers in the pages of Avengers 26-27. However he is with the others floating motionless. Therefore this is better placed as an extra fight with the Phoenix that is not handled in the pages of Avengers and Secret Avengers. The best place would be here, IMHO.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 4 (page 6-7)
Wolverine realises it is really Hope he pops his claws. Hope bribes and convinces Wolverine to help her with her plan. Wolverine agrees and the plane takes off with Wolverine at its helm.
Warbird drugged Kid Omega to get him back to his father Gladiator on the Shi'ar Homeworld. Kubark disagrees and uses the emergency escape pod to go back to Earth.
Apparently Warbird and Kid Gladiator are not aware of some teachers leaving the JGS, implying that they left before. Kid Gladiator even mentions Rachel being a teacher. Warbird (fierce warrior) is not seen in X-Men Legacy, possibly left before)
UNCANNY X-MEN 12 (4-10)
Tabula Rasa: Savage notices new outworlders arriving. It's the Avengers She-Hulk, Luke Cage and Thing. They are lured into a trap by a native Centipede. The X-Men Namor, Sunspot and Hepzibah contact the Queen of the River, Namor's love interest. Luke Cage and Thing smash the Centipede open, but now war larvae come out and they have to fight these. The X-Men are carried by knights of the Queen and hear the fight of the Avengers against the war larvae. Namor and Sunspot fly towards them.
This is a good point for the placings of Avengers vs X-Men 4 pages 8-10 and Wolverine and the X-Men 11 page 3. The story first concentrates on the separate adventures of the Avengers and X-Men first. This is the first clash. Let's assume that page 10 and 11 do not follow on each other. It's all a bit illogical and far stretched, but it can work. X-Men fly towards the Avengers, who were dealing with the larvae.
AVX 2 (page 11-20)
Latveria: Avengers have defeated Doombots. Dazzler attacks them and tells the others she found them. Mockingbird and Spider-Woman take on fights with Domino and Dazzler. Daredevil leaves and tries to find Hope. Leaves Spider-Man to fight Colossus. At the end of the fight Daredevil comes to Spider-Man and tells him that Hope is not there. The pair of Avengers leave Colossus behind.
This is probably intended to happen because Daredevil has heared from Captain America who got the call from Wolverine. However for chronology purposes it is better to think that Daredevil did not find Hope in that specific part of Latveria and that the fight scenes in Avengers vs X-Men 4 page 11 and Wolverine and the X-Men 11 take place at a later stage. These specific pages show battles on a grass field with all of them together and one with the city in the background (I suppose).
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 4 (page 8)
Emma Frost tells Cyclops that more and more of teachers of Wolverine's school are joining them. Emma Frost takes over Toad's mind to get to Cerebra so she can see where Hope is really hiding. Emma Frost uses Cerebra to overlook the battles on the five spots all over the world.
WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN 11 (page 3 panel 1)
Savage Land: Magik strikes her sword at Captain America. Giant-man is standing at a vulcano. Warpath lies still on the ground, while Gambit prepares to go to battle.
WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN 11 (page 3 panel 2)
Tabula Rasa: Sunspot fights Thing, Luke Cage fights Namor and Hepzibah She-Hulk.
First Avengers and X-Men fight each other.
WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN 11 (page 3 panel 3)
Latveria: Dazzler fights Spider-Woman and Spider-Man fights Colossus with buildings nearby.
This probably leads into the fight in the field.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 4 (page 9)
Wakanda: Danger holds Black Widow. Storm fights Black Panther with lightning. Rachel Grey stops speeding Quicksilver with a mindblast. Magma chases Iron Fist. Nemesis runs with a gun.
Avengers and X-Men fight outside. Since the fights in W&tX 11 happen inside, it's maybe better to place this one first. Also that fight in W&tXM leads directly into the call of Wolverine to Captain America.
AVX 5 (page 11-20)
Wakanda: Storm and Black Panther fight. In the end their marriage ring lies in the sand. The X-Men say to Storm there is no sign of Hope and they are pulling out.
As the rest of the AvX issues this is hard to place. In UXM 13 Storm tells that Black Panther knocked her out and that when she came out she noticed Danger evacuated her and Nemesis. Also Rachel telling Storm that there is no sign of Hope and they are pulling out is a rather strange one. A good find would be that Rachel admits to Iceman at Wundagore in her first panel in W&XM 11 that Hope's possibly scattered her signal and she is not in any of the locations. But she also reveals that they do not have to find her, but that hey have to make sure that the Avengers don't get her either. Possibly Rachel, Danger, Storm and Nemesis are stopped on her way out by the other Avengers and then and there Rachel came to the conclusion that they better
continue with fighting to block the Avengers from finding Hope as well. Minor but important detail that this fight also happened outside, while the W&tXM fights are inside the palace. Possibly their way out is through the palace.

AVENGERS VS X-MEN 4 (page 10)
Tabula Rasa: Hepzibah zaps Luke Cage. Namor fights Thing. Sunspot moves towards Luke Cage. A predator of Tabula Rasa catches all of them with its tentacles.
The fighting continues. One of the larvae of the Centipede seems to have grown and attacks all of them.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 4 (page 11)
Latveria: Dazzler fights Spider-Woman. Mockingbird fights Domino. Spider-Man tangles Colossus in his web, while Daredevil kicks Colossus in the head.
This fight takes place in a field and has Doombots. Probably these are new Doombots to replace the defeated ones in AvsX 2.
Wundagore Mountain: Angel says no sign of Hope. He, Psylocke and Iceman encounter Hawkeye and Doc Strange. Iceman asks Rachel Grey whether they have more luck in Wakanda.
Wakanda: Rachel Grey answers to Iceman that Hope obviously knows how to scatter her signal, but that they have to keep the Avengers from finding her. Rachel Grey fights Black Widow in the mean time. Storm fights Iron Fist. Black Panther fights Nemesis.
Wundagore Mountain: Iceman acknowledges to Rachel Grey that is simple enough. Then he asks Rachel to get out of his head, because Red Hulk jumps towards him to break the man made of ice.
Wundagore fight happens before AvX 4 p.12 where Red Hulk smashes Iceman. Wakanda fight has moved to inside the palace.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 4 (page 12)
Wundagore: Red Hulk smashes Iceman. Hawkeye shoots an arrow at Angel and misses. Psyclocke uses her psychic knive on Hawkeye. Magneto fights Doc Strange.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 4 (page 13)
Savage Land: X-Man uses his mind to take over a dinosaurus to attack Giant-Man. Captain America is in hand to hand combat with Warpath. Magik uses a teleportation disc to stab her sword in Giant-Man's back. Captain America defeats Warpath, but then Gambit appears behind him.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 4 (page 14 panel 1-2)
Emma Frost tells Cyclops there is no sign of Hope, but she found Captain America. Cyclops orders her to set a link so they can find out what Captain America knows. They only have to stop the Avengers from finding Hope until the Phoenix arrives.
Wolverine and Hope fly in a blackbird. Wolverine thinks back of Jean Grey when she became the Phoenix. Then the blackbird is shot down by the Shi'ar Death Commandos. Hope copied Wolverine's healing factor, so they both survive. When the Shi'ar Death Commandos attack, both fight back with claws (Hope has also borrowed these)
WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN 11 (page 9-10)
Wundagore: Big fight between Red Hulk and Iceman. Doc Strange and Magneto fight. Hawkeye fires arrows at Angel, who dodges them all. Then Angel punches Hawkeye that hard that his glasses fall off.
This fight has to happen before AvX 5 where Hawkey shoots Angel in the guts. UXM 13-FB happens after this scene.
Wakanda: Avengers and X-Men fight in the palace. Iron Fist acknowledges that Rachel Grey was host of the Phoenix once.
WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN 11 (page 12 - 17 panel 3)
Wolverine and Hope fight the Shi'ar Death Commandos. Hope gets overconfident and is mortally wounded by the Flaw, while Shell is scraping the flesh of Wolverine's bones. Then the Phoenix Force kicks in from outer space and Hope defeats the Shi'ar Death Commandos in one blast. Wolverine pops his claws but is not able to kill Hope despite the flares. Then they walk away.
WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN 11 (page 17 panel 4 - 18 panel 2)
JGS School: Kitty Pryde has a hard job to teach the X-Students. The students look at the fights between the Avengers and the X-Men. Red Hulk is shown on a computer screen, while Kitty says that Rachel should watch her nine o'clock.
WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN 11 (page 18 panel 3)
Wakanda: Rachel holds Iron Fist telekinetically, while she blasts Black Panther with a tk-shot.
WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN 11 (page 18 panel 4)
Wundagore: Red Hulk jumps towards Iceman, while Angel watches.
WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN 11 (page 19 panel 1)
Wundagore: Kid Gladiator falls out of the sky straight into Red Hulk and punches him hard in the face. Iceman looks surprised.
AVX 5 FLASHBACK (page 1-10 panel 2)
Wundagore: Angel and Hawkeye fight. Angel makes a remark about Hawkeye staying while his team had left. Psylocke is there to help Angel, but Hawkeye blackmails them. He shoots an arrow point blank at Angel and wounds him in the stomach. Then Hawkeye says he needs immediate extraction.
Angel's remark about Hawkeye staying while his team had left is a bit odd for two reasons. Hawkeye was with the Avengers team on the Moon. Red Hulk snaps Psylocke's arm as mentioned and shown in UXM 13. In this issue there is no trace of Psylocke having her arm broken. Possible explanations. Hawkeye is extracted afterwards immediately as shown in this issue and also straight to the Moon. Angel has not seen things correctly as only part of Hawkeye's team had left. Also we could think of the staying behind that the team of Avengers moved to another part of Mount Wundagore.
UNCANNY X-MEN 13 FLASHBACK (page 6 panel 1)
Wakanda: Black Panther knocks out his wife Storm. When Storm came to, Danger had evacuated her and Nemesis.
This being the last moments of the fight of Storm, Nemesis and probably Danger in Wakanda. All other fighting scenes in Wakanda must be before.
This should be the last fighting scene in Wakanda. Black Panther is not on the Moon, nor is Storm or Danger or Nemesis. So this scene can be placed after Captain America's call if necessary.

UNCANNY X-MEN 13 FLASHBACK (page 6 panel 3)
Wundagore: Red Hulk snaps Psylocke's arm at Wundagore Mountain. Apparently Magneto spalked her arm before they gone back to the X-Diaspora.
This scene is probably one of the last of X-Men and Avengers fighting in Wundagore. This should be the last fighting scene in Wundagore as in all other panels Psylocke is unhurt. Also other scenes of Red Hulk should be before.
UNCANNY X-MEN 12 (page 11-15)
Tabula Rasa: Namor jumps unto Luke Cage, grabs him and throws him in the River. She-Hulk shouts at Namor, but Thing says to her to leave it as they have problems of their own. Hepzibah shoots with guns. Sunspot flies towards Thing, but before he can strike, Thing punches him away. She-Hulk and Hepzibah fight. In the River, under water, Namor and Luke Cage fight, it seems that Namor has the upper hand. She-Hulk has defeated Hepzibah, but is unaware of Sunspot standing behind her. Luckily for her Thing had grabbed a log and throws it on Sunspot, smashing him. When Thing asks She-Hulk where Namor is. Namor uses Luke Cage as a bludgeon, taking She-Hulk out of the fight.
If necessary we could have a pause here, but that is not what the story intended. Especially as Namor says in the next panel: "And now…I believe we have business to finish, Grimm etcetera.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 4 (page 14 panel 3)
Savage Land: Captain America still holds unconscious Warpath in his hands, while he deflects Gambit's playing cards with his shield. In the mean time he is in contact with Iron Man through comm-link. Iron Man asks Captain America if he had any luck in finding the girl (through the comm-link). Captain America answers that it looks like a dead end and that Hope has fooled them all. Gambit attacks him with charged playing cards.
AVX 2 (page 1-9)
Savage Land: A long fight between Captain America and Gambit. In the end Captain America suckerpunches Gambit.
The start of this issue can easily follow panel 3 in AvX 4 on page 14. Captain America says (in his comm-link?) that Hope is not there either and that they are wasting their time. Gambit attacks him with (other) playing cards.
AVX 2 (page 10 panel 1)
Savage Land: Captain America stands. Gambit lies on the ground, unconscious. No physical contact.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 4 (page 14 panel 4-5 - page 15 panel 1)
Savage Land: Iron Man talks to Captain America through comm-link. Maybe they were in contact all the time. Iron Man tells there is not much time left but the advantage is that this is not the first time earth encounters the Phoenix. Iron Man builds a Phoenix Killer. Captain America continues his talk with Iron Man and asks how much time they have left.
Apparently he thinks Gambit is now defeated at his feet. Iron Man even asks in panel 1 of page 15 "You following me Cap?", maybe implying he hears some ruckus in the background.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 4 (page 15 panel 2)
Savage Land: Captain America tells Iron Man he does not understand all the technic mambo jambo. Find the girl Hope that he understands. Captain America smashes Gambit's face with his shield. Something in Gambit's head cracks. He asks Iron Man to give him a second…
Apparently Captain America sees Gambit arisen and punches him in the head with his shield.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 4 (page 15 panel 3)
Savage Land: Iron Man says he's disappointed in Captain America for not being able to do two things at the same time. Captain America says to hold that thought, because he's getting a…
The story intends to let Captain America have the message from Wolverine. But story wise it may be better to believe that he
has to fight Gambit as depicted in W&tXM 11. He does not finish his sentence.

WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN 11 (page 19 panel 2)
Savage Land: Captain America punches Gambit. Something cracks in Gambit's neck. Captain America's beeper says "be-doop".
AVX 2 (page 10 panel 2)
Savage Land: Captain America gets the device out of his pouch. The device says "be-doop".
It could be that the device be-doops for the second or third time when Captain America gets it out of his pouch.
WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN 11 (page 19 panel 3)
Savage Land: Captain America holds an unconscious Gambit in his hand, while he looks at his Avengers device. He says to Tony: Well, I'll be… Tony, please contact all the other teams and have them pull back and rendezvous at the tower. New plan. We don't have to chase Hope anymore. Tony says to him: You found her? He says to Tony: No but I did just learn where she's headed.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 4 (page 15 panel 4)
Savage Land: Giant-Man still fighting something. Warpath lies motionless on the ground. Captain America holds Gambit in his fist. Something goes "be-doop". Captain America says to Tony:Well, I'll be… Tony, please contact all the other teams and have them pull back
and rendezvous at the tower. New plan. We don't have to chase Hope anymore. Tony says to him: You found her?
If necessary we could think the be-doop sounds comes from Giant-Man's device. For the rest exactly the same text as in W&tXM
19 panel 3.

AVENGERS VS X-MEN 4 (page 15 panel 5)
Savage Land: Captain America says to Tony: No but I did just learn where she's headed.
Exactly the same scene and wording as in W&tX 11 page 19 panel 3, no comment about the spare uniform.
AVX 2 (page 10 panel 3)
Savage Land: Captain America says to Tony: Well, I'll be… Tony, please contact all the other teams and have them pull
back and rendezvous at the tower.
This is exact the same text as in W&tXM 11 page 19 panel 3.
AVX 2 (page 10 panel 4)
Savage Land: Captain America takes his torn mask off and says to Tony: New plan. We don't have to chase Hope anymore. And can someone get in my locker and grab my spare uniform.
This is not exactly the same text as in W&tXM 11 page 19 panel 3. The comment about the uniform is new.
WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN 11 (page 19 panel 4-5)
Wolverine is seen with his Avengers device. He is the one who contacted Captain America that Hope is with him. Then he hides his device again, Hope unaware what he has just done.
UNCANNY X-MEN 12 (page 16-18)
Tabula Rasa: Namor and Thing start the ultimate fight between the two of them. Shock waves go through Tabula Rasa. Both of them really long for this fight. As they are evenly matched it could go on for hours. Savage jumps from the trees.
This scene follows on the previous pages of UXM and continues in the following pages, but if needed these can be unlogical pauses.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 4 (page 15 panel 6)
Emma Frost who has built a psychic link with Captain America, of which Captain America is unaware says: "Scott, they know".
JGS School: As Quinten Quire sighs that Avengers and X-Men are fighting each other all over the world, he's stuck in the books at school. Then the Shi'ar land on their front lawn. Kitty and the Students look out the window, where they see Gladiator demanding the X-Men to tell him where his son is.
AVENGERS VS X-MEN 4 (page 16 - 18 panel 2)
Wolverine and Hope attack AIM to get a space ship to travel to the Moon. They leave Earth.
AVENGERS 26 (pages 11-20)
Beast is angry for not having stopped the Phoenix. Protector finds out that Thor's hammer contains traces of the Phoenix energy just as the Phoenix cage would do. Again Thor goes full heads into battle with the Phoenix Force. He actually pisses the Phoenix off but is able to steal power of the Phoenix. When the Avengers want to bring the captured power back to Iron Man on Earth, Protector betrays them and says that he needs that power to bring it back to Hala. He shoots at the Avengers. Ms. Marvel addresses that Beast did not mean anything with his remark about the Kree homeworld, but that he is upset. And with everything they've been through here. Herewith she implies the Secret Avengers issues 26-28.
Protector brings the captured piece of the Phoenix Force to the Supreme Intelligence. Protector finds out that the Supreme Intelligence has no intention to save the Earth from Phoenix. He just want to use this portion of the power to bring ultimate glory to the Kree-empire. Protector can not believe this and he attacks the Supreme Intelligence and take the portion of the Phoenix power. In the mean time the Avengers see themselves in their shuttle set course to a blazing sun. Luckily Thor knows to turn the tide and uses his hammer to get them away from the sun. As Protector flees from the Kree, he meets the Avengers again. The Avengers take the portion of the Phoenix power and say to him to never return to Earth. The Avengers leave Hala to return to Earth. Protector is hunted by an army of Accusers, but manages to escape in a space ship. On Earth the crystal that Annie received from Protector flares up.
UNCANNY X-MEN 12 (page 19)
Tabula Rasa: Savage stands suddenly before Thing and Namor. Savage thinks that this is foreplay and that Namor and Thing are going to copulate now. As Savage has never seen our species mate, he wants to follow it up close and personal. Thing and Namor do not know what to say. Then Magik appears and says to Namor he has to come as they found Hope. Namor steps away and admits that Magik's arrival is most timely. Savage asks Thing if he is going to mate with something else, otherwise he is going to do some other research.
If necessary we could have a very short pause between the panel of the shocked Thing and Namor and the panel of Magik appearing.
UNCANNY X-MEN 12 (page 20)
Namor and Magik step out of the portal created by Magik to meet with their team members. Cyclops says that the goose chase is over. That Hope split her signal, but that they know their real destination now. Namor asks where Hope is. Cyclops says the Moon. Colossus says that it is familiar, the Moon, the Phoenix. Cyclops admits it scares him, he doesn't like the echoes either. But he sees it as a second chance. Then Magik teleports them away. The last panel shows the Phoenix flying towards a planet or a moon.
The Phoenix in the last panel does not fly towards our moon, but to some nearby moon, star or planet.

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